Alabama Basketball Coach Anthony Grant talked about the remainder of the regular season for his Crimson Tide. Alabama faces Auburn in a rivalry game in SEC basketball action. One big question is the status of Trevor Lacy’s ankle. And Grant admitted things are unclear for Lacy playing this week.

Grant said Lacy aggravated the ankle during the Mississippi State game. Grant said the first priority is making sure Lacy is healthy, but said Lacy is a “tough kid” and would be evaluated to see where he was later in the week.

When asked if the suspensions contributed to the improved play of Alabama’s basketball team, Grant said there were many things that have led to Alabama’s improvement. Grant pointed toward more experience and players stepping up. Grant said the wins have increased the confidence of his team.

Grant talked about the importance of the Tennessee game in the resurgence of his basketball team.

Listen to more talk about the rest of the Alabama basketball season in the embedded audio teleconference.

One thought on “Alabama Basketball: Anthony Grant talks Auburn and Alabama’s improvement”

  1. “When asked if the suspensions contributed to the improved play of Alabama’s basketball team,………”

    of course it did, and i really don’t know what reason he has for not just saying it.

    here is what i posted at another blog about the improved play of the team and coach grant’s role in it:

    “but to all the the fans who said (quite justifiably) that Coach Grant was responsible for the poor offensive production during the middle of the season, I hope you are willing to credit him with the improved production we have been enjoying since the team began to gel and the freshmen began to feel more comfortable with their places on the team.”

    to which i responded:

    “this situation kind of reminds me of another (football related, sorry) back in 1989. i forget which game it was but i’m thinking it was early in the season our quarterback (jeff dunn?) got hurt and an unknown gary hollingsworth came off the bench and under the tutelage of homer smith led alabama to the sec title and the sugar bowl that year.

    some at the time wondered how a record setting qb could have been wallowing on the bench under the coaches noses and had not the starter gotten hurt, would any of this (the records, the sec championship, the sugar bowl) have happened??

    ditto the situation here. do you like the team we have now better than the one before the suspensions???

    would the team we have now be were it not for the actions that lead to the suspensions???

    the improvement of gueye and engstrom has been visible from game to game. i think we are a better team (certainly defensively) with their practice and playing time.

    grant certainly deserves credit for this.

    but looking back, who now deserved to play?? grant answered these questions with the suspensions. but do we now look better and have a better chance in the post-season with the starters we have now??? players that obviously wanted it more than the prima donna mitchell and the bonehead green.

    and why did it take the suspensions to figure this out???

    i never had any problem with the discipline. i lauded grant for suspending them. my problem was allowing a three-time loser (green) back.

    i don’t think anyone can question the fact that we’re rolling now and like i’ve said here on many occasions (which means it’s no big secret) peaking at the right time is vital to success in the post-season.

    but i also think it bears remembering that all this kinda fell in grant’s lap with green and mitchell acting out like they did and forcing his hand with the discipline.”

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