Alabama safety Mark Barron is the top safety available int his year’s draft and should be a Top 15 pick, according to PFW. Barron is 6’1”, 213 lbs. with 4.54 speed. (Video not available on some mobile devices.)

According to PFW draft expert Nolan Nawrocki, “He is extremely physical in the box. That is his strength.”

According to PFW, Barron’s strengths include his instinct and ball awareness. He also “plays fast”, is a “strong tackler” and physically “looks the part” of an NFL safety.

He is “football smart,” according to the draft expert.

On the downside, Barron’s weaknesses include “man-coverage limitations, hip tightness, inconsistent ball reaction” and Barron is “not a center fielder.”

“Scouts compare (Barron) to Kam Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks…(however), I think he has a little bit more value than Kam Chancellor,” according to Pro Football Weekly.

Barron is projected to be a Top 15 NFL Draft pick because of the “need at the position” this year. The floor would appear to be the New York Jets with the 16th pick in the 2012 draft.

One thought on “NFL 2012 DRAFT PROFILE: Alabama safety Mark Barron”

  1. Wow, more value than a guy who made the pro bowl in his second season (first year as a starter). He is also “more physical” than Chancellor? What are you smoking? Chancellor has 2inches ans 20lbs on Baron and hits like a truck. I understand you’re high on the kid, but seriously… have you even seen Chancellor play? Lay down the crack-pipe and lighten up with the hyperbole.

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