Nick Saban is a rock star. But where does that leave Auburn football coach Gus Malzahn?

The truth is Auburn’s Malzahn is insignificant. The AJC provides two good examples of the situation in this state and beyond.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains the frenzy the Alabama football coach creates when he visits a high school. In this case, the AJC details what happened when Saban visited Ridgeland High School.

However, the real story is how Nick Saban has changed things in the state of Alabama.

Nobody remembers the days of Tommy Tuberville standing as the dominant figure in this state’s football scene.

According to the AJC, “When he went to Auburn High School (yes, located within a few miles of Auburn University), it was like the Red Sea parted. He was there to see Reuben Foster, the 5-star linebacker. All of sudden, it was like you couldn’t find an Auburn fan within 1,000 miles. Gus Malzhan was probably hiding under a desk.”

To buttress this claim, the AJC provides this quote from Foster via ESPN, “They were freaking out and taking pictures, and I thought they were supposed to be Auburn fans; I did not hear a single ‘War Eagle’ but I heard several ‘Roll Tide’s.’”

This is instructive of the larger state of Auburn football.

Auburn fans refuse to talk football. In fact, a few Auburn fans I know shunned televised football games this year as the season worsened. It was a move similar to how some Alabama fans coped during the malaise days of Mike Shula.

When the Auburn family executed the coup d’état and deposed the Gene Chizik football regime, there was hope. Some Auburn fans dared to dream.

They dreamed of a major NFL coach like Jeff Fisher or FSU coach Jimbo Fisher. The “reporting” of Auburn insider recruiting websites drove on these fans in their delusions. These websites have a history of such optimistic projections.

The recipe for success in reporting on recruiting at Auburn is to list Auburn as a top candidate for most of the big four or five-star recruits. This encourages the rank-and-file fans to part with their dollars in hopes of getting the latest recruiting scoop. When the Auburn target decides on a rival like Alabama, Georgia or Troy then simply report that the “Auburn staff cooled” on the prospect because of grades or character or Jesus personally told the Auburn preacher to pass.

This works every year.

Just rinse and repeat.

And repeat.

However, delusions don’t win football games or land recruits.

Auburn is dealing with a third-rate football coach in the top league in college football. The truth is Auburn could not land a major football coach in its last two coaching searches. It settled on Gene Chizik.

When that failed, the Auburn family settled on Gus Malzahn.

That brought a smile to most Alabama fans. Malzahn’s offensive attack is not the sophisticated scheme of a Bobby Petrino. Instead, Malzahn’s offense depends on misdirection and defensive players missing assignments. Sure, with the reduced practice time in modern college football, that can work. However, with the increased amount of film now available, most coaches have an easier time showing a defensive player what to expect in regards to motion, etc.

All Alabama fans can think is—“Run another trick play, bitch.”

The Tide is high and Nick Saban is atop college football. He is the best football coach leading college football’s latest dynasty.

And tomorrow looks even brighter in Tuscaloosa.

32 thoughts on “Recruiting: Alabama’s Nick Saban is a rock star, Auburn’s Gus Malzahn is irrelevant”

  1. I was eating lunch yesterday and overheard a conversation between two older gentlemen. One asked the other if he was converting over to the Tide yet. The man replied “NO,NEVER THAT! AUBURN HAS SOMETHING FOR THAT ASS WHEN WE PLAY AGAIN!” He then went on and on about when Auburn won the national championship and Cam Newton and it was all because of Gus offense. It made me chuckle . Damn it feels good to be on top. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

    1. Auburn won the championship in spite of Chizik and Malzahn….something all of us Alabama fans know. I think it will be fun to watch as Auburn battles for middle of the SEC West at best in the Malzahn years.

      Looking at Auburn’s schedule next year, does anyone see Auburn beating Texas A&M? Beating LSU? Beating Georgia? Beating Alabama?

      New management, even if it is a recent assistant like Malzahn, could help clean up the mess that was the Chizik debacle. Arkansas illustrated just how important leadership can be in the short term.

      But even if the team gets a bump from the coaching change how big of a bump and how real the bump truly is remains to be seen—and it won’t be enough to lift Auburn to the level of A&M or LSU or Alabama in the near term.

  2. This may be the dumbest article I’ve ever seen. Homerism oozes everywhere, I mean you’re basically saying Saban never had trouble with our scheme, which once again is dumb. When your precious D is vomiting every where from running so much, Gus’ll have the last laugh.

  3. Yeah, right dumbass! Maybe you better look again. 42-14 and. And neither td was by the offense. 23-24 and your purchased freak of nature was held to the lowest output of his career, needed Ingrams immaculate roll fumble, Richardson to drop an uncontested pass in the endzone, our safety playing with a broken arm and missing two tackles for td’s, losing McElroy for the final possession when all we needed was a field goal, and the officials allowing your defense to mug Julio twice on what would hsve been 1st downs on the final possession. Yeah, dipshit, you really had us running! LMAO! By the way Capstone, whst happened to the Te’o thread?

  4. Auburn fan here. I just have to say that I think you guys have a great coach and a great football team. Where you lack is in your fan base. No class whatsoever. Why direct so much hate towards Auburn. Calling us Barners is just plain stupid and hateful. its similar to using a racial slur against someone. Ok I get it. It doesn’t rhyme with Auburn but if you replace the “u” with an “a” then you get the word barn. Yea! Good for you. Y’all don’t have barns up there in Tuscaloosa? You have some 9 story buildings so up think you are a metropolis? We are both in Alabama so pretty much rednecks all around. If you were in Honolulu I would get it. Second why trash talk our coach? Just be happy you have won 3 championships in four years??? I am sorry I just don’t get it????

    1. As for the article, facts are facts. Good article!

      As for you Ddog, thank for the rare acknowledgement and complment of the Tide and The Coach. For that, you are the exception.

      As for the relationship of the two fan bases, the problem arose from and has always been due to the unwillingness of you barners to but rarely show any respect for Bama, which, after all, has proven itself over and over, decade after decade, and now more than ever to be the class of college football having won NC’s in every decade but the 50′ and 80’s since the 20’s, and now being recognized as the dynasty of the BCS era forward.

      Bama fans just don’t care about Aubarn. Never have, never will. To Bama fans, they are just another team for the most part. But, at the same time, as we just don’t care anything about them but for just simply beating their butts anytime and everytime we have the opportunity to play them, most barners, on the other hand, can almost never resist the chance to inject their vitriol into any and every conversation about football when the converstions may be about Bama and not be about Aubarn at all, but they just can’t resist. Seems they never heard of “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

      Whether on blogs or radio, when the conversation pertains to Aubarn, Bama fans mostly don’t give a squat….they just don’t care about Aubarn. But when the talk is of Bama, (as per Finbaum for instance…or here) the barners just absolutely cannot leave it alone. And, they almost never have anything good to say. Only lies and/or criticism. Seldom do they speak of Aubarn, I guess that’s understandable, not much there to speak of. But they usually just can’t keep from unduly critiizing the Tide.
      But, let the talk be of Aubarn, most Bama fans JUST DON”T CARE.

  5. Hey Barner….The way Auburn fans acted towards Bama fans during the Tuberville years, you guys are lucky we are acting as nice as we are.

    Auburn fans are the ones that fed a lot of this hate in the rivalry. Now, they are all hiding because they can’t take it.

    Auburn and Tennessee can both suck it.

    BTW, fear the thumb….the 10th one.

  6. all bama all the time everywhere…cool piece bro – admin at pure pusssy

  7. Hey Barner, of course you don’t get it, dumbass – you ARE a Barner! The miracle would be if you did get it. Now go away and pout. Boo hoo hoo. On another note – Atlanta got ass raped by the officials. That fuking phantom roughing the passer call that gave the 69er’s the ball back and allowed them to score the winning td, and the no call of pass interference on Atlanta’s final play – the defender looked like a fuking succubus on the back of the Atlanta receiver. 14 point turnaround caused by the officials. Hipe the bastards are happy. That being said Atlanta looked like they borrowed Notre Dame’s fuking defense. They sucked!

  8. I.e. Guess it’s just Georgia’s year to lose Championship games in the Georgia Done by 4 points. Oops!

  9. What I find funny is the hype that Aubren is getting for their coaching staff, last time I heard this much hype was when Coach Chiz put together his staff. A great staff starts with a great head coach!!!! RTR!!!!

  10. You mean when you guys were Tuscaloosing to Auburn every year. I am pretty sure we did not run articles saying your coach was a nobody and third string. Lets just see what happens next year.

    1. Now that was what all the Barners were saying last year… I remember hearing a lot of auburn fans were thinking 2012 was the year all that great recruiting paid off and they would actually surpass what Saban has done at Bama. Now, Auburn is starting all over, yet again, and it is ‘wait til next year’ … Again. Auburn is several years behind even the middle of the pack sec teams. Sorry, auburn doesn’t beat Bama, LSU, a&m, Georgia, ole miss, or vandy anytime soon.

    2. No your classless coach heading your classless program was holding up fingers and wearing taunting t-shirts about the Iron Bowl in on-air interviews.

      Now that the Tide has turned, and you’re seriously looking at a decade of getting that arse handed to you, seems your memory is fuzzy.

      We own you, and will for a long time. Gus Malzahn is a clown and you know it. That’s what makes all this so satisfying. You know it, and there’s not a dang thing you can do about it.

  11. The only way Gus Malzahn could cause a commotion walking into a kid’s high school is if he did so naked.

    And even then the only commotion would be his arrest.

    Malzahn = Clown

  12. ITK shut the f up you little felcher. Two 4 star receivers committed today. That was like me parting the waters of your moms dry cunt.

    Go eat Crimsionturds bataki.

    1. 49-0. That’s the only reply you need.

      The distance between Alabama and Auburn football right now if farther than I can ever remember, and your grotesque, profanity filled responses only reveals your desperation.

      And. I. Love. It.

      We own you. We. OWN. You.

  13. All Mullets having a gay fisting party, all you can take Fisting at the capstone butt report, sorry blog wannabe report.

  14. We’re simply the best there has ever been – nobody can hang with our stuff!!!

    Suck it losers!

  15. Butt hurt some Smurf? Get use to it. Who gives a shit about your WR signers. We have the best and deepest WR corps in the nation, and we signed the nations #1 TE in OJ Howard, and WE have a QB who can actually throw the ball to them. Bwaa Haww Haww! Oh yeah, looks like we’re gonna take two 5* away from you too – Foster and Liner. Boo Hoo Hoo! Losers! RTR!

  16. Finally, we have some pissed off Auburn fans that want to comment on this site!

    Its about time! I thought the rock you guys were hiding under may have crushed you!

    Now if we can get some Tennessee fans in here….(Do they still exist?)

  17. My Dad, PC Bama coined the term “Barner” he passed two years ago, He is the Barners worst nightmare!
    He and Bear are going to reign terror on you! Barner.
    Can anyone remember a stretch where Bama beat the Dog Water out of the tiger any worse?
    Its on bitches, you may never cross the goal line agian, its been 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. LOL!!! What a DA! Who the heck is Ian Berg anyway? Think he is Boreazz predicting a Notre Dame beat-down of ‘Bama 60 to what ever? RTR

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