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Your Sunday cup of coffee: 3/10/13

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As we wake up this Sunday morning, much is brewing, but none funnier than Auburn athletics. With yesterday’s loss at Mississippi State, Auburn has successfully finished dead last in the SEC in football and basketball in the same year. Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs must be proud.

Kevin Scarbinsky writes that the top man in Auburn is making $615,000 annually to sink the Tigers into the deepest depths the SEC has ever had. This is the first time any team could be ranked #14 in the history of the SEC, and Auburn has pulled it off in the league’s top two money sports, back-to-back.

Way to go Auburn! We knew you could do it!

Possibly the biggest con man in the SEC.

Yesterday’s Trevor Releford halfcourt prayer was unbelievably important. It was the difference between having to win three games to make it to the NCAA tournament and having to win four, maybe five. The shot, along with Tennessee’s win over Missouri, secured the Tide’s #4 seed in next week’s tournament.

The heave made ESPN’s Top 10 plays of the day, ranking #1. But don’t lose sight of the fact that Alabama had blown a 17-point lead before the shot. It was an amazing finish, but at the same time, an unfortunate one. I’m not sure you should ever have to rely on a 45-footer to win a game you once had that kind of command of. If Alabama fails to be selected for the Dance one week from today, Alabama fans have to ask themselves if Anthony Grant has the program headed in the right direction. Grant has taken the Tide dancing just once in his four years, and his team has faltered at times that are unexplainable, often going on unreal stretches without points. And managing just 37 points against the league’s worst team in Auburn.

Speaking of jobs slipping away from you, the graphics editor for NBC’s Charleston/Huntington, WV affiliate may soon be looking. Check out the mistake that made it to the screen on a recent broadcast involving West Virginia head football coach Dana Holgorsen:


Coach Horsewomen has always looked like a serial killer to me. Something tells me he’s just identified his next victim.

Finally, much as been said about Katherine Webb. Ever heard of her? The beauty who won’t let her 15-minutes of fame fade is everywhere, her latest a stint in sexy black lingerie in Vanity Fair. We at have posed the question, will this be a distraction for Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron heading into next season?

Would this distract you?

Webb has been tagged by as the most famous girlfriend in college football. Being an Auburn graduate, a good conspiracy theorist out there can connect the dots into making her the wooden Trojan horse to sink the Tide next season.

I’ll just say this. Estrogen is a powerful thing. I recently witnessed it when my dog, who is fixed, was going nuts to get outside so he could get as close as he could to the fence where our neighbor’s dog was in heat. There is something other-worldly about the magic muffin.

But McCarron isn’t the first quarterback to have a good looking girlfriend. I would dare say McCarron would have a shot at most any girl on the UA campus…and beyond. Even the ginger Greg McElroy, by name and status alone, would be in that conversation. Alabama just hasn’t had a superstar at quarterback in ages, and McCarron is quickly taking on that status. On-the-field accomplishment alone has him strolling toward Joe Namath territory, with the chicks that go with it to boot.

Tom Brady has made a good living dating, even marrying, a high profile lingerie model.

Tom Brady’s honey.

Here’s hoping AJ can hold it together and do the same.

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10 thoughts on “Your Sunday cup of coffee: 3/10/13”

    1. Pardon me, but wouldn’t Auburn at 0-8 in the conference be “dead last” right there with them?

      Hilarious when barners begin pulling straws to see who is and isn’t dead last.

  1. Typical. Bammer bending facts to fit your hate and obsession with a team you clearly own. Too bad winning is never enough.

      1. Capstone report, the truth is, as you cleary state, both teams were 0-8. So the writer may not have been bending the facts to fit his hate, but he did leave that fact out to better fit the article to his hate. And besides, by common practice you could say the writer is actually wrong. When two teams are tied with the best reocord in the league, no one says they are tied for second place do they? In fact when two teams have the second best records in the league, no one says they are tied for third place in the legue, do they? No in fact they say they are tied for second place in the league. So you could argue, thanks to the facts as you clearly state, that since both teams records were equal at 0-8, that they were in fact, based on common practice, tied for 13th place in the league and not 14th as claimed by the writer, making J. Newcastle claim on him bending the facts to fit his hate seem to be a more accurate statement based on common practice than your claim that he didn’t.

  2. Actually you are both wrong. But the Barnturds are ‘wronger’. The argument for toes Roe 13th ir 14th os not valid, nor is it valid that Barny is 14th. The real truth is that Barny is Todd for LAST place in SEC football, and whether that is 13th or 14th has no relevance at all. The relevance is that no other team in The SEC sucked worse than Barney. Nice epitaph don’t you think? RTR?

    1. Hope you can decifer that damn post. New phone and I just realized The damn thing is still set for predictive text

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