Houston Nutt is a great coach and an honorable man. If he says something was fishy about the recruitment of a football player, you can take his word for it. He would know. He has coached in the SEC for a long time. However, Auburn’s mouthpiece Phillip Marshall penned an attack piece on Houston Nutt. (Source: Nutt ought to be ashamed)

Unlike some of the shady men in the business, Nutt is above reproach. Sure he oversigns, but everybody in the SEC does that.

Would anyone say most coaches on the Auburn staff are above reproach? After all, Auburn is under a massive and continued NCAA investigation of recruiting practices. Auburn has the NCAA’s attention and not Ole Miss. It was Auburn’s Gene Chizik that got bitch slapped by the NCAA’s director of enforcement during the SEC’s Spring Meetings.

Calling Houston Nutt a whiner is a disgusting tactic employed by Auburn’s biggest suck-up sports propagandist. Nutt had the courage to raise his voice against the wrongs of college football. He is now under attack from Auburn’s lunatic fringe led by Marshall.

It won’t work.

Everyone knows that the more venomous the attack on the messenger, then the more truthful the claim. Auburn sent out its biggest media puppet to smear one of the best men in the business. What does that tell you?

Marshall opined, “Because Nutt said Whitehead told him ‘it was business,’ there are now those implying that something must have been wrong in his recruiting.”

I wonder why!

Oh yeah, Auburn was associated with Cam Newton. You know Cam’s father Cecil Newton shopped his son for big dollars, and somehow Cam ended up at Auburn. We are supposed to believe he ended up at Auburn for free, but well, nobody outside of Auburn believes he went there for free.

See, associating with bad people ruins your reputation. There was this wise saying written in days of old about being known by our associates or companions. Even Euripides got in on the thing by warning us about evil company ruining our morals.

That wise old proverb speaks volumes now. It shows in the actions of Auburn’s lunatic fringe led by Phillip Marshall.

Phillip Marshall should be ashamed of himself for attacking Houston Nutt.

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  1. Gene Chizik is a lying, false prophet piece of shit. He plays the Christianity angle for the AU people, then they all go on the warpath against everything righteous. Auburn’s days with the NCAA are around the corner:)

    1. Yawn.

      RC ….For over a year now you have spewed that same ol’ conspiratorial mess. Unless your friends are ignorant, mindless, rednecks that look for any reason to put down others just to make themselves feel better, I can’t imagine that they even would want to hang around you.

  2. Look, all the SEC coaches know what is going on at Auburn. Look who they voted as SEC coach of the year last year….not Chizik. Too many times, these committed recruits have these “last minute change of hearts” to attend Auburn. Eventually, Auburn will get caught. It took 10 years till Eric Ramsey blew the lid on the Auburn “way”. The NCAA probably has the information, but will they do anything with it? That is the big question.

    1. I’m not an Auburn nor Alabama fan, but this article and these comments sound like nothing but a bunch of whining from an Alabama fan. I quit reading the article after the third paragraph which lets the Independent reader know that this is nothing but an attack peice by a biased Alabama writer and is full of untruths. Auburn is under a “massive” investigation by the NCAA. I don’t think the NCAA has levels of investigations, a team/school is either under investigation or its not. But the writers real bias was revealed when he stated ” Auburn’s Gene Chizik that got “bitch slapped” by the NCAA’s director of enforcement during the SEC’s Spring Meetings”.

      So I don’t know what the rest of the article says but it doesn’t really matter because nobody but an Alabama fan would believe anything that is written so it was really just a waste of time and space on this site. The writer just as soon write and article that says that Alabama is the greatest at everthing and anything it does and every other institution should just close down and quit trying because Alabama will always be the greatest and everything it does and has never done nor will never do anything wrong and we’ve won the national championship in every sport every year since the beginning of time. Our coaches have always been the greatest and the only reason we ever got rid of them was to get a greater one. Just like this article the only people that would believe all that crap is a mindless Alabama fan.

    1. Ummm, actually not true Barner. I’m astounded at the number of views this site gets each month. Although…YOU are a nobody, and you just read it, so you may be partially right.

  3. WOW, it seems AU fans read this shit and get their little sister panties in a wad quite a bit. Don’t say you’re defending that white trash Auburn University either.they’re not worth defending. Also, nobody cares if you graduated from that Auburn dump. I graduated from UA and my big man underwear doesn’t get in a wad over Auburn people who pretend to be alumni. Funny thing about the Auburn alumni retort is that none of those cult members actually paid their own way like I did to go to UA

    1. RC,
      This post just shows how stupid you are and obsessed with Auburn you are! I’m a 1982 graduate of LSU and have lived in Baton Rouge all my life. And Auburn fans are just as biased and obessed with Alabama, although not to the delusional degree most Alabama fans are with Auburn.

      And even if I was an Auburn fan, which I’m not, but I know there is no convincing an idiot so think what you want to but it doesn’t change the facts and my comments that this was nothing but a biased article written by some whiney Alabama fan.

      Have a great day RC!

  4. Did you even bother to read the piece by Marshall, Flash? My guess is no … by the way your moo is showing.

    1. Brink,
      What an idiot you are, if you could read (or is it your comprehension thats the problem), I clearly state in my comment that ” I quit reading the article after the third paragraph” and then state my reasons why I did, which was the whole point of my comments on the article itself.

      PS. I apologize for the idiot comment if you are still in school and haven’t learned all your reading and comprehension skills yet.

      1. I take it you don’t know the history with Phillip Marshall and Auburn. He is the biggest AU homer there is, but once worked for newspapers in the state. The guy was in love with Tuberville, wrote a negative column after Chizik was hired and then yanked the column when his Auburn bosses told him to do so.

        This isn’t so much about AU as it is about the pathetic journalism of Marshall.

        1. Capstonereport,
          You are correct I don’t know the history with Phillip Marshall, but that is really irrelavant with regards to my comments. When you write biased and opinionated comments like “Massive” NCAA investigation and that Gene Chizik that got “bitch slapped” that make you no better than him and equal to him as nothing but an big Alabama “homer”, to use your word. Its your credibility on the line, how can you criticise him when you do the same thing except from an Alabama perspective?

          1. Flash,

            Come on now. You and I both know NCAA VP of enforcement Julie Roe Lach rebuked Chizik in such a manner that it left a mark. Hence, bitch slapped is the perfect way to describe what happened.

            Massive investigation is the perfect way to describe an investigation that has included trips beyond the state of Alabama to interview witnesses. Massive is the perfect way to describe an investigation that not only includes Cam Newton, but involves every facet of Auburn recruiting practices including Big Cat Weekend and Tiger Prowl.

            I simply told the truth. Yes, bitch slapped was a little colorful, but it was the right way to describe what happened to the incompetent Auburn coach.

          2. Capstonereport,
            This is in response to your comment below since you either blocked me from replying to your latest comment or your little website has a glitch since there was no reply tab after your last comment.

            No, you and I don’t both know that “NCAA VP of enforcement Julie Roe Lach rebuked Chizik in such a manner that it left a mark”. Again that is a biased opinionated, colorful if you want to use your word, comment from the Alabama homer that you are.

            And do you really think that the Auburn investigation was the exception rather than the norm when it comes to the NCAA going beyond the state of the team being investigated to interview witnesses? That would make almost every NCAA investigation a “Massive” investigation, which in turn would make the Auburn investigation, if it even still exist, a normal investigation, wouldn’t it?

            It’s your credibility on the line not mine and your last comment just proves my point, and makes you and the coach and team you are such a homer for look like fools.

            Please tell me (or give your excuses) as to how an Auburn team lead by an “incompetent” coach (your comment) could have beaten the most talented team in America (see recent years recruiting polls) coached by the best college football coach in America (the opinion of most Alabama homers like yourself) even if he had purchased Cam’s services? Basically that is what you are saying when you call Chizik incompetent.

            I compare that comment to when Alabama fans led by the Capestonereport and the biggest homer of all, Paul Finebaum, called Les Miles a clown and bafoon, and made claimes that when he won the BCS championship it was only because LSU was playing with “Saban’s players”. Well I don’t know if you know (tounge in cheek) but LSU and Les Miles beat Alabama last year with none of Saban’s players and Les Miles’ current football team is currently ranked ahead of Saban’s more talanted Alabama team in the two of the most refrenced polls in America, if not all of them. Miles is obviously either a better recruiter than Saban or a better coach (who knows maybe both). But I’m sure being the Alabama homer that you are you would not admit to either nor give him the credit he is due. Just like you did with the Chizik comment.

          3. It isn’t a glitch. Allowing more than five nested responses looks bad and is difficult to read on some platforms.

            Calling me a homer is hilarious.

            No shit Sherlock.

            When you come to an Alabama fan website, you are going to get opinions from an Alabama perspective–just like you get GOP opinions from Fox or Liberal opinions on MSNBC.

            This is actually good since you KNOW before you visit what you are getting. This harkens back to the glory days of newspapers—days where the Blount County Democrat was exactly what its name said.

            Once newspapers lost their disclaimers and tried to pretend at non-bias, newspapers began to tank.

            Now, I think Miles is a buffoon. However, I have been impressed with the performance last season and so far this season. Miles has built a tough team that executes. If he wins it all this season, then everyone must reevaluate how we view Miles.

            I would rank Miles as the third best coach in the conference right now….and that is with me thinking he does crazy things.

            Back to the bitch slapping of Chizik. We DO know what happened since multiple SEC coaches went on record to the New York Times. It was a bitch slapping. Sorry you don’t like the truth, but that is the only way to view what the NCAA did to Chizik.

            And as to how an idiot coach like Chizik beat Saban….how did an idiot coach at Alabama like Bill Curry beat Johnny Majors or Joe Paterno during the best years of their career?

            Sometimes good coaches do dumb things. Sometimes bad coaches surpass everyone’s expectations for one game or one season. Sometimes people get lucky. Sometimes a coach like Saban makes some big mistakes.

            Unlike machines, people and coaches are human. That is what makes games like football fun.

  5. It saddens me that people believe this enough to waste time to write it. Alabama alums would be ashamed. But seriously, keep writing. It makes Auburn look good.

  6. C’mon guys it was a slow news day! the guy had to print something, even if it was true or not!! what does he care…..

  7. Phillip Marshall is, has always been, and will aways be a douche.

    A moist, bloody, smelly, yellow-toothed, bad breathed, sleezy, disingenuous douche.

  8. So ..Nutt calls out a player for changing his mind ….and then claims he is just trying to “keep his job”? That’s great …blame it on the 18 year old for changing his mind.

    I guess the fact that the player was verbally committed to MSU at the time he gave his “new, private” verbal commitment wasn’t a problem for Nutt. Ol’ Nutt is pretty stoopid to not realize that if the kid would do it once, he would do it again. If I remember correctly, $aban got into this type of whining and blaming the kids before he was shown to be a hypocrite …and now he smartly doesn’t whine about it any more.

    Nutt is a whiner and the Ol’ Miss folks have had enough of this nut case.

    True to form …the CR manufactures an opportunity to take a shot at Auburn.

    1. Honestly Hoopie, I wasn’t going to touch this one when I heard about it yesterday, but when Phillip Marshall chimed in…well, that sort of required it.

      And I didn’t spin it bad for Auburn. Mr. Marshall did. I wonder why. What is he afraid of?

    2. Get your digs in about saban, even though this article had nothing to do with him. You hatred towards Saban is all the proof we need to know we have the right guy. Now we will see who is whining this season after the Iron Bowl beat down that is coming your way. Probably hear it start next week after Arkansas exposes your terrible secondary…

  9. HOw can anyone defend HOuston Nutt? He blames everyone but himself for all of his own shortcomings every year. Player, asst coaches and fans are always to blame and not him. He talks about cotton bowls wins from 4 years ago like they are National CHampionships when in fact he has never even been to a BCS bowl game. If you get paid millions of dollars a year and lose to Jacksonville State at home, get run off the field by vandy then you are fair game to be criticized. Whoever wrote this article is prob in favor of 5th place trophies and not actually keep score in games so there is no loser.

  10. You are soooo far off-base in your opinion of Houston Nutt.
    Regardless of WHY Marshall wrote what he wrote, the truth about Nutt is clear.
    He is NOTa great coach and an honorable man…not even close. He is NOT above reproach. He does NOT have the courage to “raise his voice against the wrongs in college football”…as a matter of fact, he is one of the very WORST wrongs in college football. And he is not even close to being “one of the best men in the business.”

    Whatever your allegance to or opinion of Auburn is, it has NOTHING to do with the fact that Houston Nutt attacks 18 year old young men in order to save his own burning hide.
    Marshall called him out…whatever his agenda may be, Nutt deserves it (and more!)

    1. You are probably right…Nutt had no business calling our a player by name. But you have to admit Marshall is a tool. Not a reporter, not a blogger, just a simple Auburn Tool.

      1. Just because the messanger has an agenda and is an “auburn tool”, doesn’t mean he is wrong.
        One could argue the capstonereport is an “alabama tool”…but that doesn’t make him right.
        This is TYPICAL Nutt…deflect the blame (even if it means calling out an 18 year old kid).
        The capstonereport may be right in attacking Marshall, but don’t defend Nutt in the process.
        He doesn’t deserve defending and he is FAR from the man capstone says he is. And defending him just confirms one’s ignorance.

  11. I am an auburn fan but I like reading some of the articles here. There’s some pretty good here occasionally but when you begin any article with “Houston Nutt is a great coach”, how In the hell do you expect it to be taken seriously? Just admit you wanted to throw a few rocks at the barn. It’s ok. We are rivals. It’s what we do but you need to know that when you say something that fucking stupid that it’s pretty obvious you are willing to say whatever else you have to say to slam on Auburn.

    Why don’t you begin your next article whining about Auburn with “Stephen Garcia is a great quarterback”?. Thats just as good as the beginning of this one

    1. I have to admit to always taking up for Houston Nutt. I don’t know why. I think it is an addiction. 🙂

  12. e”Houston Nutt is a great coach and an honorable man. If he says something was fishy about the recruitment of a football player, you can take his word for it.”


    Here is a tip, next time you try to attack Auburn (which you seem to live for), don’t begin with such a completely absurd statement and then expect anything else that comes out of your mouth to be taken seriously by anyone. Not that it should be anyway.

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