This videographer caught up to Katherine Webb in Los Angeles and asked her about the possibilities of posing in Playboy

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6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Katherine Webb Talks Playboy Possibilities”

    1. Yeah well gossip sites can’t be expected to get all the details right. Splash isn’t up to TMZ standards.

  1. I have been communicating with AJ on Twitter since shortly after the BCSNCG. I am a little concerned about the effect this relationship may have on his focus the rest of the year. Most of you probably know what can happen to your head when a girl gets in it. It’s bad enough if she’s your hometown sweetheart. But what about if she’s a world famous, world traveling beauty like Miss Webb. Dockett was a big enough asshole at first. Now it’s gotten worse. There is a Twitter war going on. Threats, innuendos. Even LeRon McClaine has jummped in taking up for AJ against his fucking Homeboy. Add that to the rumors about Playboy and how the hell can AJ concentrate on football. Imagine if some POS Barner starts a Twitter rumor the day before the Texas A&M game that he saw Webb and Dockett together in a bar. What kind of game will he have? I’m trying to get him to back shelf her until next year. If he loses her so what. There’s a million more in this world just as good, and as a millionaire pro QB he will be able to afford to look for them. He has a once in a lifetime, hell a first time in history opportunity to become immortal in the football world.Women grow on trees – immortality comes along maybe once in a hundred years. Hope he doesn’t let a anything screw it up. RTR1 .

  2. He’s become twitter thirsty… LOVES, LOVES the publicity… I think he’s more in love with the attention ON HIM than he is in love with the girl. He’s become arrogant, pompous, and big headed. To brag about his accomplishments in a twitter war, was just trashy! How many rings he has, Miss Alabama and everyone wishes how it could be them – these are things we are suppose to say about him – not AJ saying them about himself!! He need to learn to be humble and gracious and not redneck trash talk. Posting all his good deeds on Twitter and Facebook for everyone to see and think what a great person he is. I have learned over the years, people who truly give from the heart, are not looking for the public attention from doing it. Is it for publicity? Trying to create certain image for himself? Look America at what I’m doing, and who I’m praying for!! These are things we are suppose to recongize and comment on – not you doing it for us. I am a HUGH Alabama fan and even “use” to wear the number 10 jersey, but after really, really seeing what kind of character you display when in the limelight, I have a totally different opionion of you. YOU ARE NOT BIGGER THAN THE TEAM!! You still have a lot of growing up to do and hopefully you will do it soon….

  3. I kind of agree with you, but not entirely. AJ is still just a kid. What – 21? He has become the most famous player on the most famous team of all time. Who wouldn’t let it go to their head. Besides, a great QB is supposed to be cocky. They are supposed to lead with cockiness. Look at Namath and Stabler. AJ is in a shell compared to them and they had no media outlets when they were at Bama. Look at how many Pro QB’s are cocky right now. Hell, jusy Flacco and Kaepernick would fill a book the last few weeks. Besides AJ has some pretty good excuses. The media and all the nations Homers have dissed him for 2 years saying he is nothing. The Honey Bastard may have been the first to dis him on Tweeter. Now this Mandingo Bastard Dockette has said enough that if I were AJ I would have already had the SOB killed. He’s kind of had to toot his own horn the past 30 days in defense of what Dockette has said. Being a star Pro Athlete Dockette falsely believes he’s ‘All That” and AJ is just a skinny white boy. He also want’s the world to believe he could take Webb away from AJ any time he wants too. Sooo, I don’t know that AJ is really conceited, or just fighting a jealousy battle with an asshole. But one thing I do know – this shit will affect how he concentrates on his job if he doesn’t get it cleared up before the end of August. RTR!

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