Mobile Press Register Declares It Treason
Mobile Press Register Declares It Treason

Alabama football coach Nick Saban is mean. First he gets recruit T.J. Yeldon to switch from Auburn to Alabama. Today, Alabama coach Nick Saban convinced Alphonse Taylor to switch from Florida State to Alabama. The Yeldon decision rocked the college football world—or at least the state of Alabama. The Mobile Press Register was so outraged it declared it treason. Treason!

Alabama’s Nick Saban is the trickiest, sneakiest, meanest guy since, well, ever. Who or what is this Nick Saban? Is he a dark lord of the Sith using mind control tricks, or maybe he learned from that Harry Potter villain Voldemort how to force people to do things against their will? Maybe he is just some smart ass that read Machiavelli’s The Prince. Whatever, he is a menace. And we are fortunate that newspapers like the Mobile Press Register are here to make us aware of these evil doings in recruiting.

But, back to today’s news.

According to TiderInsider via Twitter, “Breaking News: Davidson OL/DL Alphonse Taylor just released a statement to Tider Insider that he has committed to Alabama.” (Source). And, Tidesports also reported the commitment. According to a statement released by the family, “After carefully considering the amazing opportunities in front of me, I am committing to play football for the University of Alabama and enroll in January. I appreciate the support of my family, friends, teachers, and coaches who have always helped and supported me. While there were many factors to my decision, ultimately I want to play nose guard for Alabama whose fierce and dedicated defenses are a tradition in this state and around the nation.” (Source)

Andrew Bone provided this tidbit via twitter, “Alphonse Taylor is the third player to flip his commitment to Alabama in this class.” (Source).

Menace. Treason. Alabama and Nick Saban should be ashamed.