As the SEC gets ready for the 2012 season with Spring Practice, fans still have time to savor the great moments of the 2011 season. One of the best things about 2011 was the humiliation of Tennessee fan Clay Travis.

The last year wasn’t good for Travis the fan. He launched the 2011 football season by attempting to get Alabama football players declared ineligible by posting pictures of various Crimson Tide players in suits. These photographs illustrated exactly nothing.

Nothing other than Travis’ obsession with black athletes and their sartorial choices.

Travis sucked as much at prognostication as he did at being a fashion reporter/investigative journalist. Just enjoy these lines from Travis’ December column after LSU won the SEC Championship Game: “That’s why the LSU Tigers are your 2011 AP National Champions. We don’t need them to play another game to prove that.” (SOURCE)

For the record, LSU was not the 2011 AP National Champions. I guess that is why we play the games and don’t take someone’s word for it.

Of course, Travis went further with his anti-Alabama hope: “Every single breathing person who isn’t wearing crimson-colored glasses — and even some Bama fans will admit it — knows that LSU is the best team in the country.” Oh, and this piece of excellence: “LSU could lose to Alabama and a 13-1 LSU team with a division and SEC title would still be better than a 12-1 Alabama team with a head-to-head split and a bowl win.”

Alabama 21 LSU 0.

A mauling. A thrashing.

And it wasn’t even as close as the score.

Travis did his best to harm Alabama in 2011, and all it yielded was another national championship trophy in Tuscaloosa—the ninth of the poll era and 14th total, and yet another loss by his beloved Tennessee Volunteers to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Many Alabama fans naturally wonder what drives someone like Travis to such a lunatic obsession with the University of Alabama. We’ve been wondering the same thing about the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s weird Saban obsession. The basic answer is fear, but there is more to Clay’s rage.

The answer is in Clay’s own writings. Travis confesses Alabama made him cry.

Travis admitted, “Throughout my youth, year after year, Alabama beat Tennessee. It didn’t matter how bad the teams Bama trotted out wearing crimson jerseys were, the Tide won. That culminated in a 9-6 loss in 1990, a defeat so crushing that it represented the last time I ever cried over a sporting event.” (SOURCE)

Based on Clay’s rage, one doubts that was the last time he cried over a football game.

The 2012 BCS Championship Game was likely the most recent in his seasons of tears. Five straight losses by his beloved Volunteers to the Alabama Crimson Tide have turned Travis into a full-time crybaby on a mission. He tried to hurt Alabama with those lame pictures. When that didn’t work, Travis turned his attention to the dangerous influence of Nick Saban and Alabama within the Tennessee Athletic Department.

Travis wants to purge the Saban influence by firing coach Derek Dooley and getting rid of all those other persons tainted by an association with Alabama or Saban—persons like athletic director Dave Hart.

Another loss by his beloved Tennessee team might send him over the edge into further McCarthyesque witch hunts in Knoxville.

Here is hoping it happens this football season.

28 thoughts on “The Roots of Clay’s Rage”

  1. AWWWW the pain, the misery, and whatever else!! Poor Travis is really gonaa be in a tizzy when his Vols get their annual beating again this season. His rants, much like the ones in Lee County’s stock yards, will only get worse, let’s hope that he’ll find some kind of closure in wins over Vandy and the likes.RTR

  2. “Another loss by his beloved Tennessee team might send him over the edge into further McCarthyesque witch hunts in Knoxville.”

    Never doubt it.

    Just ask Bill Battle.

    1. Oh yes. I remember BB also. West End HS. He knocked my azz out!! I could not understand why he ever took that job in Knoxville.RTR

  3. I like his site though—–after all, it’s 83% Alabama, and sometimes it’s even funny. The site doesn’t exist without Alabama. It might be hateful, but where else would I get to see such great pictures of our champions looking sharp in their suits?

    The site also launched not long before the tornado that wrecked West Alabama and Tuscaloosa last year, and while Travis said he donated $500 of his own money to the relief effort, when asked if he could use his site to display a temporary link his readers could follow if they felt compelled to help (I explicitly did not ask for a personal donation), he said it would look like a blatant attempt to gain favor after printing the suit stories.

    He was more worried about what he would look like than helping people in West Alabama, not even necesarily Alabama fans.

    That, or he really hates the University of Alabama so much that he wouldn’t even want his readers to know how they could help people who may not have even been the ones Travis hates.
    Frankly, I don’t think he’d be able to print nearly every story on his site if he explicitly worried about what people think of him, which makes it worse that he wouldn’t let other people know how they could help.

    I’m not trying to tell anyone how to run their website, but when 83% of your site is devoted to a fanbase that visits your site more than any other, I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to let them help, and since I knew how bad things were in West Alabama I was absolutely compelled to ask, even if it wasn’t necesarily my place to ask at all.

    Still, even if it would have looked like he was trying to look better in the eyes of Alabama fans by letting his visitors know how they could help, I don’t think most Alabama fans would treat it as a bad thing, and frankly most of us would have respected him for it——-lord knows West Alabama got a deluge of support from die-hard Auburn fans.

    1. Good post. I agree that Travis wears his bias on his sleeve, and is an obnoxious UT fan. I am sure the Saban years, combined with UTs misfortunes have taken its toll on Clay, and most UT fans in general. And the near future holds much of the same, so this is all he can really do: Whine and cry foul at every opportunity. It is funny how Saban being hired at Alabama has turned all of Bama’s rival fanbases into to whining, paranoid hate mongers, all in just 5 years. Expect more of the same from these clowns, it is all they have left to offer.

      1. What the hell did Brando? It’s not that I do not agree with you, it’s just that by now, I figured IndianaVol would for sure have chimmed in by now. I havent checked in for a couple of weeks. I hope you just lightly spanked his ass and sent him on his way…..and not killed him. With those backwoods Tennessee folk, they smell the same dead or alive, so if you did kill him, the rest of us will never know for sure……

        1. It’s the Bammer Morons that smell the same dead or alive, moreso around Tuscaloser!

          1. He’s alive! But still brain dead I see. The Saban beatings have taken a bit out of Idiot Vol as well.

          2. Speaking of smells, you haven’t sniffed a victory over Alabama in five years, anal wart. And get used to it. The next time UT beats Alabama we may all be leaving the game in flying cars.

      2. Clay Travis is following the “Rival 101” formula (PFRN, i.e.) — he’s just trying to make a dollar off a rivalry — EASY money — stir up the pot, make some dough — make a name for yourself — too easy to do in the SEC.

        RTR — working on number 14 to the haters.

        Crystal 😉

  4. Travis is a perfect match for Jane Dunaway on Jox. They are close to being lovers as it it is displayed every week on the radio. I think Jane really loves Travis. AWWWWW the bliss that EXIST!!!!

  5. tennessee and its fanbase are getting precisely what they deserve. What comes around goes around. Buddhist call it karma. 7 short months until rocky crap gets their annual Rammer Jammer and I hope kool aid drinking homers like clay travis enjoys every moment. I know I will!!! Roll Tide!!! Like it, love it, hate it, I dont care, but you better get used to it, the” process ” is systematically removing the manhood from rival SEC teams and its not going to get better for them.

    1. That’s awful.

      I don’t think anyone deserves what UT got from Lane Kiffin and their former AD.

      And they’re rebuilding, but they’re also doing it the right way—-I have to at least respect that. Alabama did the same thing, and we had a decade of losing seasons during the process.

      I know a lot of Alabama fans hate UT, but the loudest UT fans like Clay Travis and UT video bloggers are to Tennessee what Harvey Updyke is to Alabama—-they don’t represent the fanbase in my experience, not at all.

      That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight like Champions to beat UT, but make no mistake, UT will be back. They still have one of the top 5 budgets in the NCAA, they’re rebuilding, and I respect them for it——I want to play against the best, and beating teams out of the top 25 doesn’t help. Clay Travis might act the way he does because he’s a butt-hurt Tennessee fan, but don’t discount UT because of it, or lump all UT fans into his attitude.

      1. Hey Doc,
        I agree with your post and I’m not claiming that I know the mind of yellowhammer, but I thought his reference to karma was about Fulmer being the secret witness and trying to destroy our University…not the Kiffin mess, At least, that’s what I’d like to believe. 🙂

        1. I know, and I think Fulmer got what he deserved for it too. Well, maybe.

          But again, Fulmer was like Updyke—a guy with his own agenda and actions, but a man who rivals use to represent the entire fanbase. Fulmer got fired. Sure, they let him say he was resigning, but nobody cries that much when they resign, and since he wasn’t fired publicly it didn’t look like punishment—-frankly I thought it was clever of UT to let him “resign” instead, but UT has been hurting ever since regardless.

          The bottom line is Alabama cleaned up its own messes as well as the ones others, like Fulmer, created. You have to own it, you have to be a champion, and I think that’s what sets Alabama apart is that attitude. We had it when we were losing for a decade, we have it now that we are champions again, and we won’t keep it or lose it because of anything UT or any person from its fan base does.

  6. This Travis guy sounds like a real cry baby. If he does not cry anymore over sporting events,maybe this year after ‘Bama takes care of the Vols he’ll just puke!! Yes, and I wonder also why IV has not been around. This is the type thing he loves to chew on. RTR

  7. I grew up with Clay, he was a frail mamas boy, who got picked on all the time, my friends 11 year old sister beat him up when he was 16, seriously made him cry at the skating rink. If you snuck up behind him today and yelled boo!, he would piss down his leg……..

    1. TS-LOL That is just too funny. I guess he was bullied also. Did anyone ever take his lunch money from him? RTR

  8. You guys are nuts!!! But I LOVE it!!! UT in that hideous “nothing sucks like a big orange” outfit just looks too good with their tails in the air, snot flying, and a Travis article stuck in their teeth.

  9. We’re still waiting on the so called expose that was supposed to prove once and for all that Bama is guilty. Still waiting Clay.

    1. As long as Bama keeps up their success and beating UT annually, I am sure he will continue and come up with more stories of explaining Bamas success because of some type of corruption.

  10. DC- He might yet try to come up with something, but right now we are on a roll. Both with TCR and the ‘Tide which just keeps rolling along.

  11. Clay Travis isn’t just a douche, he’s the vaginal infection that comes following the prolonged use of an old douche.

    He is a mental midget whose irrational hatred for Alabama has exposed him for the freaking joke that he is.

    I only wish the University’s army of attorneys would settle the score the next time he chooses to invent an issue involving Alabama athletics.

    Clay, you are an utter and complete moron.

  12. I must disagree about the fiulmer-updyke posts. Fulmer was a hired representative of ucheat who was supported by the entire university while he lied and cheated to try and get U A the death penalty. That hardly compares to a bama wannabe who acted on his own. 10 more years of losing records and maybe it will be sufficient for the fulmerites. I have to wonder a little about the Bama creds of anyone who can so easily forget what happened. Indiana vile is an appropriate representative of that fanbase

  13. I love that Clay messed his britches over Peyton Manning by claiming he had all these sources saying Manning was a lock to the Titans. His prediction for that went as well as his one for the BCS Championship.

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