Last night #7 Boise State closed another tough season with a thrilling win over unranked and 6-6 opponent Arizona State in the Nevada something or other bowl.

Kellen Moore was heralded all night long as the winningest QB in college football history, and cameras captured neat-o signage from the Boise State fanbase crying for their chance to play for all the marbles. Or crystal, as you will.

My favorite fan sign of the night: “We Deserve Better.”

You’re right, Boise State fan, you DO deserve better. Your athletic program should have moved to put you in a real conference, against real competition years ago.

After your lone moment in the sun against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl…a Sooners team that took you as seriously as Alabama took Utah in the 2009 Sugar Bowl…your Athletic Director should have been on the phone with every conference in America trying to gain entry so that teams that matter would have to come play on your goofy blue field.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know closing a season against New Mexico after back-to-back tilts against San Diego State and Wyoming is a killer. And we know how hard it is to travel to Toledo ANY year.

And UNLV. Dang. UNLV. The crowd noise in that game must have made it hard for your coach’s kids to hear their iPods up in the stands.

We don’t deny you have a competitive football program. Your wins over Virginia Tech and Georgia to start the season the last two years were legit, although neither of those teams were the best in the country either year.

And your win over Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl was straight up.

But if Alabama faced one ranked opponent in the first week of the season, then feasted on eleven cream puffs, nobody in their right mind would sit on national TV and campaign for Alabama’s place in the BCS picture.


Instead, it’s been the trendy thing to do for attention whores like Tim Brando to talk about how you belong. But their argument is undercut by the fact that these are people who hate the BCS and want to see it crumble.

I admit, I don’t necessarily like the BCS and would like to see some sort of playoff determine the championship on college football’s most elite level.

But arguing that you, Boise State, belong anywhere in the picture in the present set-up is like arguing that I belong in Stephen Spielberg’s next picture because I did a good job in a local community theatre production.

Spare me.

Finally, your program recently joined another conference, the Big East. Thanks for THAT baby step toward relevance. Can’t wait to fire up the grill in anticipation of your Saturday night clash with Cincinnati.

Boise, from your disorienting blue turf to your patsy schedule, your entire program is a joke. So forgive me for not lifting my eyes from this month’s issue of MAD Magazine to look at Kellen Moore being paraded as a hero.

Fifty wins in a career with your schedule, in your conference isn’t an accomplishment. It’s a given.

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15 thoughts on “Boise State, please just shut up”

  1. Hey Cappy maybe, just maybe, the Bronks ‘are all in’ or just maybe, its a God thing!! who knows? But they are a laugh in this tense world we live in, RTR

    1. Why is this Boise crap even a topic anymore.They play one OK team a year and think they belong.Here is the deal, Boise could take an all star team of the last ten teams they have had and would not beat this years Alabama or LSU’s team.I dare anyone to challenge that!! RTR

  2. LOL- Pretty good. And they are to be a Big East team next year? Is Rolling Fork in the Big East? Now do not get me wrong but if BS had to face schools like the SEC West div. week after week things just would not work out foe the Bronks. By the way just who IS in the Big East? RTR

  3. Boise State isn’t arrogant enough to think they should play for the national championship when they couldn’t score a touchdown at home against the team that beat them. The arrogance of Alabama knows now bounds. Can’t wait until there is a playoff in college football. When you SEC fans are no longer protected by the beauty contest known as polls, the SEC will never win 6 straight championships.

    Alabama should have been in the sugar bowl against BSU rather than in the BCS championship game. Oh thats right, your team would have been disappointed and mailed it in just like you supposedly did against Utah. That would have been your excuse for losing to Boise State.

    1. Matt, maybe our arrogance stems from the fact that the team that has demolished everyone it its path couldn’t find pay dirt against us either.

      And though we outgained LSU and left 26 points on the field, it took them until overtime to win.

      Don’t be an ass. Just accept the fact that your team sucks compared to Alabama like the rest of the nation.

    2. Matt, I realize that the good folks at Boise wouldnt know football if it kicked them square in their no defense,pitiful conference, no schedule playing ass but the truth is Moore would not have had 20 wins as a starter with Boise if they played in the SEC. An occasional game against a middle of the pack team does not equal going through the meat grinder known as the SEC. One last thought, the previous 5 years of the BCS, were the opponents who got their ass drilled from a conference other than the SEC? You all send your best and we send them home with a nasty ring in their ear and a sore jaw. Roll Tide, it feels good to be going back to where we belong, playing for it all!!!

    3. Since you seem to have such passion Matt…please share with us….you are a __________ fan…as if I didn’t already know.

    4. Dude we might be arrogant but the worst team in the SEC has a harder schedule than Boise State. I think Boise State needs to move up the food chain. I think they are a great up and coming program. But until they can play a schedule that doesnt feature teams like TCU. There is no argument for Boise. Tell your AD to call Nick Saban. And do it when Bama is strong and seasoned. A win or a Tie there would have put Boise in the Championship game this year.

  4. LMAO@ Bozo State and Horse-faced Moore.He played 8 semi-good teams and 45 nobodies in 4 years. He was 5-3 in the only games that mattered.An NFL GM would be a fool to waste a draft pick on him.

  5. Its funny, ignorance really does thrive in the south. Used to be about race (used to? ha) now you have something better, college football.

    I love it. If Boise could be any more BLACK to you people you would string em up on a rope.

    1. Imagine that, someone from somewhere other than the south stereotyping southerners as being stereotypical. Your bigoted comments arent appreciated here, if you feel like lumping people into a category because of their race religion sex or where they live, you should spread that hate with the other bigots who agree with you. By the way Boise still sucks.

  6. I don’t think Boise deserves even the mention of a national title chance, but I do think they deserved better than the Las Vegas bowl. They should be in a BCS bowl this year instead of Michigan. I would love to have seen Boise St. take on Stanford or Ok. State.

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