The NCAA thinks it is just fine to use hostesses to entice recruits. In fact, coaches can even pay for hostesses to travel to high school games to recruit—after all, this is only a secondary violation. And, we all know secondary violations don’t really matter.

That is the only possible conclusion that can be drawn from this element of the Committee on Infractions Report on the University of Tennessee: “On or about September 25, 2009, the former assistant football coach gave approximately $40 to a student intern in the football office who was also a member of the institution’s Orange Pride program. The money was given to assist with costs associated with an automobile trip that the intern and another student intern were making between Knoxville, Tennessee, and Duncan, South Carolina, a round trip of approximately 356 miles. The former assistant football coach provided the funds to the student interns with full knowledge that they were traveling to Duncan to attend a high school football game. While at the game, both interns and a third member of the Orange Pride program made impermissible, in-person, off-campus contact with three prospective student-athletes.” (Source)

The NCAA thinks this is only a secondary violation?

What in the hell would be a major violation in football?

The mind boggles.

The action by the coach shows this was part of a comprehensive strategy on the part of Lane Kiffin and his Tennessee staff to circumvent NCAA rules.

And this is not a major violation?

NCAA reform must happen. And fast.

41 thoughts on “OUTRAGE: NCAA thinks paying for hostess recruiting trip is not a major violation”

  1. I guess they are storing their major violations for Miami?

    I can’t make sense of it, so that is my best guess.

  2. More Boo Hoo BS from the crybaby BAMMER MORONS. Are you IDIOTS now going to say that Fulmer cut a deal with the NCAA??

    The violations were secondary, most intelligent people, Bammer Morons excluded, already knew that and had predicted little or no additional santions for the football program at Tennessee.

    Read it and weep you puny maggots, your wish that the Vol program be brought to its knees didn’t happen and you have to live with it!


    1. I think Tennessee’s football program is crippled.

      How many games will you win this year?

      When will Tennessee beat Alabama?

    2. Okay, Indy you were right. Having whores that are sponsored by the University of Tennessee is a secondary violation (so saith the NCAA).

      Congratulations. Having Major Violations would have really tarnished the schools’ image. Tennessee is blessed to not have to deal with that !!

      After seeing some of the girls at UT, I agree that having them whore for athletes does not give them a competitive advantage.

    3. If your Vols havent been brought to their knees already, you are in denial. You may get back up on one leg this season, if you are lucky. But you have been a bottom dweller in the SEC for a while now. Kiffin is a one-man probation causing machine. You got off lucky, so be thankful. But you all were so proud to have him. That says a lot about you guys.

  3. “What in the hell would be a major violation in football?”

    Buying a player (Albert Means) without his knowledge and paying for another in the same city (Memphis) around the same time.

    Sound familiar BAMMER BOOBS??

  4. I guess that’s why you predicted it all along huh? Imanidiot vawl you truly are a phucking Com wad of a human being your dad should have blew his wad in your moms mouth so the Bitch could swallow you!!! Lmao u are an idiot

  5. Looks like to me the viles have been on their knees for a while especially if you obsrve the fan base that posts on here.

  6. There have been HO-stesses in college football about 1 game less than there have been football players.
    Girl I knew in high school ended up being a HO-stess for one of the smaller Birmingham colleges in the ’70s.
    Wilt the Stilt woulda tried for a masters degree and gone to extra classes after a few hours with her.
    Anyway, true story.
    Five years or so after metriculating into the work-force, I’m at a bar in Dothan and a guy at my table says he’s gotta joke about the world’s greatest nympho.
    Without thinking, I blurted out this girl’s name.
    Guy at the next table taps me on the back and says, “Hey, you know her too?”
    FWIW, he did attend her college while she was there and he described her to a T.
    5-Points in the ’70s.
    Where legends were made and some memories are still cherished.

  7. Well lets see. Ohio St got hammered because some of the athletes were sellimg their own personal property for cash, but a Tennessee coach can pay the expenses for a hostess to go visit a player during a time when it’s illegal for coaches to have contact. I don’t care if it’s Tennessee, Notre Dame, Alabama or Chattanooga. Dog, that’s bulshit! RTR!

  8. I heard that one paricular hostess who was pictured multiple times with Bryce Brown was a whore of epic proportions. I’ll find her name and post it on here later for Indiana Vol. FBJ Lives told me In Vol needed someone to toss his salad

  9. Told you so.

    UT’s been doing this for years, guys.


    we could learn a lot.

    A WHOLE lot.

  10. Capstone,

    Wish all you want, but the Vils will be better than you think! I believe 8 wins with a team laden with Sophs and Jrs. Next year, the Vols will be in the East race!

  11. Made me think of an oldie but goodie:

    ‘You can’t spell slut without U T!’

    just can’t do it.

  12. Bryce Brown’s slut recruiter’s name was Lacy. Guess the NCAA hasn’t figured out how to put an illegal recruiting price on pussy yet. I need to go talk to ’em. Anyway, with the absurd and inconsistent way the NAZI bastards are handing out (or not handing out) penalties lately, Awbie might have some hope after all. Shyt, I guess being shopped by your dad is a phucking secondary violation too; whereas being shopped by your high school coach is the death penalty. BWAA HAWW HAWW! Motherphuckers! RTR!

  13. Hey crimsonitr,

    Is Bryce Brown at Tennessee you POS??

    Why don’t you think before you speak? If you don’t like the outcome of the investigation of Tennesssee, too bad!


  14. Same goes for Chuchy, Rotten Crotch, WhoreBammer and FreakBammer; go eat a big ole CRIMSON TURD burger!!

  15. Indiana Vol is the pride of Tennessee football. Roy Adams promises him a 3-way, but Indiana Vol doesn’t realize he’ll be the jelly in a Roy Adams/Phil Fulmer doughnut. Adams is a fat, old queer Tennessee booster

  16. Rotten Crotch,

    Once again you prove my point that Bammer Morons are the most classless bunch in college football!

    I would like to buy Bammer football for qhat it us worth and sell it for what Bammer Morons think it is worth!!

    Enjoy being the laughing stock of college football!

    1. Being #2 in the country with another possible Heisman winner and maybe one of the best Defenses in the country?

      If people are laughing at us for that, then…… Yeah, I’ll enjoy it.

      Nobody has been laughing at Tennessee, just pity.

      When was the last time Tennessee beat us in football, again? I honestly can’t remember, its been so long.

      Again guys, the NCAA got it right with UT. The girls there do not give them a competitive advantage.

      If the girls at Ole Miss started doing it, then they would probably have top 10 recruiting classes year in and year out. Why do you think David Cutcliff was successful there? He brought in the Tennessee philosophy.

  17. Yes imanidiot vawl fo=farce observations That’s all you have!!!! You are a walking void and a drain on society! Stop jacking off on your Alabama memorabilia everyday,get out of your mammies basement and get a job already ya fuktard!!!!

    1. More Bammer MORON BS from one of the Grand Poobahs of the Bammer MORONS!

      Have a Crimson TURD burger you maggot!

  18. No, Shyt For Brains, Brown isn’t at Tennessee anymore. Just like a lot of others who either got shyt canned for being criminals or like Brown, just up and left a phucked up program. Sucks to have the nations #2 RB recruit leave you for Kansas! While our #1 RB recruit, Richardson is a top 3 Heisman contender. We’re a laughing stock? Actually azzhole we’re the #1 team in the country during the last 3 years with only 5 losses. And the team every other contender fears to play. No azzhole, the SEC laughing stocks reside to the North, South, East and West of Tuscaloosa. And speaking of posts that make someone look like a worthless, inbred, uneducated piece of shyt; look no further than your last 2 posts above. Retarded dog turd! Look forward to the beatdown in T-Town fool. RTR!

  19. “We’re the #1 team in the country during the last 3 years with only 5 losses”

    Oh and only 1 NC to show for it. How about those last 2 games of 2009 when the mighty TURD got plastered in the SEC and bowl games? Your Crimson TURD was supposed to win it all last year and looked STUPID against SC and Auburn!

    Yeah, the TURD will win it all this year!


    1. “Oh and only 1 NC to show for it.”

      LMAO!!! Man Vol, you make me laugh.

      1 NC in the last 3 years. Well, by our standards I guess we should be pissed about it. We are about EXCELLENCE after all.

      BTW, please tell me you are about 10yrs old. Because, if you are an adult…..I’m embarrased for you. (and feel some pity for you being mentally challenged).

    2. Not to jump too far into this firestorm amongst football fanatics, but we actually won our last two games in 2009 (national championship year). I think you are referring to 2008 – where we weren’t given much of a chance that year to do what we did. We didn’t get plastered against Florida in 2008 (lost a lead and fell apart), but the Utah loss was highly embarassing. Carry on with the bickering…

    3. What about those 20+ point wins over UT during that time frame? Only 1 NC in 3 years? Are you really that stupid to post that? Only you, Idiot Vol. You actually get more dumb with every post.

      1. BammerBrenda,

        You seemd to have forgotten about that terrible Vol squad year before last who almost beat you sorry Cheating Crimson TURD!

  20. Damn! And when I though IV couldn’t be more stupid he comes along and one ups himself! Excuse me cum sucker, but is there anyone else around who has more than one national championship in the last three years? Or who has less than 5 losses? Or is favored to do it again for the fourth year in a row? And all that immediately after coming off 15 years of sanctions. Once again Alabama has proven to be the #1 program of all time and the most resilient. In the past 10 years USCwest has gone to shyt, Florida has gone to shyt, Ohio St has been hammered and it could get worse yet. LSU is still hanging around but they stay rated behind Bama every year. Chokelahoma can’t even buy a National Championship. That’s it. There’s no one but Alabama. Not even close. And all this coming off 15 years of sanctions. As usual we do things that have never before been done. From Bears 6 National Championships in 25 years to 6 All Americans on the same team in ’09, and a dozen other untouchable records in between. The soverien Kings!

    1. CrimsonTURDnite,

      You are stupid enough for the entire Bammer Moron Nation.

      I would like to buy the Bammer fans for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth!!

  21. Indiana Vol,

    Whatever happened to all those loves and prayers you offered us during the tornado. Your so-called Christianity then outright hypocrisy and hate reminds me of fans that Auburn has

  22. RC,

    Who are you to pass judgement on anyone? You have been as abusive as anyone other than Crimsonite when it comes to me. If you are offended, maybe you should consider some of the statements you have made. Let him who is without sin….

    What I say here has nothing to do with the victims of the terrible storms earlier this year. For you to make that comparison is just wrong!

  23. I have to agree with you IV. It’s two different worlds and even a born again retarded azzhole can have compassion in a time of crisis. That being said – go phuck yourself! RTR!

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