Alabama’s Nick Saban updated the status of wide receiver Duron Carter at his Thursday afternoon press conference.

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said he had received some information on the Duron Carter situation. Carter has been awaiting paperwork from his junior college; he cannot play until the paperwork is received and he is declared eligible.

“I have some information,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said. “But at this point, I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Saban continued, “Is that fair? Can you read between the lines?”

In other Fall Camp news, Kellen Williams is out with an ankle injury. The Alabama football coach is hopeful Williams will be ready for Kent State. Also, Brandon Lewis was excused today due to a death in the family.

4 thoughts on “Alabama football: Latest on Receiver Duron Carter”

  1. Duron’s potential contributions to the 2011 Bama team are, at this point, questionable at best.
    Even if he does eventually show up in time, given the effort put forth so far by DeAndrew White, Bowman, Bell, Sylve and others, Duron would still probably be weeks away from actually seeing the field because he has so much catching up to do.
    Whatever the case, 2011’s gonna be one helluva ride.
    One way or the other.
    Hope Duron gets to make the trip.
    We’ll see.

  2. Well, here’s the deal. There’s been a ton of speculation and anticipation for a player that may not be better than anything we have on the field at present.

    If he’s all that some think he is…and I hope that he is…he’ll be a solid contributor by the time the SEC schedule kicks in. He has the same tall, lean build Julio had, perfect for a possession situation. We’ll see.

    I’m just glad for the young man himself. If he has a good heart and wants to work, Saban will mold him into the best he can be.

  3. Look, there’s something fishy in this whole situation. And why didn’t Saban say what the info was? I don’t care if the school was closed for the summer. All schools are open now and getting ready for fall enrollment. Aside from that everybody at both schools knew how important his transcript was. If the Alabama administration had asked the Dean of that school for help he would have opened the doors, got on the computer, and emailed the necessary info long ago. If he gets his azz in camp before the Penn St game he will see time against that defense. However, we already have recievers who are as fast and can catch as good as Carter. What we don’t have is a receiver who can block and play superior while injured like Julio; and Carter is not that man either. Not yet anyway. Time will tell. RTR!

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