When Clay Travis makes baseless allegations against a program what does the state media do? In Alabama, you cloy him with favor and give him more attention. In Kentucky, you do things differently.

One Kentucky media member took an appearance on Paul Finebaum’s Radio Network to say what everyone is thinking about Internet douche Clay Travis.

Via Paul Finebaum’s Twitter: “Jones on Clay Travis comments on Calipari,’He’s a fool on this topic. He’s a Vol blogger. Coaches like Izzo aren’t talking to Clay Travis.’”

However, that begs the question. Why does WJOX continue to promote him and his website?

Here they go again!
Auburn fans are snapping photographs of Alabama players’ cars. IBCR provides details of how a photograph of A.J. McCarron’s car is making the rounds on Auburn message boards.

The sad obsession is laughable considering the infractions history at Auburn.

Finding Alabama’s Receivers
The Decatur Daily provides Alabama fans a glimpse at wide receiver Kenny Bell. According to the newspaper, “The momentum I had last year from being in the championship game,” Bell said, “I carried it into this year.”

The look at Alabama’s receivers even features a mention of the mysterious Duron Carter. Carter has not practiced during Spring Practice due to a suspension. Check the article out if you are interested in talking about Alabama’s receiver depth chart. Feel free to share your thoughts below on Alabama’s best receiver options to replace the Crimson Tide’s departed leaders.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Briefing: Clay Travis is a ‘fool’, Auburn fans obsessed & Finding A.J. McCarron a receiver”

  1. Receivers ? If anyone will just go to Youtube and look up any of these young men at The Capstone in that position and watch their clips, then you will see. And not worry so much about that area.RTR

  2. LMAO@ the Barntards. When you know you suck, your only recourse is to vent that failure at the nearest target.

  3. LMAO@ the Barntards. When you know you suck, your only recourse is to vent that failure toward the nearest target.

  4. This is just normal behavior for obsessed Auburn fans. When have they ever been any different?

  5. Infractions history at Auburn?

    Remind me, which football program barely escaped the death penalty roughly 10 years ago because boosters were paying for players?

    Remember Albert Means?

    Must have slipped your mind.

  6. Mr. Means, I read somewhere that Auburn was number three on the list of most infractions for colleges. Was that a misprint ? RTR

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