The Big 12 Conference announced some changes today. The conference invited Texas Christian University (TCU) and announced an agreement on a six-year grant of television rights; however, the real story is that Missouri abstained from voting both actions. The official Big 12 press releases are included below.

First, the Big 12 authorized expansion. The release: “Acting upon a unanimous recommendation of its expansion subcommittee, the Big 12 Conference Board of Directors has authorized negotiations with Texas Christian University to become the Conference’s 10th member, and instructed interim commissioner Chuck Neinas to immediately begin discussions with TCU.

“The action of the Board was without dissent. On the advice of legal counsel, The University of Missouri did not participate in the vote.” (Source)

Next, the Big 12 authorized a grant of television rights, and the conference limited the appearance of high school football games, highlights and scores on the Longhorn Network. Here is the release: “The Big 12 Conference Board of Directors agreed to a formal grant of television rights for a minimum of six years during a teleconference today. The approval by the Board was unanimous; however the University of Missouri did not participate in the vote on the advice of legal counsel.

“Interim commissioner Chuck Neinas was authorized by the Board to immediately distribute legal documents for institutional execution. An earlier vote related to equal revenue distribution becomes effective upon the formal assignment of rights by all institutions. The Board did not set a deadline but indicated a desire to expedite the approval process.

“The grant of rights was included in a joint resolution proposed by both the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas. In addition to the grant of television rights for at least a six-year period, the proposal included agreements related to high school content and access to football games for institutional third-tier telecast packages.

“Specifics of the resolution included an agreement that during the term of the grant of rights: there will be no changes related to current or future primary television rights agreements or Conference bylaws, rules or policies related to member institution branded outlet rights; Conference bylaws will reflect that no member institution branded outlet will show high school games or highlights, noting that it is permissible pursuant to NCAA interpretation to use scores, standings and statistics of high school games; and, that additional games beyond the one member institution retained football game for telecast purposes must be approved by both institutions and both Conference telecast partners.” (Source)

12 thoughts on “SEC Expansion: Missouri abstains from Big 12 votes on expansion and TV rights”


    1. When the time comes, the SEC will vote unanimously to accept Missouri.

      The story circulating today is nothing more than some people pushing an agenda.

      We wouldn’t be at this point without Slive having the votes to do what he wants.

    1. less miles – absolute fact when asked about jefferson getting booed… the fans should take into consideration jefferson’s charge reduced to misdemeanor and most of the fans that booed has had their own misdemeanors and run-ins with the e law and their punishment was less than what jefferson had to suffer for his misdemeanor

  2. Even if Mizzou coes abord to make the SEC 14, i would be very suprised if 2 “East” teams were added over the next couple of years. My vote would go to West Virginia and Clemson.

    GO VOLS!

  3. I say to hell with a Mizzou invite — it brings NOTHING — at LEAST get Florida State or Virginia Tech —- mix up the west and east — jeez — lets get some teams with some “clout” — forget about the TV ratings in Missouri/S. Illinois === not like it’s a “hotbed” for recruiting either …

  4. Mizzou is a good place to rrecruit. Kansas City, and St louis are fair markets and it will make it much easier for Nick Saban to walk in and cherry pick at least one or 2 top tier recruits a year. Oh yeah. I like it. Coup of the century? Oklahoma and Va Tech. that would assure the SEC being the “IT” conference for the next 20 years. It is gauranteed every top line recruit from east of the Rocky mountains would be looking good and hard to play in the SEC first. And EVERY SEC school would be upgrading while the other conferences got weaker.

    1. That’s the thing — I would like Oklahoma — but OU is scared to come to the SEC because they know it would be much, excuse me, MUCH harder to get the NC BCS berth than playing in the PAC-12 which would be a cake walk for them — sucks as a fan — makes sense as an AD.

      As far as Virginia Tech — they SHOULD come to the SEC — because obviously – they are not ruling the ACC year in and year out like people thought they would during the “Vick” years.

  5. We need to forget about Mizzou. They are a leftist University and they are too wishy washy. They still want in the Big 10 after they got bitchslapped last year. They are too different from the rest of the SEC and would only weaken the close knit atmosphere we have here. We got a hell of a school with aTm. A school who wanted to be here and bucked their whole conference to come. Let’s wait a while and see who else breaks loose in this fiasco that has come upon us. RTR!

    1. I have to admit the Aggies did give the middle finger to the Big 12 unlike Mizzou who is taking an extreme conservative approach — especially by “abstaining” the other day —

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