Wake up Auburn fans. The charade is over. Time to look the truth in the face.

Last night’s 38-point shellacking at the hands of a good but not great Georgia Bulldog football team was the smelling salts you’ve needed to realize what we’ve known all along: You’ve been had.

For the fourth time this season the game was over by the time the fourth quarter began. The Shula years taught Alabama fans how miserable that quarter can be. Now that the Chizik years are upon us, school’s in session for our orange and very blue compadres.

If you want to know the secret, I’ll give it to you. But this is gonna hurt:

Cam Newton was simultaneously the best and worst thing that ever happened to your football program. His brilliance on the field served as perfect camoflauge to what any true student of the game has seen since the beginning of the Gene Chizik regime.

Visit any geriatric center in the state and you’ll bump into dozens of old women who could’ve looked the part as Auburn’s offensive coordinator with #2 behind center. Cam Newton neutralized defenses like few other players in history, requiring constant attention while leaving the rest of the Tiger playmakers on an island.

But now that he’s gone, so are any hopes that Auburn is better than a 7-5 football program.

Look Auburn fan, your football team is soft. Is there a more dangerous place on earth to be than between Onterio McCalebb and the sidelines? He looks for contact the way a fat kid looks for salad.

When your bread and butter on offense is the double-reverse flea flicker tight end throwback…

Or the hurry-up-to-the-line-and-run-another-trick-play-so-the-defense-won’t-be-ready…

Or the squat-down-behind-a-bunch-formation-so-they-don’t-see-your-tiny-runningback-on-the-fumblerooksi…

…you got problems.

Your offense is bush league, and your coaching staff is filled with nimrods more concerned with waving towels, coming up with motivational acronyms and playing to the crowd than actual technique coaching.

When Gene Chizik came to Auburn, some members of the Iowa media found their way onto Birmingham airwaves. Said one such observer, on the Finebaum Radio Network:

“There were times during games when you just had to wonder what in the world was going on (on the Iowa State sidelines).”

You’ve got to hand it to this coaching staff: When they lose, they lose…this season by 14, 24, 35 and 38 points…and counting. But is there ever a time it’s excusable to lose like this?

Yeah, we’ve heard that you’re young. Believe me. But you’re young with top five talent. Two classes of top five talent, to be exact.

In 2007, with a roster full of Mike Shula marshmallow look-alikes, the worst loss Alabama suffered under head coach Nick Saban was by a margin of 7 points. In fact, while we’re on the subject, you’d have to go back 13 years in the Alabama football archives to find a loss that resembles what you’ve been handed several times this season. The Tide lost to Arkansas by 36 and Virginia Tech by 31 in 1998 under our version of Gene Chizik, Mike Dubose. At Alabama we call those kinds of losses anomalies. At Auburn, you call that Saturday.

The Chiz owns losses of 18, 21, 24, 35 and 38 points in his three years, and is just two shy of Saban’s loss record–in a span of five years at Bama–in just three years on the Plains.

So what’s the secret to not getting blown out? How do you patch together a game plan that keeps you in the ballgame with a chance to win it late? Gene Chizik and his band of brothers would sure like to know.

But the worst news for you, Auburn fan, is, you’re stuck with him. And now likely Gus too. Think Malzahnn ever second guesses his decision to turn down $3 Million to take the Vandy job? Like Gilligan, there are only so many opportunities one has to get off the island. But don’t worry Gus…Kiehl Frazier is the answer. Or is it Trotter? Or Moseley? You’re not alone Gus; we don’t know either.

Look, by now, most of you Auburn fans have already hit facebook (again) to announce (again) that no matter what, “you’re proud to be an Auburn Tiger.” But how many times are you going to write that until you start believing it?

When are you going to be able to swallow the fact that you have a 7-5 coaching staff? If that makes you proud, then I’m proud of you. You’ve found a way to be content with mediocrity, and life shouldn’t disappoint you…ever.

But if excellence is an objective, and you don’t want to put your head on your pillow again after being some other team’s piñata, which is happening more frequently than you thought, you should probably cringe every time you see a 2010 National Championship sticker.

You’ve been had, and that one dream season comes as an exchange for a lifetime of 7-5’s.

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163 thoughts on “Auburn fans realize they’ve been had”

      1. Yea but that doesn’t erase that Alabama with Saban couldn’t beat a Louisiana directional school. At 53-10 next year you will still have lost to ULM!

        1. Fail, defined:

          When your only hope is to hold on to one game that happened five years ago this month.

          Hey Flash, how does it feel being your opponents’ prison bitch four times this season? Does the bleeding ever stop?

          1. Considering I’m an LSU fan, I wouldn’t know you dumbass!

            You tell me how it feels being LSU’s prison bitch for the last two seasons?

      2. But hey you can bet on Saban EVERYtime when EVERYthing is on the line. Isn’t that what you posted before the LSU vs Alabama game ITK? FAIL!

        1. I hope Saban and the Ally-Bammer nation puts it all on the line against Houston in this year’s Sugar Bowl. That worked out really well against Utah last time.

          1. At 7-5, how you’ll finish every year under the Chiz, hopefully you’ll be able to buy your way into another meaningless New Year’s Day bowl and pretend like it still means something.

        2. ITK, do you mean a bowl like the Independence or Capital One Bowl like the Tahd played in under Saban in 2007 and 2010?

          1. You mean the year he inherited Coach Sheila’s team yet still never got gang banged by 38, 35, 24 or 14 the way Chiz has with HIS players this season?

            This year Saban will have taken his team to a BCS bowl 3 out of the last 5 years, but all you Auburn tards will remember is 2007.

            If it wasn’t so sad it’d be amazing.

          2. Chiz won a NC in his second year. Saban got Sandusky’d by LA Monroe, Utah, Spurrier, Chiz, and has been owned by Lesticles.

          3. Utah finished #2 that year. LaMonroe was Saban’s 1st year.

            I would be more concerned with stopping the anal bleeding caused by the numerous prison rapes you’ve been on the wrong end of this year.

          1. Your coach wouldn’t have a job had Saban not resurrected your program. But you were too busy pleasuring yourself to your sister’s underwear to notice.

          2. LMAO ITK

            Get Saban’s manhood out of your mouth when you’re trying to talk facts about Miles and Saban.

            First of all Miles’ record at Oklahoma State was better than Saban’s at Michigan State, two comparable programs.

            Second Miles has a better overall winning percentage thatn Saban, and that includes Saban’s 9-2 record while coaching in the little leagues at Toledo.

            Third Miles has a 3-2 record head to head against Saban.

            And don’t give me that shit about Miles winning with Saban’s players because the last two years Miles has beaten Saban with none of “Saban’s players” while Saban had all of his higher ranked players playing at Alabama. So that weak ass shyt doesn’t work anymore.

            Over the last two seasons Miles is 20-2 while Saban is 18-4! Each playing with their own players.

            If anything I think you can say Miles has gotten better since all of Saban’s players are gone and Saban has gotten worse since all of Shula’s players are gone.

    1. Bama’s turn is coming next year Hannah, so I wouldn’t kick a team while they were down if I was you.

      Well let me rephrase that since you are a Bama fan, and say I wouldn’t hit a team while they were down, since we know if you Bama fans tried to kick them you would miss 4 out of 6 times!

      Hey Hannah by the way, LSU is still holding on to that Number 1 ranking you said you were going to take from us on the 5th! Yea I know you’re praying for a rematch. Well at least you’re used to being on your knees.

      And even if bama is LUCKY enough to get a rematch, do you really think you’re could beat LSU in New Orleans when you couldn’t do it at home? Of course you do! LMAO.

      Better get a new kicker before then. Didn’t he miss another one Saturday?

      1. It wasn’t the missed kicks as much as it was the fluke play on the goal line. If the tight end hangs on, LSU loses. You need to be worried about Arkansas. If Arkansas beats LSU, Bama may end up passing you guys.

        And check this out: If Bama wins out, LSU loses to GA in the SEC CG, Oklahoma beats OK St., LSU may not even be in a BCS game.

        1. Congratulations Brando you only used IF three times in that post.

          Even if LSU loses to Georgia in the SEC Championship game in the Georgia Dome,
          the prevailing sentiment, as stated on ESPN last night is that LSU would still go ahead of Alabama based on the fact that it would have beaten the No. 3,4 and 6 currently ranked BCS teams including Alabama head to head. So your only hope is that Arkansas beats LSU at home. And if that happens congratulations, we will be able to say Alabama backed in to the National Championship game, like ya’ll like to say about our 2007 Championship.

          And of course that is only if ya’ll beat Auburn at Auburn! Wouldn’t that be a kick if Bama lost that game. Pun intended. War Eagle!

          1. Yep, Bama very well back into it. Currently, they are 3 in the BCS standings. But of course, you are going to run from any thoughts about a re-match. You do realize how extremely fortunate LSU was to escape with a win the first time. You are smart enough to realize you won’t do it twice. And you really think Auburn is going to beat Bama? You are a dumbass, dumbass, dumbass. I said that three times, too.

          2. I know you think Bama is all that all the time, but I will tell you right now I would much rather play Alabama again with its one dimensional offense than I would Oregon.

            We didn’t play our best against Bama either, if we both play our best, LSU wins, again!

          3. Face it Flash. You do not want Bama again this year.

            If I was told that once by your corndog smelling fans leaving the stadium Nov. 5, I was told a hundred times.

            You and your swamp rot smelling inbred mother breeders do not want Bama again. Face it.

          4. Typical, when you can’t back up your smack talk with facts you go back to calling names, like a little kid!

            Same of shyt you were talking before the LSU game and your weak ass team could not back up your trash talking. Deal with it, you loss!

          5. “Deal with it, you loss?”

            What the heck did that mean?

            Were your tiny little fingers just so mad that you couldn’t type right? Bless your heart! Hope you didn’t just poop your pants again (the way you did when you say Stanford and Boise go down.)

          6. “…when you say Stanford and Boise go down?”

            What the heck did that mean?

            Were your tiny little fingers just so mad that you couldn’t type right? Bless your heart! Hope you didn’t just poop your pants again (the way you did when you saw Alabama go down to LSU again this year.)

      2. Actually we’re getting the #1 kicker in the country. And yes, we look forward to Auburn limping into next year’s Iron Bowl at 7-4, 6-5, etc.

        Go ahead and get your “we’re young” excuses ready. Cam Newton ain’t walking through that door, pal.

        1. LSU is very young and will be better at QB next year. And yes, we look forward to kicking Bama’s ass again in Baton Rouge next year!

  1. A Cult member isn’t going to admit they have been had. It is, “Hey, just wait until next year! All these young players will be better, and Auburn will be contending for another NC!” when it is clear Auburns defense has not been very good during Chiziks entire time as Auburns head coach. They are certain the next “Cam” is Frazier (which it is clear that he is not). Maybe they need to send him to Frans son for a couple of years so he can get some proper coaching. They honestly think that 2010 is going to repeat itself next year.

    1. Brando you are one of the biggest cult members I know! I didn’t hear you admiting you had been had after LSU beat Bama. And you just wait till next year when you lose the best parts of this years team.

      1. ‘Wait til next year’ …. now you sound like an Auburn cult member. Bama had the opportunities to beat LSU soundly, but they didn’t. I still think Bama has the better team. And if you think Bama is going to drop off significantly next year, you need to quit huffing paint. There is still plenty of talent that has gotten meaningful playing time this year coming back. Bama isn’t going away, but LSU just might be.

          1. LSU will be strong again next year, and so will Alabama. Auburn, on the other hand? With Trotter, Moseley and Frazier?


            Oh, I forgot Zeke Pike!


          2. Obviously YOU don’t, if you think Bama is going to fall to 7-5 next year. Are you always such a dumbass? Bama is still loaded, and has another top class in the works. Bama may not have such a great defense next season, but it won’t be Auburn terrible. It will still be a top defense. And Bama’s offense should be better or equal in most positions. Lacy is a really good running back, so is Dee Hart. Duron Carter will be a threat next season. And Bama still has the top recruited secondary recruits from last season playing on the scout team this year. But you go ahead and think what you want. Bama will still be the team to beat in the West along with LSU.

          3. That’s what you said before the first game ITK.

            You were wrong then and you’re wrong now!

            Get over yourself.

          4. You’re terrified. When you saw Stanford and Boise go down in one night, you could taste your own droppings in the back of your throat.

            You don’t want Bama again.

      2. Proof that FLASH is a Fraud.
        How many LSU fans like Auburn? After the chop block. Not too many.
        Go home phoney.

        1. Even in your own words “not too many” means there are some. So if there are some, I could be one of them right? What an idiot you are.

          And by the way amightyidiot, I am home.

  2. Brando- good point. Maybe they will find another Cam somewhere. But from what I have seen the three they have now will not cut it. Has anyone taken a look at Georgia Southern’s roster? I have. Not a very large bunch but from what I have read very quick. We have to get on this team in a hurry. Go “bama,go.

    1. NO passing game – at all. Very predictable game plan. If all they are is fast, then they need to just mail it in and save themselves some injuries. This is Bill Curry’s paycheck bowl – nothing more, nothing less.

        1. The longer you hold on to a loss in Saban’s first year with Shula’s players the more pathetic you appear.

          And that’s saying something. Please continue.

          1. I like LSU. Les Miles has done a great job and frankly is just hard to hate. Plus they’re a peer, not an underling like Frank Chiznik’s Auburn club football team.

          2. Are you really saying Alabama’s players, regardless if they were recruited by Shula or not, were not better than ULM’s Players?

            Alabama’s walkon’s were probably better than most of ULM’s players, so get off the Saban’s first year with Shula’s players, excuse!

          3. You obviously didn’t watch Alabama in 2007; I had the misfortune of watching every game.

            Bama had better players at most positions, but not like they do against virtually every opponent today. The team was made up of a bunch of mentally soft misfits who quit when the going got tough.

            Face it Flash. You don’t want Bama again this year.

          4. You’re fricking kidding me right ITK?

            I didn’t have to watch any game in 2007 to know Alabama had better players at every postion than ULM, except for maybe kicker.

            Are you really trying to say ULM had better players just because they were recurited by Shula? You bama fans really are dellusional.

            If we beat you playing a bad game in your own stadium, I surely don’t have a problem playing you in the Louisiana Superdome, a place we own.

            But hard as it is for your crying ass to beleive, I don’t have a problem playing bama again, I just don’t think you deserve another chance. You had your shot on you own turf and you couldn’t win the game.

            In my opinion Oregon would deserve a rematch over Alabama, because even though the lost on a neutral field, it was a larger LSU crowd than Oregon and they were able to get in the endzone several times scoring 27 points. Alabama could only get inside the 20 yardline once and never could find the endzone.

          5. First of all, not sure what “recurited” means. Or dellusional. Or beleive. If you meant recruited, delusional and believe, then we can proceed.

            Secondly, the real reason you don’t “beleive” Alabama deserves another shot has nothing to do with 27 points. It’s because you’re scared as hell at having to face a defense that totally shut you down for four quarters.

            Tell me flash, when’s the last time LSD couldn’t score a touchdown? You and I both know they wouldn’t do it in New Orleans either, and like your brethren who let it be known leaving the stadium that night they didn’t want any part of Bama, you don’t either.

            But we’re coming, ass hat. And as for the dome, you can have the shit hole. It is a dump. We’ll just take care of you and leave you to your beloved site of numerous rapes and murders during Katrina.

  3. This is a classic and look at all the Butt Hurt AU fans. Can’t Stand the Twooth about the Toothless Fairy.

  4. All you swampers and plainsmen better start worring about Arkey and Samford. And stop thinking about what ‘Bama is going to do. RTR

  5. Hey Flash if we back into a national championship this year we ll give it back if you give your 2 loss championship back also. The Who is a good team but one decade out of a hundred years comes around for a lot of teams

  6. Flash we all know that you want to gloat but you do realize that this thread is about the barn don t you? Also don t you feel alittle gay when you wear purple and gold in public? Unless of course you are female which would make us think other things.

    1. Yea Church I realize that the “article” was about Auburn, but most of the bama fans like ITK, Hannahand Brando were hard to find after the LSU game! Now they have resurfaced talking smack just like they did before the LSU game. They talked a lot of shyt before the LSU game but didn’t man up in the articles about that game after it was over. Now their back talking the same old shyt if they are lucky enough to get a rematch that they don’t deserve any more than Oregon does.

      And to answer your question, no I don’t feel gay at all when I where purple and gold in public, especially if I am anywhere in Alabama. Both are colors of Royalty and of Vikings!

      1. And cross dressing drag queens, of which New Orleans that you “own” are famous for.

        Something tells me you feel right at home there.

        1. ITK,
          I’m not surprised that you know what colors cross dressing drag queens wear. Is that the real reason you want to get to New Orleans so bad?

          I bet all of you cross dresssing drag queens friends also have bigger balls than you displayed by hiding from this site for almost a week after your bama team couldn’t back up all the shit that came out of your mouth the two weeks leading up to the LSU game!

          Now here you are talking smack about Auburn, who owns Alabama over the last 10 years, and talking more shit that now some how as if by magic your team would be able to beat LSU if only they got lucky enough to get another chance when you couldn’t beat them in your own back yard!

          Did bama get a new field goal kicker since LSU beat you? I guess not, didn’t he miss one against Moo State also?

          You’re all talk ITK!

  7. I love how this blog post glosses over the youth and inexperience of this year’s AU team. Auburn started the season with 6 returning starters, has the youngest team in the nation, and has one of the most difficult schedules… if not the most difficult schedule. Let’s not also forget that AU only had 75 scholarship players in the spring. Most of you guys predicted AU would have a losing season based on these facts. Yet now that AU has exceeded you predictions and those of most sports analysts, you act as though they are doing worse. Frankly, although there are some ignorant AU fans complaining right now, most rational fans recognize the coaches are doing a great job and the future is bright.

    1. Well DES if you would learn to use the reply button we would know what post you are talking about you ignorant illiterate moron.

      1. I hope I sit near you in New Orleans. Or will you be cowering in your mom’s house (where you live) with your big bad laptop?

        1. Oh big talk just like the two weeks before LSU beat Alabama. Your ass and your team can’t back up your mouth ITK, just like on Nov. 5th.

          What you going to do go get new kickers and kick returners real quick in case you get lucky enough to back int the championship game? All you had to do was win the game right there in your own back yard and you wouldn’t have to be worshiping the hogs for two weeks in a row. I’ll bet you’re practicing you pig sooie cheer right now! LMAO

          You’ve got to get to New Orleans before you can sit next to me azzhole.

          Your team should have beat up on Miss State a little more Saturday. If they beat Arkansas this Saturday your screwed because then even if Arkansas does get lucky and beat LSU you still lose the tie breaker.

          Miles>Saban it doesn’t matter when we play again, this year or next. We don’t give a shyt, like the honey badger!

        2. I’ll be there, just like I was in Bryant Denny Stadium to watch your team and coach lose that game, but I doubt seriously that you will be.

          But hey even if you’re not at the game you can still come to New Orleans with all you cross dressing drag queen friends, you little fairy you.

  8. Someone else posted the following on another site and I thought it summed up this year perfectly:

    If you need a scapegoat for this year don’t blame the coaches OR players.. blame the faulty evaluation and recruiting job done by Tubs and staff after 2007. There is a reason why we are the youngest team in D1. When the few 4 and 5 stars you get don’t have the grades, character or real talent to play: Grey, Taikwon Page, Reggie Taylor, J. Travis, and C. Henderson)and the others primarily aren’t D1 caliber players you are in deep trouble – eventually. We basically lost the entire 2008 recruiting season – only Adams, Bell, Neiko, McCalebb, Todd, E. Smith and Trotter ever started – and one half of the 09 season – only CTT’s Lutz, Moseley, Freeman, Sullen, Stallworth and Evans have started. It is easily eqivalent to losing 20 scholarships in 08 and a dozen in 09. It is a miracle what CGC and staff have been able to do.

  9. Fyi you do realize that only 11 players can be on the field for the offense or defense don’t you? So that leaves 64 players standing on the side line per play! Count the two deep on both sides of the ball and that leaves upwards of 31 players not seeing action… bottom line is that even with all of the “top 5” talent that awbarn has they haven’t even been competitive in either of their 4 double digit losses! Face it man the chizik era has already started cominf to an end even in the wake of the most controversial nc in college football history!!! Its ok we all know! And flash go sit on a corn dog and spin! I’ve heard you were the ten year old that got sanduskied and turned to corn dogs when he broke it off with you a couple years ago!

    1. Truth to even make jokes about the kids that were victims in that whole ordeal shows what a low class fan base Alabama has. What if I was one of those kids, do you think that give you the right to joke about it? YOU are the type that permits that type of immoral behavior to go on.

      Bama fans = low class.

      1. If you cared anything about those kids it would make the self-serving comment you just made acceptable.

    1. Fat you must be a stupid azz illeriate also. Talk about Auburn all you want, as an LSU fan why the hell should I care or get my feelings hurt? We beat the shyt out of them.

      1. HA! It’s priceless when someone can’t spell “illiterate” and yet accuses someone else of being one.

        illeriate? Really Flash? Is that a word from some other language? Or maybe a cajun word for alligator balls? Ya’ll eat those too?

  10. lsu does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating the razorbacks – ark will have all day to throw the ball all over the place

    1. Just like WV threw the ball all over the place but still got routed, right?

      You show your ignorance when you make a statement like that hannah.

    1. Just like you were telling everybody Alabama would beat LSU and take our number one ranking, right Hannah?

      1. Flush, admit it. When you saw Stanford and Boise go down Saturday night you took a huge dump in your pants. Admit it.

        You don’t want any part of Alabama again, and talking trash is the only way you can hide your fear.

        You. Want. No. Part. Of. Bama.


        1. What fear, LSU beat you on you OWN home field!

          Maybe you didn’t come out from under your rock and you don’t realize that.

          We weren’t scared to go into your house and beat you despite all the bullshit talk coming out of bama about how much better they were, how bama was going to beat us by three scores, right Hammah, and how over rated we were and the teams we had beaten were.

          How much shit was talked about how we only beat Miss. State 19-6, when they still had a lot to play for. Yet Alabama was only beating State by 17-7 with 1:20 left to go in the game before they go a last minute touchdown thanks to Miss. St. calling a time out before that play.

          Hey Crimsonite how about all the bullshit you talked about LSU scoring a last minute touchdown against Tenn. and you said Saban would never do that. Well we all know now you don’t know shit either just like ITK.

          Alabama has beaten only one good team all year.

          LSU will play anybody anywhere and beat them in their own house like we did Bama! Why the hell would they fear playing you in New Orleans?

          But hey keep telling yourself that ITK if it makes you feel better about yourself and team. LMAO

  11. Cmon now flash, you are showing your age son, what’s with all the name calling? Coming from a sophisticated educated man of the world such as yourself. Azz?

    1. Just speaking the language spoken on this site fat_die. If its over your head take it up with your fellow gumps.

      1. Flush, admit it. When you saw Stanford and Boise go down Saturday night you took a huge dump in your pants. Admit it.

        You don’t want any part of Alabama again, and talking trash is the only way you can hide your fear.

  12. Us illiterate inbred rednecks can’t comprehend all that 5 th grade lingo you are throwing around so loosely.

  13. west va is a nothing compared to arkansas …wv over 500 yds vs lsu ….lsu pulled out a ko return to escape morgantown

    1. Well lets see hannah, ya’ll beat Arkansas by three touchdowns on your home field, we beat ya’ll on your home field. Arkansas should be no problem in our house.

      Even if you are stupid enough to think we escaped because “we pulled out a ko return to escape morgantown”, why couldn’t we pull out another one against them?

      If WV is nothing compared to Arkansas then we should have no problem beating a team at home that bama beat so bad, since we were good enough to beat bama on your home field.

      1. Flush, admit it. When you saw Stanford and Boise go down Saturday night you took a huge dump in your pants. Admit it.

        You don’t want any part of Alabama again, and talking trash is the only way you can hide your fear.

        You want no part of Alabama.

  14. the big money at kickoff was on bama which surprised me thus fixed for lsu….bama will prove to be better team

  15. Flush, admit it. When you saw Stanford and Boise go down Saturday night you took a huge dump in your pants. Admit it.

    You don’t want any part of Alabama again, and talking trash is the only way you can hide your fear.

    You. Want. No. Part. Of. Bama.


  16. Flush, admit it. When you saw Stanford and Boise go down Saturday night you took a huge dump in your pants. Admit it.

    You don’t want any part of Alabama again, and talking trash is the only way you can hide your fear.

    You. Want. No. Part. Of. Bama.


    Mention LaMonroe again!

    Les Miles lost to Ole Miss!!!!!

    Head to head, LaMonroe beats Ole Miss 10 times out of 10.


    1. Hannah weren’t you the one guaranteeing that Bama would beat LSU by three scores?

      Enough said, that shows how much you know!

      Ask yourself this if AJ had all night and day to throw the ball, why did he play so bad and miss all those wide open recievers that sent Saban into a rage? If he had all night and day to throw the ball why did he only complete 4 passes more than 5 yards down the field.

      If he played that bad without any pressure all night, what will happen next time if he gets any pressure on him?

      If you everybody is only made up of gumps then maybe you’re right.

  19. MOST LSU fans are scared shitless to play Alabama again and who can blame them. How many TD’s did LSU score again?! Alabama will destroy them in the rematch

    1. I agree, and so do they. They are praying to their pagan gods every night that Okie State beats the Sooners, which hardly ever happens.

      If Oklahoma wins, that sound you hear will be diarhea hitting the toilets in every bathroom in the state of Louisiana.

    2. To answer your question they scored one more touchdown than Alabama did, but it was called back because of a penalty.

      Alabama can’t even say that so what’s your point moron?

      In addition to that they got inside Alabama’s 5 yard line one more time than Alabama got within LSU’s 15 yard line.

  20. Is just fukked the livin shit out that Honey Badger woo wee he spit on my cock and I sanduskied his ass, mmmhmm sho nuff did, now I climb back on mys oil rig

  21. Gene Chizik is a superior coach to little bald headed nickie. Saban wouldn’t win three games with the youth Auburn has this year. Oh yeah, bama won’t play for the championship this year no matter what happens. Saban choked at home. Someone needs to inform that idiot that special teams is also part of the game. What an idiot! WAR EAGLE BITCHES!

    1. Saban has never coached a losing season, ever. And he has been coaching a lot longer than Chizik, who started head coaching as a loser, and will go out as a loser.

  22. The only advantage LSU has over Alabama is the kicking game, plain and simple…any football fan who saw those two teams play realized that Alabama left more points on the board than LSU. If I was an LSU fan, I would want to play Alabama again to prove that the lack of a kicking game for the Tide wasn’t the only reason the Tigers won. All of the trash talk is meaningless…neither LSU or Alabama got into the endzone. LSU ran the option with some success but Alabama continued to pound Richardson right down the Tigers throat and succeeded, just didn’t get enough carries when it mattered most.

  23. Does anybody think that Alabama or Auburn would bring back a player like Jefferson after what happened this year?

  24. Gene Chizik or Ted Roof? Who is responsible for the Auburn defense? The inability to play physical football on either side of the ball should be enough to get rid of this guy. Being an Alabama fan, it’s pretty easy to take shots at Auburn, but the lack of effort and strength ALMOST makes me feel bad for the fans. How many seniors does LSU start on defense? Yeah that’s what I thought.

  25. Garrard– come on dude, at least try to act objective. No way in hell that lying piece of shit Chizik any better than Saban you cock sucking pussy allergic fool

  26. Flash is starting to sound like a broken record,but I like hearing things over and over again. So play it again flash.

  27. LSU is the best team in college football history. I also eat peanuts out of other dudes assholes

  28. Damnit, where is flash? I want to hear more about LSU and Auburn. And Les Miles and how awesome Louisiana is and how Alabama is nothing but inbred red necks and how.muxh je hates Hammah, and how fat I am. I MISS IT ALREADY!

  29. Hgb,

    It actually doesn’t anymore because like Punt ‘Bama Punt and Halley’s Comet it only happens once every 25-30 yrs against a GOOD BAMA TEAM unlike our annual ass kickings of Auburn

  30. What kind of an excuse is Youth? Did a bama fan really question someone elses excuse? Lets look back over the last 20+ years at the excuses used by bama fans.

    bear died
    Perkins is not the bear
    Curry is not the bear
    dubose is not the bear
    fran is not the bear
    fulmer cheats
    shula is not the bear (or even tuberville)
    Auburn cheats
    still suffering from probation
    Cam Newton was paid

    So yeah i think Auburn fans saying that the football team is the youngest in the nation with one of the toughest schedules is a really good reason to have the record they have. Auburn has done better than any one predicted they would including the idiots that write on this site. You also gotta love the bammers “wait till next time” battle cry they use every single time they get their ass kicked. LSU beat your ass in every way you can beat a football team. Out coached, Out played, Out physical, Out hustled, and the list goes on and on. No ITK LSU doesnt want to see bama again…..They want to play a team that deserves to play for the National Title.

  31. ITKiS a B:

    Blah Blah Blah Blah. Funny how you didn’t include Stallings or Saban in that drivel who are actually 2 good coaches Bama had/has..And what was Stallings record against AU? Try 5-2 dingleberry! Most telling in your comments was how LSU just “kicked Alabama’s ass in every way?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahaha
    LSU scored HOW MANY TD’s?! 0
    AU beat UA by HOW MANY points in 2010?! 1

    YOU DUMB AZZ TOOL. Mel Kiper, JR and others are already forecasting a rematch so DEAL WITH IT


  32. ITKisAbytch made a good point and all you could come back with is name calling? LSU scored 1 TD that was called back, And would have had another in OT if not for the LSU player’s pinky toe touching the sideline. Now how mant did bama score? To answer Your other question Auburn beat bama by 1 point. Cant say I blame you for trying to forget that choke job saban did on national television. Whats funny is even if bama finishes with with a 1 loss record and auburn finishes with 5 losses they will end up with the very same awards/cash. They both will get a POS trophy from a meaningless bowl and the ENTIRE sec will split the pot when it comes to bowl money. Only if nicky could muster up a winning record against the big boys in the SEC West over his career. Nick only being able to win 2 BIG games since coming to bama doesnt help things either, But as you said thats 80% coaching.

  33. Capstoner:

    That last part makes no sense at all. A winning record against SEC West?? He’s won MOST of the games that have mattered including the 2008 curb stomping of AU, and ALL games in 2009. Saban isn’t perfect, but he’s built an entire PROGRAM at 2 SEC schools while Chizik won with a 1 man CAM last yr. That success was luck and will never be duplicated by that sock puppet

  34. lsu has 0 sec west titles when bama is not damaged by probation…when bama normal strength has 7

    1. Well Hannah it seems like maybe Alabama shouldn’t do shit to get damaged by probation so often, and you would be even greater than you think you are! LMAO

  35. Southern Cal 2003 National Champions – both polls had USC #1 at end of regular season = LSU beat OK coming off a KState blow out and won by a td…SO CAL beat Michigan by 2 tds …..Both polls if free to vote for who they felt was the National Champion would have voted for USC unanimously

    1. Arkansas 1964 National Champions! Arkansas goes undefeated and beats Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl. Alabama loses to Texas in the Sugar Bowl, and even though Arkansas was undefeated and had beaten Texas in the regular season, the AP names Alabama its national champion (before the bowl game). And Alabama fans claim that as one of their National Champions! What a joke. Every poll if free to have voted for who they felt was the National Champion after the bowl games would have voted for Arkansas unanimously!

      But you still claim that don’t you Hannah? LMAO

  36. FLASH,

    AU didn’t even go to a bowl game when they won the National in ’57, so I guess they should give back their AP crown which was rewarded prior to bowl game? Call South Bend and tell them to give back the 1966 Notre Dame NC because they didn’t go to bowl games prior to ’68. Oh, and tell them you’re a Cajun LSU fan and see what response you get. The AP awarded titles prior to the bowl games from 1936-64, and 1966 (Notre Dame) you moron

    1. RC- Give it up. The Flash know’s everything and you can’t tell him or Vol anything. Going to Temple in a few to watch the game. RTR

  37. wrong in 64 nc decided before exhibition games like bowl games = so joe namath did not start if game means anything he starts – he comes in and scores td per world including all refs but one all tex players…..if games meant anything bama wins in orange not sugar

  38. correct and lsu should be able to do something when bama is at normal strength – maybe this yr but can’t depend on the cajun chokers – lsu when in sec hunt throughout 80s lost every yr to a MISS team

    1. But who has lost to LSU the last two years? And who choked on Nov. 5th of this year? Bama thats who!

  39. Bama won 66 NC – nd got the vote on the pope allegiance – same in 77 when the purdue coach put bama 18ish costing bama the coaches nc…..Reality NC Bama 66 77

  40. Bama co champs with army in 45 – bama beats usc bad in rose bowl and then rose bowl says no more alabama

  41. I know Flash is an idiot, but I will continue to correct him and school him when the opportunity presents itself

    1. RC LSU was ranked No. 1 before they came to Tuscalooser. You and some of your gump friends said you were going to correct that when we came and played ya’ll on your home field in front of 100K bama fans.

      You didn’t correct it did you? Now you’re going to say you’re going to correct it if you get another chance, why should anybody believe you are going to correct anything based on your track record?

      You better worry about correcting yourself and your own team before you worry about correcting anybody else! LMAO

      1. Looks like Bama will have the chance to correct it in the last game. It isn’t over yet, dickhead.

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