The Associated Press broke major news today as it obtained a confidential document outlining the reasoning for Missouri to join the SEC or stay in the Big 12. The AP described the document as 45 pages covering the “pros and cons of leaving the Big 12 Conference for the SEC.” You can read the AP report here.

According to the AP, “The report suggests Missouri could earn $17.16 million in Big 12 TV money in fiscal year 2012, compared to $19.25 million from an SEC deal. It also envisions a far bigger ‘per member share potential’ should a larger SEC – with millions of more eyeballs in Texas and the Midwest – renegotiate its top-tier TV rights — up to $12 million more per year.”

This $12 million number is within the range of numbers already under speculation for a new SEC television contract. One report already suggested SEC schools could earn as much as $25-30 million per year under new television deals with CBS and ESPN. (See story on television deal here.)

The reason for such optimism?

The AP story cited above provides the thinking of many involved in conference realignment: “‘There are 33 million reasons’ to join the SEC, said a second university official who had reviewed the report, citing the number of television households in the SEC’s reach.”

This is the driving force in conference realignment.

Does anyone honestly think Missouri would get a better deal from the Big 12?

And, even if Mizzou gets a better deal from the Big 12, could Missouri trust Texas and Oklahoma? Even that 45-page document covered the trust issue. According to the AP, “The document refers to unspecified ‘stability/relationships/trust’ issues with the Big 12.”

Whenever you hear trust issues and the Big 12, all eyes focus on Texas.

Does Missouri really want to spend the next decade dealing with all this Texas drama?

There are $12 million reasons not to put up with Texas for another year.

5 thoughts on “REPORT: Missouri expects major payday if it joins SEC; projections of SEC TV deal yearly take reaching $30 million per school”

  1. Phuck Missouri! All they care about is the money, and their heart is in the Big 10. We need another top notch school like aTm who wants to come to the SEC regardless of issues. Who wants to come with the pride of joining the best. Who presses to join us, not hem and haw and procrastinate and offers alms and prayers hoping the phucking Big 10 will reconsider them. Phuck Missouri! RTR!

  2. DEAR GOD,

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SPARE US MISSOURI and allow our focus to go somewhere else. That hodgepodge of liberalism is everything that is wrong with society today. PLEASE LET THE BIG 10 GRAB THEM, PLEASE!!


  3. No one cares about Mizzou, except Mizzou. If they are so great, why hasn’t the SEC extended the invitation? Perhaps it is because they bring lousy teams and an indifferent fanbase. I think the Big 12 should kick them to the curb for stirring up this mess in the first place.

    Bring on BYU, West Virgina, and Louisville.

    Go Tigers…..ASAP.

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