“Let my f****** mother go. You’re not going to tell me what to do.”

Those, among others, are the words of Auburn commit Dee Liner to a female Muscle Shoals police officer back on July 1.

According to WAFF-48 and al.com, after making a traffic stop, a female Muscle Shoals police officer said Liner pulled up to the scene in another vehicle. Police say Liner ran over to the officer and began screaming, cursing and throwing objects at the female officer.

Liner was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing government operations, with a court date for those charges set for Aug. 23.

Then, ten days later, WAFF reports Liner that Auburn commit arrested in a separate incident on July 10 in what police say was a group of people caught jumping a fence at a public pool in Sheffield. Liner was initially charged with burglary but the charge has since been decreased to criminal trespassing. No court date has been set in that matter.

Liner is a 6-foot-2, 275-pound defender, and a prized get for Frank Chiznik and his fighting Chiziks. But after a string of off-the-field incidents involving current, former and yet-to-be Auburn players, Liner seems to be yet another component to the building thug mentality that is quickly becoming Auburn football.

Who the heck is at the wheel in Lee County?

Is thuggery somewhere in the Auburn creed?

And when is the state media going to sit up and take notice at the rampant misconduct taking place among those for which the Chiz is supposed to be responsible?

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20 thoughts on “Auburn commit arrested twice in ten days”

  1. It really is a sad state that this country has sunk in that some of its citizens just don’t care about nobody but themselves!! I work in the publics eye every day that I work and can attest to that. This young man realy has a deeper problem that needs some work . But his behavior is nothing new and it happens everywhere you go,Just because he’s a person that Auburn wants on its team doesn’t mean that Aubie only recruits those kind of players, they are just naturally attracted to the school because its so lenient and a ‘do your own thing’ school and an attitude that shows it’s a live and let live communit Don’t they always preach that they are a fambly over there? RTR

  2. Liner also has an offer from Bama, and is still being heavily recruited. In fact, he had an unofficail vist to Bama just a few weeks ago that took place a month after he announced his Auburn comittment. If he flips, will he still be considered a thug?

    Isn’t it silly that Reuben Foster is calling a press conference this afternoon just to reaffirm his comittment to Bama?

    1. What is funny is there is no concern about this from the Auburn fan base, and how quickly Auburn fans love to defend themselves by somehow comparing their bad issues to the University Alabama, to somehow justify it.

    2. Isn’t it silly what most 17 and 18 year olds do these days just to get some time in the spotlight? But, he is in some of his last days of having any power or rights to negotiate any agreements with this coaching staff, and I’m sure, with the recent power-play by Nkemdiche, all highly-rated recruits are doing whatever they can to preserve their value to their respective “commitments” and schools.

    3. Liner is a solid commit to Auburn. That’s the only place he’s going. I fully expect RF to end up somewere other than Bama.

  3. The question remains unanswered, bamabrando. Liner is still being recruited by Bama, and given Bama’s strength in North Alabama (Muscle Shoals) there’s a pretty good chance that Liner will flip. Will Liner still be considered a thug if he flips? It’s a yes or no question.

    By the way, it was the article that started the comparison to Bama and Auburn, not me. (Along with 4 of the last 6 articles written here). I’m just responding to the comparison.

    1. Yes – he’s still a thug. I doubt he is still being as heavily recruited by Bama as he was a “few weeks” ago. You got any links that say otherwise?

  4. pete, you doubt that he’s being “as heavily” recruited? So it’s ok for Bama to recruit a thug as long as they don’t recruit him “as heavily”. Care to explain how it’s ok to recruit a thug as long as it’s not done “heavily”?

    1. Abraham – I already said the kid’s a thug. You know what – so was Rolando McClain when Shula recruited him. In many ways, McClain is still a thug, especially when he comes home and hangs around with his boys. You are mincing words for some argumentative reason that I cannot possibly fathom – likely has more to do with the dismal season that awaits the village in Southwest Georgia than anything Bama has done. I don’t really care if Bama is calling this kid every day and every night, lighting up his FB account, and calling all his uncles, aunts and brothers and sisters. A thug is a thug until he decides to mature and be something other than a thug. Liner is immature and likely doesn’t have any concept of what he may be throwing away for momentary glory in the eyes of his boys.
      However – as you make apparent – an ass is an ass, no matter how much clean him up. Give it up, man – Bama isn’t the school that keeps making headlines in the arrests section.

      1. pete, I agree with you (except for putting Rolando McClain’s recruitment solely on Shula as he was in Saban’s first signing class). I think the kid is acting like a thug right now, and I’m troubled by a lot of the recent developments with some Auburn players and recruits. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of crticizing Auburn for associating itself with Liner at the same time that Bama continues to recruit the kid.

        1. I will concede your point. Bama is very likely recruiting more thugs than you or I know. It is up to the leadership in the respective athletic departments to not only coach these boys up, but provide them with a different view of life and the opportunities they will be presented with if they will listen and become good role models and good citizens. I know people in the Bama athletic department. I know who they bring in to speak with these players. I know some of the parents and some of the officials within the UA staff, police department and administration. Every kid is given the opportunity to do better. Some of these guys that are given their walking papers after a year or two on the team are on their 4th and 5th chances to clean up their acts. I try really hard to remember that, even though one of them could take up the square footage of 3 of me, they are just boys.
          My problem with the Plains is that I don’t see a large enough example being made of what the staff, administration, and local authorities are doing to make a difference. They may be doing all the same things that go on at Bama, but you never see or hear of it, other than “Brother Chett” – and you don’t really see much of him any more. Saban at least stays out front of the problems for the most part.
          And Shula takes all the responsibility for McClain – it’s the one thing he did right before he was let go. Saban just came in and secured the signature with a good sales job. Apparently, it paid off for Rolando. I just wish he’d stay away from Decatur. (My Aub buddies wish Fairly would stay out of Mobile)

  5. Geez, ya’ll need to be more professional. How can you call Awbies head football coach “Frank”? The mans name is “Gene Cheesedick”! And what the hell happened to the first thread on here today. It had 6 posts and just fricking disappeared off the board. Retracting something or what? And finally, did ya’ll see that post on al.com about Kristin Saban beating the shit out of her sorority sister? Just goes to show you what we already knew _ don’t fuck with Nick Saban, Nick Saban’s football team, or Nick Saban’s daughter. Heaven forbid what Miss Terri is capable of! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  6. Abraham, shut the fuck up. You goat humpng Homer. I guess you fucking called Saban up to verify that Bama’s recruiting him? And I don’t give a shit what source you read on that Aubie propaganda rag al.com. Anyway that’s neither here nor there when a dumbass awbie like you trolls a Bama thread to run your mouth at us about maybe still recruiting one of your thugs. Hell, we might sign him just to keep him away from Awbie on the chance he could help your team. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  7. Crimsonite, the story got pulled because it cited a story on al.com about the Eric Smith lawsuit. Unfortunately, the writer failed to notice that the al.com story was three years old, and treated it as though it was breaking news. The embarassment of that, along with the truly breaking story about the WWF Smackdown lawsuit involving Saban’s daughter, provided too stark a contrast for the blog to handle and the story was mercifully withdrawn.

    1. I was wondering what happened to that 3 year old article he was trying to pass of as breaking news.

      Yesterday was just a bad day for Bammers. The bosses daughter is in the headlines, they got absolutely trolled by a recruit (that shit was planned for months) and they’ve gotten so desperate to produce bad news about Auburn they’re digging up 3 year old articles to make themselves feel better.

      And get ready to lose another one to the Tigers. You got another big name thats flipping our way.

  8. Can’t wait to host the bamers in Columbia. Truly the most classless school in Alabama. We’re gonna kick your bama trash team up and down the Midwest.

    1. You won’t score. If you can win and not score, we’re in trouble.

      Otherwise, we’ll make you look like the patsy Big 12 team you really are. I’d take a life insurance policy out on your QB.

  9. Alabama just came off probation for the illegal actions of over 200 Tide athletes. Yet they complain and whine about an opponents recruit for getting in trouble. What’s even more hypocritical is the fact that Saban is still trying to recruit the guy.

    1. Being slapped on the wrist for textbook infractions does not equal armed robbery, being sent home from a national camp for spitting a pizza, repeated DUI’s, and players being arrested twice in 10 days. Sorry.

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