Oh wait, never mind that report. It was Internet douche Clay Travis showing his Tennessee Volunteer colors and spewing hate speech against another successful SEC program.

Different day, but the same routine from Nashville’s Travis.

Travis shared his opinion of Kentucky and the coach on Birmingham’s WJOX and Paul Finebaum replayed the piece during his popular afternoon show. You can listen at finebaum.com and pick the second installment of the podcast with C.M. Newton to hear all about it.

“I think Calipari is dirty as hell,” Travis said in the piece played on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network. “I believe he is buying players.”

The response from former Alabama basketball coach and former Kentucky Athletic Director C.M. Newton was vicious.

“Who is Clay Travis?” Newton asked. “I don’t even know him, and where the hell did he ever coach?”

If only everyone were as fortunate as Newton to not know about Clay Travis. For some unknown reason some people at WJOX love to promote Travis and his hate.

It is irresponsible.

Travis was exposed as a buffoon last season when he released photographs of Alabama players wearing suits. It was lame.

Since Travis failed as an Internet fashion reporter, he has moved on to attack Kentucky.

The Travis attack allowed Newton to present a defense of Calipari as a coach and a person.

“I know Cal,” Newton said. “And I know him very well. Is he smart and does get over into what I call the gray area, but he doesn’t step over the rules. He understands the rules. He understands the system…He is a very, very good man. He is an honest man.”

Kentucky fans should watch for Travis and his operatives (rival fans who hate Kentucky) to camp out at suit stores near campus in an effort to snap damning photographs of Kentucky players wearing mismatched socks.

On the other hand, maybe Travis will get busy in an effort to have Tennessee fire Coach Derek Dooley. I’m sure the folks in Knoxville would appreciate his help.

If only SEC fans had the luxury of not knowing Clay Travis! Unfortunately, WJOX insists on foisting him on the listening public.

4 thoughts on “REPORT: Kentucky’s John Calipari cheats!”

  1. I agree with you about travis and Jox. I believe Jane Dunaway is the connection with travis. The little soft responses Dunaway has when travis makes the outrageous accusations tells me they are either tight or talk before the show.

  2. I’m wondering if Douche Travis has bought some sort of spot with Dunnaway’s show or something, like the Doc on Jox does.

    Seriously. Why else would a legitimate radio show prop a total and complete shit head like Travis up?

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