Why would a coach do this to a player?

Have you seen the video of Auburn quarterback Clint Moseley? You know, the one where he has to face the media to own up to his failure to win the starting job?

If you haven’t, you can see it here. But I have to warn you, it’s painful to watch.

Apparently, part of being in the Fambly is shoving a kid in front of microphones when he’s not thinking clearly, obviously at one of the lowest points in his life.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the transcript:

Reporter 1: “Clint, obviously not what you wanted to hear today. Talk about your feelings.”

Clint Moseley: “Biggest disappointment in my life. Period.”

(deafening silence)

Reporter 2: “What did Chizik say to you?”

Clint Moseley: (pauses, fighting back tears) “They just felt Barrett (Trotter) gave us the chance of winning with his experience…cause he’s played. Said it came down to experience.”

Reporter 2: “Did you have a chance to talk to Barrett after that?”

Clint Moseley: “Nuh-uh”.

Reporter 2: “Is that going to be a tough conversation for you?”

Clint Mosesly: (again, long pause, fighting back tears) “Yep” (very quietly)

Reporter 1: “Are you surprised, did you expect it’d be different?”

Clint Moseley: (stuttering) “I shouldn’t answer that.”

If I were Moseley’s father I’d be ready to shove that cheesy gold chain Chizik wears down his throat.

How dare you subject a player to interviews before he is ready. And before all the Auburn apologists start regurgitating the Auburn party line (“He didn’t have to say all that”), if Chizik allowed Moseley to speak to the media at all, he in turn DID subject him to the media.

Nick Saban receives scores of criticism on a myriad of topics, some deserved. One of those is in the area of media relations.

But one thing Saban does right is protecting his players. It’s easier to walk into the vault at your nearest bank than it is to get behind the steel curtain in the Mal Moore Athletic Complex.

And you never see an interview of a Tide player who isn’t ready for the occasion. Preparing young men FOR EVERYTHING is what Nick Saban does.

What in the world is Gene Chizik doing? Is he making his plan up as he goes?

Now in fairness, Moseley may soon have his Kodi Burns moment, standing up in a team meeting, declaring his support for the starter. And if he does, you can expect the media of this state to lap it up like a stray dog drinking the last puddle of water.

But the issue here isn’t a young man with a very narrow scope of experience saying stupid things in the media (Biggest disappointment, Clint? Really? I bet there are plenty of folks after April 27 that’d trade places with you.)

The issue here is Gene “Dubose” Chizik.

Parents, do you really want to subject your son to playing for a doofus who lacks the capacity to think more clearly than he did by allowing this interview?

Afterall, what do we expect? Comparisons aren’t fair. One coach is a leader with a proven track record, 134 wins, and a legacy of leading young men into excellence at multiple programs, two of those to college football’s pinnacle.

The other is Gene Chizik, a Mike Dubose clone that doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing.

Instances like yesterday validate this clearly, and now that he doesn’t have a once-in-a-lifetime player to hide behind, it’ll be harder and harder to hide his ignorance.

But don’t take my word for it; just watch Chizik’s stupidity in motion…

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68 thoughts on “Trouble in the Fambly: Gene Chizik throws Clint Moseley under the bus”

  1. Chizik should not have put Moseley on the podium, I’ll give you that. But if anything his dad should snatch him up for not handling the matter in a more dignified, mature manner. Period. I plan to show my boys this video as an example of how not to handle disappointment.

  2. Dubose did some dumb stuff, but he never did a player like this.

    And maybe if this kid had more than 20 minutes to be thrown to the wolves he might have composed himself a little better.

  3. Yeah you are right. If it wasnt this, you gumps would find something else to bitch about. I have showed my kids a video of a coach with anger problems showing up a kid by popping his ass on tv. People have been fired for stuff like that, but as long as you Gumps continue to worship this violent man with a proven history of being a liar, its all good. Cult like is what I say.

  4. Shameful, plain shameful of Chizik. However, you’ll never see an Alabama player cry like a bitch to the media. Auburn ppl are too emotional

    1. Lots of parents have no problem with spanking. If you think McCarrons parents or McCarron are upset over it, it just shows how stupid you are. I find it funny that Auburn fans get all upset over that, yet Troopa is out calling players the N word, looking like Little Richard, and recruiting like Don King. A grown man acting like a teenage thug, and that is perfectly acceptable. No wonder you have armed robbers getting on your team.

      Thats okay Auburn fans. No one in the whole country would trade Saban for Chizik. After this season you will finally understand why.

      1. 26-21, 36-0. Bama has won the last 2 of three, and this season will be 3 out of 4. Ass-whooping Day is 11-26, be sure to be here and run your mouth then.

  5. FBJ, you bring up a valid point. What parent would want their son playing for a coach that spanks his back-up quarterback on national tv like he was a three year old that just ate desert before dinner. That was much worse than this, you trailer trash bammers.

  6. Really?… Really???? Just when I think you guys have hit the bottom of the barrel of absurdness, you show me just how petty and ridiculous Bama fans can be. First we hear that holding someone (Dyer) out of practice means he is guilty of something (of course Bama players have never been held out of practice due to injury concerns), and now you want to blast Chizik for letting our second team QB talk to the media? Give me a break fellas! Did you consider that maybe it was the kid’s idea. Even it wasn’t, we’re talking about a one minute response. I thought it was very brave of the kid and demonstrated that he is a mature, brave Auburn man. Of course, you guys may have preferred that Chizik spank him on national tv and belittle him like a small child.

  7. I guess Chizik doesn’t mind having crying bitches for players.

    AU posts for this article is @ 67% BTW.

      1. Yet you are here, everyday, spewing the Cult line about how Bama is in trouble, not Auburn.

      1. In a couple of weeks the roaches will be lining up to get back under their rock of shame so they can smell each others farts.

        Bama fans will be in the sunshine breathing the clean, NCAA compliant air watching our boys playing winning, NCAA compliant football.

        Remember, when you try to take shortcuts, you’ll get an *.

        1. The cammy juice hasn’t completely worn off on these fools. That first loss is going to sting so bad, and it is going to be so unexpected by them. They are a 22 point favorite to beat Utah State. It will be closer than that, and they will still be in the dark when Miss. St. of all people puts the fear of a losing season in them.

          1. What was it Gary Danielson said “Auburn is going to be lucky to win more conference games, than they lose.” ?

            You know, Aub’s will be bragging about that magical miracle Iron Bowl win for the next 10 years…..till they manage to beat Alabama again.

  8. The writer of. This article is just plain dumb. Probably the stupidest comments I’ve ever seen. People make mistakes. Chiziks only been a head coach for 4 years, this being his 5th and he is still learning about how this all works. To question his love for his players is a total joke. Maybe you should read up on what all Chizik has done for his players (Family). Also when Mosely said it was his biggest disappointment, to compare that to April 27 is ignorant. You have no idea where his heart is. You are just trying to slander good names for your own benefit. If you get paid to write then the people paying you have to be as dumb as they come.

    1. Only someone with a bent on protecting what is sacred to them can’t see that this young man was done terribly wrong.

      Paint it however you want, but to me the only coach that appears to prepare and care about his players resides in Tuscaloosa.

  9. “he is still learning about how this all works. ”

    Truer words have never been spoken!! LOL!

  10. ITK,

    it’s that old saying that the parent who spanks the child loves the child, as opposed to FBJ Lives who believes spanking the monkey,cut off the penis

    Point is, the GOOD Alabama coaches genuinely loved their players and it was returned. The Auburn coaches pander to their “Old South” fanbase by talking slower, and saying it really sweet in the Old South hypocritical way or tone

  11. So saban is a saint now? I guess promising parents that he will take care of your sons and teach them the game of football, then cutting their ass when the next 5* recruit comes along is “saint like”? I guess bringing in asst coaches who have serious ties to conartist boosters to teach the kids on how to beat the system is “saint like”? Give me a phucking break. ITK is really really really trying to deflect what is really going on. What is really going on is not only does bama have their own questions to answer about boosters and free suits, but now two of little nickys hires are also are tied to all of the crap down in miami. Then throw in the fact that local and national media is starting to see that maybe they jumped the gun on all of this bama preseason hype. No true starter at QB, A RB that has a knack at getting hurt with no true back ups, No go to WR, and a Defensive secondary that was the weak point of the defense last year is now suppose to be the best in the country? REALLY? Boy these next few months will be fun to watch here on crapstonereport, But hey look at the bright side. Im sure ITK will make up another fairy tale to keep you turds happy as your tide fights to be a middle of the pack SEC team AGAIN.

    1. I think this Aub is smoking crack! LOL! I nominate “capstonereportsucks” as best post and least original screen name !

      Just kidding CRS, don’t go all “Clit Mosely” on me. (And yes, I spelled his name correctly)

  12. Tell it like it is ITK.

    “a young man with a very narrow scope of experience saying stupid things in the media” – what an idiot. Saying not getting the starting QB job at awbarn as the worst day in your life when people died in tornadoes in this great state just a few months ago. How out of touch with reality and ill prepared was this kid. That’s like comparing losing a football game to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. What unprepared idiot would do something that stupid? I’m just glad we have someone who knows how to handle those types of situations. Ain’t that right ITK?

    1. Chizik threw his player into the teeth of an increasingly sensationalist media, and Saban knows better because he controls the media access. Hmmm… I think Sabans way is better. And I think Saban is smart enough to know if an NCAA investigation is going on at Bama or not. Spin it all you want, you are still a weak minded cult member, and everything you are saying confirms it.

  13. I will have fun skull fucking you terds after Nov on this crap blog site after we whip your ass AGAIN this year. Your coach is an oratory moron. Aight, I mean I’m only gonna address this once, aight!!

    Tattoo yelling about the plane had better speaking skills than Spanky Smurf, you mullet goobers.

    Our coaches can’t coach? What a retarded statement. 24 down in mullet stadium to a Nick Saban defense and we still beat you? That really means your coach can’t coach up his players.

    Put that in your coffee.

  14. Hey dumbass,

    EXPLAIN how a 1-point victory over a 3-loss team is an ass whipping you dumb fucking white trash Auburn hillbilly? You guys were ranked number 2 and had the best player money could by!! He’s not going to be there to bail your sorry, no good hypocritical assholes out this year! Wake up dumb fuck!!

    1. Clint cannot help it if someone exchanged his steriod bottle with a bottle of Estrogen pills (sans Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in “the Lonest Yard”)

  15. Spanky, I’ll give you the Iron Bowl. It was an amazing come back led by an amazing, once in a lifetime player.

    And that player is gone now.

    Any coaching staff would look amazing with Newton. Your staff will return to the familiar territory of 7-5 this season. Enjoy it.

    I know we will.

  16. The unraveling has begun. That is pathetic that they had this kid do this. Cant be good for team morale and cohesiveness. This may be the beginning of the downfall of the Barn.

    1. Wanna bet? How much? I’ll bet as much as you want that this doesn’t hurt team morale.

      I would rather just let you be stoopid and take your money, but out of fairness, I’ll drop you this hint. This was a very close QB battle that has gone on since Spring practice. The Auburn players have enough reasoning skills to know that someone had to lose. Since Mosley decided on is own to meet the press and the coach allowed him to do so, there will be no team controversy.

      How’s that Bama QB controversy going? I’ll also bet you that before the season is over, there will be Bama fans upset and loudly complaining with your Qb situation.

      How much you want to put down on each of those 2 bets?

      1. Barn will be 6-6, 7-5 , Bama will play in SECCG and NCG. Thats all that matters. Feel sorry for you. Good luck playing in the Papa Johns Bowl and dealing with 30 – 35 scholarship losses.

          1. I think it does say something about the maturity level of Mosely, which may be why he didn’t get the job to start with. Maybe putting him out there like that can help him for the future, but it wasn’t Chiziks plan to help him out by sending him to the wolves like that.

      2. Yep Mosely chose to rush out in front of the media and fall apart at the seams. I am sure his parents were super excited about his first big presser too.
        Look, I feel sorry for Mosley. He just got told he will be riding pine behind arguably the worst starting QB in the league this season. I mean come on….Trotter couldn’t start at Vanderbilt. Tator tot would probably move Trotter to holder on place kicks and this poor kid (mosely) finds out he isnt even good enough to beat out Trotter. You know this kids pride is taking a thumping right now. Its time to send in Big Daddy Pat to gibe Mosely some guidance. And a big fat bag of cash for miraculously adopting the Auburn Party Line.

        1. ….and then cue Phil Marchall and Charles Goldfarb for the feel good peice of the week about the kid who just wasnt good enough putting his pride aside for the greater good of the lovliest village on the plains.

  17. Mosley WANTED to meet the press. Chizik didn’t FORCE him or even suggest that he do it. Although it was ugly and probably ill-advised for Mosley to do this, it was his decision and Chizik let the man do it. He didn’t censor him like your little midget does.

    “Throwing Mosley under the bus” is just more negative bias based on false information from the “Capstone.

    What a joke you are.

    1. Hoopie,

      We are all laughing at you for thinking you are going to come on a rival website and sell your elitist Auburn cult bullshit. Get real. Nobody cares what you think, but we’ll keep going toe to toe punking your ass while laughing at the same time at that and the fact that you guys consider yourselves Christians. Now, why don’t you practice what you preach and turn the other cheek?

    2. Jesus Hoopie!. Where did you get your info from? Looked to me like Mosely would rather be somewhere bawling his eyes out instead of sharing his humiliation with the english speaking world.

  18. To everyone outside the cultish, biased rival fanbase:

    Seriously, despite this kid being a pussy, Why did Chizik humiliate this young man?

    1. Chizik was told by Head Coach Pat Dye to do it. He was also told to be sure he compensated Mosley for the trouble.

  19. Hippie set it up on paypal ill go $1500.00 per bet my email is tidepitbull1987@yahoo.com email me and we will hash out the details! I’ve got $5,000 that says awbarn gets hit w sanctions. Now shut the fukk up and bet! Im you’re huckleberry! Btw if I need more money I’ve got a stakehorse that will back me!

    1. Sory IkWIk. $5,000 is close to the yearly wage for an Auburn fan. Better back it down to something he can afford.

  20. Maybe if chizik would spank his players, he would not have 6 player arrest in 2011? Almost 1 arrest per month avg. But…but…..but…bama players signed jerseys in a store that sold suits. Well Dyer signed Jerseys in a store that sold books.

  21. I and at least hundreds of other Bama fans have sent evidence to NCAA headquarters of Dyer and McCalebb signed memorabilia from E-bay, and other various locations to NCAA HQ. We couldn’t find any other signed stuff probably because their whole team graduated and the rest of the team sucks asscrack

  22. What’s most amazing is what a huge deal this is to you, and how you apparently worked REALLY hard at trying to turn this into an attack on Chizik. Dude, you need to step off and take a look at your weird obsessions.

    1. Which explains your obsession with this site. Listen, before I hear the same crap that “I only come on here to defend Auburn” BS, 1) They’re not worth defending 2) Clean up your program, and we won’t keep investigating and discussing them

    2. be. you dont have to work to attack Chizik. Its as easy as a crack whore joneing for another hit.

  23. Both these two players (Mosely and Barrett) don’t get it. No one is “the one”. Its BS. If one gets hurt, the other will play. If one dies, the other will play. If both die, a 3rd person will play. This is NOT a big deal

  24. Hell, take 2 weeks off and when I come back the site is still stunk up with Barnturd azzholes. Still living in the past I see. Still running your mouthes about the Iron Bowl where you needed a crippled DB to allow you to score 2 easy td’s and we left 21 to 28 points on the field. Still fantasizing about T-Town Mens Wear that has evaporated just like all your other bullshyt. Gotcha a new wet dream now about a Miami problem that has nothing to do with Bama besides that we might dismiss some coaches for past conduct if the NCAA suggests it. And all the time you sick phuckers are in a building that’s burning down with the doors locked. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  25. Auburn fans are hilarious. WAKE UP DUMBASSES. You’re school is trashy and is not worth defending. I’ve had good word that you guys are going to burn to the crisp. It seems Mark Emmert has known the bagman for some time, and the witness is in hiding and cooperating. Trashy assholes!

  26. It’s funny how Chiknik pimps that BCS Champ’s gear ALL THE TIME — while Saban never got complacent with that, I suppose he has to enjoy wearing anything that says Champions before it gets stripped.

    Yella wood motherphuckers!

    Ponder if that’ll be in your stadium in the future you .

  27. *ubarn cheated under Pat Dye.

    *ubarn cheated under Terry Bowden.

    *ubarn cheated under Tuberville.

    And now, *ubarn is cheating under the first coach in the history of college football to post a 5-19 record and in his third year as a head coach, enter the SEC and dominate the SEC veteran coaches in recruiting at a third rate cow college located in the third-worst SEC town.

    Some of you AUtards are trying blow signing autographs out of proportion? How is signing an autograph with no photographic evidence of said player receiving anything in return on par with your boosters buying your players cars, handing out signing bonuses, handing out iphones, performance incentives, HOstesses taking recruits to parties, etc. etc.?

    We all know if *ubarn didn’t pay players, their program would be the Vanderbilt of the West (key words: FOOTBALL PROGRAM). Nobody wants to play for college that can’t even sell out half it’s games, nor does any players want to live in a backwoods town that’s so boring, it makes Mayberry seem like NYC. Seriously, outside of college, how do you inbreds keep yourselves entertained?

    Anyway, do you guys want to see REAL incriminating photographs? Prepare yourselves, AUtards, because the end of your corruption is coming. Sadly for you guys, it also means the end of your Alabama-obsessed football program as well:

    AU boosters offering Gene Smith money on Twitter:

    *ubarn hostesses taking Reese Dismukes to parties:

    Recruits receiving brand new cars (as did the HBO 4):

    *ubarn players and their money:

    Greg Robinson’s iphone (Care to guess where Robinson was the weekend before June 2nd?)

    *ubarn players receiving VIP status:

    And last but not least, don’t forget about those $1,000 performance incentives:

    *ubarn University: the first program in the history of the NCAA to have every win, title, and season vacated. And to top it all off (to show how pathetic you guys really are), you paid Curtis Anderson (a guy whose entire family are *ubarn grads by his own admission) to try and get our program in trouble, just as you did Gene Jelks. What will you inferior sub-humans do next, try and kill our players? Oh wait, you’re already plotting that:


  28. Auburn’s going down without a doubt. My source is telling me the investigation is coming together now more than ever. If Auburn people are Christians, they will want the truth to come out

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