Football season is over and spring football practice has not yet begun. If you need to see some college football then here are some highlights of the 2012 season. A word of warning. This page has multiple video players on it, so it could take some time to load.

SEC Football highlights. This video prepared by the SEC Digital Network shows highlights of SEC teams including several big plays by Alabama in SEC play including the SEC Championship and BCS title game. The video also includes Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manzell and some of his magical plays including the win on the road in Tuscaloosa.

When looking at a few of the top plays, there were some videos from the SEC Championship that stand out as important. Here are two.
Top Alabama plays for 2012 include the following:
Alabama – McCarron 45 Yd TD Pass to Cooper vs Georgia

Alabama – Lacy 41 Yd TD Run vs Georgia

7 thoughts on “Top football plays of 2012”

  1. One quick point, the SEC highlight video showing Lacy in the end zone with Notre Dame players in the background in obvious disbelief, disappointment and laying on the ground, sums up the SEC’s dominance of college football.

    People can’t believe the streak is real. People can’t believe SEC football is this good.

  2. What’s so funny, I counted one…ONE…highlight FROM THE SEASON that included the Auburn Tigers.

    But that’ll soon change, right? The Gus Bus is in town…


  3. You got 2 of my 4 top plays – top plays. Not all are favorite plays. #1 AJ to TJ. #2 The Lacy run where all the Notre Dame defenders seemed to be hugging their imaginary girlfriends. The Cooper catch that broke JawJaw’s back. The Johnny Football air fumble, reception and td pass. Doubtless there were many others but these stick in my mind. RTR!

    1. Also, if you have a television digital video player like a Roku or Sony you can watch SEC Digital Network video on your television. This is a fun feature if you want a bigger screen than offered on the computer.

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