Nolan Nawrocki breaks down the best RBs of each type in the 2013 draft class, including Alabama RB Eddie Lacy, whose National Championship performance is still sticking out in our minds.

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Alabama’s Eddie Lacy is one of the top running backs in the 2013 NFL Draft”

  1. Ya’ll need to get with tbe program. You need to switch to html. Nobody with an Android can watch your videos that need Apples fuckinbg Adobe Flash Player.

  2. Working on finding other alternatives to video than Flash. With the world moving toward mobile this is something that everyone has to address. Hopefully, our providers will figure out a few ways to make it more mobile friendly.

  3. Talk about corruption. If there was any way to get aroung using Google, I’d exorcise their ass to Cleveland forever. Doesn’t matter where you are, anytime you need Adobe Flash and the program provides you a link and you click on it, it sends you directly to the Google Play Store where fucking Google will sell you Adobe Flash Player 12 for about $15 knowing that even if it installs, it won’t run. Now if you use Google or Yahoo or Bing for your browser it won’t even install and therefor Google may not keep your $15 dollars. But there are browsers such as Dolphin that will allow you to install it – it just simply won’t run. So if you access Google Play through this browser and Adobe Flash installs, you will be charged for it and yet it is useless. Now that being said, I have heard that one of the early versions of Dolphin will still install and run Adobe Flash. I haven’t tried to find it yet. You have to go to a develpers site to find it. I use Dolphin HD Red and love it. Since the majority of major websites are doing a crash race to change their videos to html, it may not be worth your while to look fir and change to the old Dolphin. Up to you. RTR!

    1. I think eventually, all our providers will transition to newer mobile-friendly video. Will keep pushing for it as I know video is important to college football coverage.

      Just as a side note, we started using a CDN this week to improve page load times. I’m still not happy with the overall load time of the website, but we are working on it. I might have to do a redesign on the desktop version of the website in the future to get things working faster. We will have to see……

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