The University of Alabama lost, but the University of Alabama System gained today when it was announced that UA President Dr. Robert E. Witt would become chancellor of the University of Alabama System.

Dr. Witt improved the University of Alabama; he revitalized academics and athletics. He was a strong administrator at a time when Alabama needed it most.

UA will miss this leadership.

In a released statement, Dr. Witt praised his interim replacement Executive Vice President and Provost Dr. Judy Bonner.

“Judy Bonner is the senior administrator I have worked with most closely during my nine years as president of UA. She has been by my side as we have framed the vision for our future and as we have executed the strategic plan that has turned that vision into a reality,” Witt said.

No doubt Bonner is a solid choice to handle the interim responsibility.

However, few could truly replace Dr. Witt. It was through his strong leadership that Alabama entered a time of success in the classroom. Also, he made one of the best decisions in a true test of leadership when he terminated Mike Price.

Dr. Witt is a leader. He makes tough choices. His elevation to the position of chancellor sends a clear message—Woe to the deadwood of the University of Alabama System.

Everyone is looking at you UAB.

Your absent president and your wasteful athletic spending should be among the first changes made by the system’s leadership.

Taxpayers throughout the state and graduates of the UA System expect real value for the investments made. UAB’s football program is an example of extravagant waste that should be eliminated for the sake of fiscal sanity. The way to end that program is to find UAB a new president willing to focus on academics instead of a sideshow.

If anyone has the strength to make this difficult decision, then Dr. Witt would be the choice. Of course, there are several other important reforms needed in the UA System, but finding UAB a real leader like Dr. Witt would be a great start.

UA System stakeholders and Alabama taxpayers should rejoice that Dr. Witt is now at the helm of the entire system. Hopefully, his influence will spread reform over all three campuses.

7 thoughts on “Will Dr. Witt’s move to Chancellor mean changes in Tuscaloosa or Birmingham?”

  1. The problem at UAB is the horrible hires in Football and Basketball. That is the reason why nothing is viable. The AD for UAB – complete joke.

  2. UAB football needs to go but I’d give Garrick McGee a chance. If he fails, then pull the plug. The basketball program should stay because it has been competitive and has fan support.

    1. I wish every dime wasted on football had been spent on UAB basketball. Think what that program could do with the additional resources.

  3. i agree that UAB should be a basketball only school and
    maybe revisit football in the future. I am sick that we lost Dr. Witt. Dr. Witt has done a phenomenal job at UA.

    1. Spoken like the dozens of UAB fans who think it’s normal to have under a thousand people at a division I football game.

  4. I tell you what – I will fight you over UAB basketball. It is viable and just needs a damn coach – any coach – that has a clue. Mike Davis is a complete – abject failure as a coach. I bet you – that I could find a great assistant and pay him the same money – hell – maybe 150k less – you would see an improvement – I admit that the Academic Sanctions have taken a toll. The problem is – all he knows how to recruit – are partial qualifiers…… he can’t get the qualifiers …… he can’t coach either.

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