The Tuscaloosa News reported that Alabama football player Brent Calloway was arrested for “second-degree possession of marijuana at 12:45 a.m. in the 900 block of Paul Bryant Drive, near Bryant-Denny Stadium.” (Source)

According to his official Alabama bio, Calloway was “a consensus four-star prospect who joins the Crimson Tide as a running back after an outstanding senior season that saw him run for 1,974 yards and 29 touchdowns … participated in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl … the No. 1 prospect in the state according to and the nation’s No. 38 overall prospect … No. 140 in the ESPNU 150 and No. 4 on The Birmingham News Super Senior list.” (Source)

53 thoughts on “REPORT: Alabama football player arrested for marijuana possession”

  1. really? the lsu players getting suspended wasnt some kind of clue that its not a great idea to be a football player and get high? Kick him off the team

  2. Hey Mandy you street corner slut, seems to me like you stupid motherphuckers were about to have multiple orgasms a few months ago when he decided to leave us and sign with you. Too Gaddamn bad he didn’t! Nope, you can’t kick him. Everybody deserves at least one chance. It was decided to let him play RB – the position he wanted because we were thin there after the defections and injury to Dee Hart. But now with 4 outstanding RB’s we don’t need him and he is redshirted unless he becomes neccessary. So it’s kind of hard to sit him when he doesn’t play. So I’m assuming he will get a invite to CNS’s torture chamber after which he’ll come out a changed man or get his walking papers. Hope he uses his head! And let those cast the first stone who have never smoked a joint or been drunk or for that matter sped or ran a red light in their entire lives. MARYJUWEENIE ‘aint exactly Crack or Heroin you know. RTR!

    1. Now that last statement I must agree with you Crimsonite. A player getting caught with some illegal substance is really no big deal right? After all, there are other things in Tuscaloosa right now that will make this a forgotten issue.

      1. FBJ, WTF are you talking about? You just need to keep an eye on the thug culture on the plains, buddy. Saban is perfectly capable of policing his own. His record is that repeat offenders are removed from the team, but everyone gets a chance to do better.
        And you better keep an eye on Dyer, or you may find out that glass houses are built on the plains, too.

        1. Auburn is clean, didnt you hear? You worry about all that cheating and drug use at your school buddy. Bunch of damn degenerate drug users and cheaters.

          1. “Bunch of damn degenerate drug users and cheaters.”, says the Auburn Fan.

            Now that is funny!

    2. “MARYJUWEENIE ‘aint exactly Crack or Heroin you know. RTR!”

      Typical response from a BAMMER MORON!

    3. “And let those cast the first stone who have never smoked a joint or been drunk or for that matter sped or ran a red light in their entire lives. MARYJUWEENIE ‘aint exactly Crack or Heroin you know.” – Crimsonite

      Crimsonite you big fat friggin hypocrite! You sure were casting plenty of stones at the LSU players, coach and program just a couple of days ago! You sure are singing a different song now. Funny you didn’t say anything like this about the LSU players! Get used to eating your words, you may need the practice in a couple of weeks.

      1. No you ignorant bastard, I was not throwing stones at the three players who got suspended for drugs. I was throwing stones at Miles program which has hatched a team full of phucking thugs recently. And smoking a joint is not even in the ballpark with trying to injure a person by repeatedly kicking him while he is on the ground. The only thing about the LSU players and drugs is their supreme stupidity for not just using something as dangerous as fake marijuana, but getting caught too. RTR!

        1. …their supreme stupidity for not just using something as dangerous as fake marijuana” – Just read that statement and ask your self who defines supreme stupidity. Those players probably can make more sense and better sentences stoned than you obviously can you ignorant moron!

  3. What say you Bammer Morons about this incident?

    This Bammer player fits the THUG category, which is pretty much the entire Bammer team!

    1. I say you’ll be lucky to enter the Red Zone tomorrow, hillbilly. Prepare for a beating of Rodney King proportions tomorrow jerk bait.

      1. I dont do this often, but Im gonna agree with ITK here. The Vols are not man enough to beat Bama.

        1. FBJ, you must be smoking what Calloway was. Not often we find ourselvs on the same sidelines. Weird.

    2. The Bama thugs are going to still tear your VOL team a new one. The kid will either shape up, or transfer to another school. It is obvious that this Bama team has much discipline and talent, and represent the school with class. But since they have beat your teams ass so much, thats all you can do is call them names? Bama already has your coaches pissing in their pants. I bet you quit watching the game before halftime, Idiot Vol.

    3. Go phuck yourself you retarded cum sucker. A joint and robbing half of phucking Knoxville at gunpoint is slightly different.Ddon’t want to read you retarded shyt. You’re irrelevant. We don’t care. Volunqueers die today in T-Town. RTR!

  4. Dumb. Now will Mathieu be kicked off of LSU?

    It’ll be interesting to contrast how both coaches handle this one. But if I were wearing Crimson, I wouldn’t give Saban an easy way to free up a roster spot. Brent, you just did.

  5. Anybody that goes along with that kinda shit is a pos and diserves to be shot down. Not only have I never touched that shit. Ive never smoked..drinked..drunked in my entire life. Im as close to perfect as you can get and I dont mind bragging about it. This girl does no wrong. As for that brent trash. Now we know why he went bammer trash way cuz he and all other athletes knows Chiz will toss your ass at a drop of a hat. Ask that bunch of four idiots he tossed a few months ago. lol..Its your up bringing..Trash parents and what not..Especially blacks. Most of them are always in trouble and end up in prison. Now our players has gotta deal with that baton rouge trash this wkend. That dump is full of drugs..etc.and the sooner we get outta there win or lose the better. saban probably smoked pot with em. I wouldnt be a bit surprised. If he didnt brent would be long gone.All you updyke trash GL in Lee County next month leaving town alive. Go Tigers War Eagle

    1. ‘Mandi does no wrong.’ then proceeds to show her Auburn racist roots. I hope LSU stomps the piss out of Auburn tomorrow.

      1. You aint too big for your wants to hurt you Brando hahaha. Auburn will win 24-17. Remember that….

        1. “Auburn will win 24-17. Remember that….”

          Good prediction……You were close on that one! LOL!

        2. FBJ, you give Auburn too much credit. Your wants are out weighing your common sense. Bama beats Auburn by 30.

          1. And it wasn’t just piss LSU stomped out of Auburn either. That was as humiliating as it could get. Auburn quit, and every one of their QBs are terrible.

    2. I attend Auburn and even I hate you Mandi. Shut up with your racist and ignorant garbage.
      ” Im as close to perfect as you can get and I dont mind bragging about it.”


      I’m actually agreeing with the bama comments about you being a whore, a racist, etc.

    3. Mandi, (or is it Mandy).
      There is only one race and that is the human race.
      Everytime I look back to home, I see positive changes and a world were people can be judged by thier character and thier actions instead of the color skin they were born with. And then some Half wit like you comes along and disgraces the rest of us .If you catagorize people in those terms you are a sad person. . The rest of us pity you and will be praying that God gives you a heart that is capable of love beyond skin color or financial placement on the pecking order. .
      Have a nice day.

    4. Shut up bitch you are embarrassing us Auburn fans. You just might need to smoke a joint yourself. What the hell kind of person would want the kid off the team without a second chance? I’d be more concerned with the stupid manner in which he was caught than the fact that he smoked a litte weed. Not ever taking a drink or a toke doesn’t make you a good person. In your case it just makes you an ignorant bitch AND no fun at all. The guy deserves a second chance. He’s from our state and he almost came to Auburn for crying out loud. He doesn’t deserved to have his whole fucking life taken away for some dumb shit he did one night. War Eagle and please don’t tell anyone you are an Auburn fan

  6. Mandi, I guess you are still a “cherry girl” also. You might not have did all the things you listed above but one thing for sure you are- a dope!

  7. Jesus Christ, concerning Mandingo the 25 cent whore – just when I thought even a rock couldn’t be more stupid, uneducated and unable to type a correct sentence much less spell a word – FBJ comes along and predicts Aubie is gonna beat LSWho in Baton Rough. You motherphuckers are hilarious! If you think the Barnturds are gonna beat LSWho in Baton Rouge then you stupid phuckers must think you’re gonna curb stomp Bama in Jordan Hare! Bwaa haww haww! Tell you what – how about I spot you 14 and we put $10,000 on it? RTR!

  8. BB calling someone racists while ITK PROUDLY uses the Rodney King beating as an example……Pot meet Kettle (No pun intended BC lol)

    1. You don’t think what Mandyke said was racist? Have you seen me post ANYTHING on here that was remotely racist? Get your facts straight when you make comparisons, and you won’t look like an idiot. Wait, you being an idiot, and Mandyke being an idiot, I see the connection. Don’t you guys root for Auburn?

    1. Fine, I would rather be an idiot than a racist anyday. And if you give me the choice I would rather live one day as a believer in humankind than 200 years as a hate filled, envious racist.

      1. But the thing is, Madyke is an idiot and a racist, plus an Auburn fan. She must get picked on a lot.

  9. Look”s like Brent is going to be running some steps in Bryant Denny next week..Hate to hear this for Brent tho,he could help this team in the future.This is really going to hurt this kid if he does not get his act right ..Well good luck kid and just hold your head high and keep on stepping and pratice hard..Everyone makes mistakes..Son if you really want to play ball play hard then and leave the smoke alone.RTR

    1. He should know that Nick Saban’s doghouse does not have a revolving door. As a matter of fact it is more like a roach motel.

  10. For the record, I believe Mandi’s racist comment was despicable. I’ll apologize for her on behalf of Auburn. She does not reflect the views of Auburn.

  11. Hey Crimsonite and BamaBrando I know I’ve told ya’ll at least a couple of times on here that people who live in glass houses should not start a rock war! Are you enjoying eating your words?! LMAO

    October 19, 2011 at 6:03 pm
    What the phuck kind of program is the retard running over there? … Damn, where do they get their recruits from – Rikers Island or the Parchman Farm?

    October 20, 2011 at 6:38 am # Of course, Flash won’t comment here. Just the other day he was talking about all those Bama players that have been ‘arrested’ and allowed to play. Saban is just one corrupt dude and all that.

    Looks like LSU has a thug as a QB and drug addicts for star players. Tell me Flash, you think that is the proper way to make a championship run? Watch Saban. He will show you guys how to do it the right way, again. He has shown you twice already.

  12. almightytmc1
    October 20, 2011 at 4:38 am # But then again, if he doesnt suspend them for a minute and he is paying them a fortune to play and buying thier friggin’ dope for them, what is the NCAA gonna do about it? Not a damn thing,

    And is Saban paying this guy and buying his friggin dope for him? Or are you just another Bama hypocrite?

  13. Unlike Miles and LSWho, Saban will suspend Brent for the rest of the year. And Bama doesn’t have assholes trying to kill someone by kicking them in the head while they’re on the ground. You have other problems going on also. That is why I ask what the hell kind of program is Miles running anyway. Didn’t say the drugies don’t deserve a second chance, but caught using any kind of drug they damn sure deserve more than a 1 game suspension. RTR!

    1. No I never said drugies don’t deserve a second chance, I didn’t say anything remember, it was you and BamaBrando that ran off at the mouth when the LSU players were suspended and then had to eat your words two days later!

  14. Don’t blame her racism on Auburn. She’s just a racist….period. I’d imagine she didn’t go to Auburn or any other college judging by her poor grammar and spelling.

    Racism comes from ignorance and that is seen in fans of all kinds. It’s a shame that fans lacking intelligence and class give all of the teams they pull for a bad name.

    Any player from any team needs to lose their scholarship for this sort of bad behavior. A zero tolerance policy will stop this kind of nonsense.

    1. No it won’t. A zero tolerance policy will just ruin the lives of a lot of kids who make a mistake. Many of see guys have no other chance of attending college if ey didn’t have an athletic scholarship. They deserve a second chance. And sometimes a third or fourth. They committed to the universities best interest and the university needs to commit to theirs. The school shouldn’t just cast them off whEn they make a mistake

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