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Alabama football: Joe Pannunzio situation worsening

The news about Alabama’s director of football operations continues to worsen. Joe Pannunzio was fired “because of numerous incidents that occurred (at Murray State) under him that were quite bad,” according to the former president of Murray State.

President F. King Alexander told the Long Beach Press-Telegram about his dealings with Joe Pannunzio. (H/T Bryan D. Fischer and Jon Solomon.)

“You must understand that in 2005 when I was president at Murray State, I fired our football coach, Joe Pannunzio, because of numerous incidents that occurred in our program under him that were quite bad,” he said. “Well, Pannunzio immediately was hired by Miami, and he’s one of the coaches who’s been prominently mentioned by Shapiro in the current scandal. He’s now the head of football operations at Alabama.”

Alexander is now president at Long Beach State, and took the opportunity to point out the hypocrisy of someone like Miami’s Paul Dee chastising other schools while his own Miami Hurricane program was involved in serious wrongdoing.

However, the reference to Alabama is the most important for Crimson Tide football fans. The latest revelation is a blow to Pannunzio’s standing at Alabama.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban spoke about the Miami situation at his Thursday evening press conference.

“I know what goes on in this program, and I know we do things correctly,” Saban said. “We do have people in this organization who worked (at Miami). Before those people were ever hired here, we do an NCAA check to make sure they pass all compliance criteria and don’t have any red flags relative to compliance history. We certainly did that in both of these cases.”

You can read more of what Alabama football coach Nick Saban said about offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland and director of football operations Joe Pannunzio by clicking here.

96 thoughts on “Alabama football: Joe Pannunzio situation worsening”

  1. “I know what goes on in this program, and I know we do things correctly,” Saban said. “We do have people in this organization who worked (at Miami). Before those people were ever hired here, we do an NCAA check to make sure they pass all compliance criteria and don’t have any red flags relative to compliance history. We certainly did that in both of these cases.”…………………………. Who did an NCAA check? The compliance dept? Deeper and deeper. A repeat offender that employs corrupt coaches. Go figure.

    1. And when he is found guilty of anything, just like the Auburn situation, heads will roll…

      You are such an expert at all of this, and you seem to think you know a lot about Bama being guilty, and Auburn being innocent. Show me where Saban has ever been implicated in any kind of major violations that put programs on probation. Everything in his history says that he runs a clean program, and he has been coaching a long time. But you expect him to be out of character and be guilty, mainly because you are an Auburn fan. Keep turning your head at the Auburn mess like it is nothing. Like I told you before, if the ex-Miami coaches are found guilty, they will be fired, and Bama will move on. No problem. If Auburn is found guilty, you have a National Championship and Heisman trophy to vacate, plus whatever scholarship losses and sanctions for the future.

      Auburn has a lot more to lose than Bama does right now. But you keep wishing and hoping, and pretending the NCAA isn’t investigating Auburn.

    2. Here is the full quote, that you conveniently edited:

      “I know what goes on in this program and I know that we do things correctly,” Saban said. “We do have people in this organization, who worked there (at Miami). Before those people were ever hired here we do an NCAA check to make sure they pass all compliance criteria and that they don’t have any red flags relative to compliance history. “We certainly did that in both of these cases. Now, if any of these people had any wrongdoing, I’m sure the NCAA will investigate it in due time and, if they did anything wrong, I’m sure they will get the appropriate punishment, which we would do if we had any internal problems in our organization. But we’re going to continue and control and manage what we do in our organization and do it correctly, and that’s basically all we can be concerned about.”

      So what is there to bitch about FBJ? I mean, they guy says they will handle it if they are guilty for stuff at Miami. That is not acceptable for you? It is funny, because you can’t seem to expect the same standards from your own football program. You are just another biased hypocrite fan that you are accusing everyone else of being.

  2. We are open about our problems then fix them. At Auburn someone still has a bank account that is still at least $200,000 short.

    Auburn posts now @ 66% for this article (about UA football)

    1. I thought this WAS a Auburn site. Anyway, Saban told a lie in his presser. Not the first lie he told either. This isnt the only thing going wrong at NeckU.

  3. But… But Saban said they checked him before hiring???? LOL!!!!! Haven’t you guys been saying the UA compliance dept. and administration is flawless? Was TT-Men’s Wear checked out by the same people?

    1. Evidently there no one was saying anything bad about them at the time they were hired. But like Saban said, if there is guilt, they will handle it appropriately, just like if there is guilt at Auburn, it will be handled as well. The difference is Bama won’t be the school charged with lack of control.

        1. And if he is guilty, he will be gone. He will not be celebrated as a hero like Pat Dye, that is for sure. See how stupid your argument is? No one is disputing you that this guy may be guilty. The difference is, you hope the guy stays, so you have something to bitch about, and we want him gone if he is guilty. So what is your point? We all agree that the guy may have some issues that are coming to light. Is that Bama’s fault? You seem to think so for some reason. No one puts bad stuff on their resumes, or bad references. Going by your logic, he worked at Auburn too, so Auburn is guilty for not finding anything bad also.

          So, preach on to the cult FBJ, you are exactly the person that you bitch about hating so much.

          1. Brando, remember you are dealing with Barner Logic. You can’t, and shouldn’t argue against Barner Logic since you are basically arguing with idiots. When you do that, they bring you down to their level. Then they will beat you with experience.

            Trust me, you won’t see them on this site that much after the season begins.

    2. Says he who thinks Pat Dye was a clean, honest, and god fearing coach. Dont you have some money to donate to the Troopa Taylor Babymama hush fund? A cow pie flinging contest? An assasination squad for the HBO four? Isnt there something else you could be doing right now?

  4. Barner posts @ 42%

    Forcast shows will be down to 10% after the season starts, with some gusts here and there of up to 20% during the season.

    Should be less that 1% by Dec 1st.

          1. hahaha that is funny right there Ho. FBJ don’t know anything. I thought he said he knew that the Robinson story was going to be about Bama too. He don’t know anything past the cult member testimony for today.

          2. HAHA Thats good. Brando, what have I been wrong about? Really, I want to know. Robinsons story outted your Director Of Football Operations, so it had something to do with Alabama. Also, remember months ago, I told you that this went on everywhere, and this thing was going to get ugly? What did you Skoal spitters say to me? Oh yeah, “That doesnt hold water”, was how it went. You want to name off all the schools that have been exposed SO FAR? LMAO, You jackarses are downright dumb. I will put up what I know against anything any of you THINK you know anyday.

  5. Once a CHEATER, always a CHEATER. Pannunzio fits right in with the dirtiest school in college football and top of the NCAA Habitual CHEATER list; BAMMER!

    1. Yes, yes, we get it. Bama got caught cheating. UT did too, fool. In multiple sports. UT fired everyone and threw themselves at the mercy of the NCAA. Fulmer was forced to resign after pissing in his pants after facing Saban twice. Hamilton resigned trying to mute the punishment that is still coming. Call us what you will, but we all know that puke orange is just a shade away from being piss yellow, like your school colors ought to be. Fulmer has shown us his big yellow streak already. And after the third week in October this season, you will be showing yours, too.

      1. BammerBrenda,

        Read your own post “Fulmer was forced to resign”!
        That means he did not leave on his own, DUMBASS!

        Besides, Fulmer owned the dirty, cheating Bammer bastards! You MORONS act like you want him back to put more beat-downs on your sorry arses!

        Tennessee Orange is a real color and looks great, unlike that red/white crap on Bammer’s clothing which looks like a used tampon!

    2. Indiana shut up. Just shut the hell up. Your beloved Vols are bracing for a spaning from uncle NCAA and you are here pointing a finger. Man you are one convulted, half witted clown shoe.

      1. alMouthyTurdmc1,

        No sanctions yet and when was the last time the Vols were penalized?? How many times in the past 20 years has Bammer been caught??

        I rest my case!

        1. Your program isn’t so clean. If Fulmer hadn’t been such a snitch, UT could have been in a lot more trouble, with the trainer and the Peyton Manning tapes, the professor who ratted, Juicy Locke, etc. The Vols got lucky in those days, but Fulmer went down hard in the end. Now look at the shape of UT.

          1. Please!

            Peyton Manning (Bammers are still sore because he OWNED your sorry ARSE also!!

            All investigated and action taken!

            Please show me where the NCAA levied any sanctions; please show me!!

            Spurrier knew the Crimson Turd was cheating and threatened to expose it. How do you know he did not do so??


  6. Indiana VOL,

    Derek Dooley will be crying like a little bitch when the hammer falls on UTCheat. Keep talking smack, it can get worse

    1. I think the point most on this thread are missing is that college football is a shady business. Any statements that ‘our team’ isn’t dirty are near-sighted and naive. Saban claiming we do things the right way is arrogant and foolish on his part.

      Suppose a woman’s first husband divorces her for committing adultery, and she then joins the most notorious prostitution organization in the country. Isn’t it reasonable to question her ‘faithfulness’ in her current marriage?

      1. Saban hasn’t been caught running a dirty program. He pushes the rules to the limits, for sure, but saying they all do it equally is wrong. But of course, when your program is about to get the wrath of the NCAA at the wrong time, you might as well go ahead and start making some kind of excuse.

        See, Chizik is standing up at the podium, and is claiming the same exact thing that Saban has. Do you apply the same criticism equally? No, because you are not the voice of reason, you are a dedicated cult member on a Bama site with a biased opinion. You don’t like Bama, we get it. We don’t like Auburn. So now why are you here again?

        We both know the answer to that.

        1. I like Bama. In fact, before I went to Auburn I was a huge Bama fan. I even had a dog named Bear…

          You’re missing the point. I am fully aware of the possible shadiness of all major college football programs…Auburn included.

          Coach speak is coach speak. Yes, Saban and Chizik say basically the same thing. But isn’t it a little suspect that Saban says he only hires people who do the right thing, yet hired this sleazebag from Miami?

          Now you’re probably saying, what about the Cam situation? Believe me, my stomach turn whenever Chizik says…”I sleep well at night,” I hope he does and that if it happened, the AU coaches had zero knowledge. If it happened, the best I can hope for is that it was the action of a rogue booster; whether or not it was remains to be seen. I concede that…

          But for Chizik to hire someone who had been fired from a head coaching position for questionable activities…is like hiring the rogue booster to be the Director of Football Ops.

          Saban’s choice for the position seem to be contradictory to way he claims to do things.

          1. blah blah blah. You have never been a real Bama fan. Saban has never been part of running a dirty program, and I believe he is anal enough to know exactly what is going on in his program. If things aren’t being run his way, he will hire someone in who will.

            Chizik, on the other hand, very well could not be aware of what is going on in his program, and that may be why the unpopular decision to hire him was made to begin with. It brought a known cheater, Pat Dye, back into the fold, and now the boosters that Tubs had the upper hand on for so long has more power than ever before. All for that national championship. And you cult members are pointing the finger at Bama and accusing Saban of running a dirty program.

          2. Voice,
            If Chizik had one scruple left he would not have went to work as Pat Dye’s talking head at Auburn. The same Pat Dye who “stepped down” as coach after a “controversy” and yet…. still is on the payroll at Auburn for doing that thing… You know that thing he is supposed to be doing. That super secret hush hush job that gives him an office and a salary for ____________ (fill in the blank when you find out what he is supposed to be getting paid for.)).

  7. He will be let go within six months.

    But what is lost in all this is that Joe Pannunzio coached at Auburn for five years under Tommy Tuberville during the period that Stanley McGlover claims rampant cheating was taking place.

    The dots are connecting; he’s just been in T-town for five months. He was in Lee County five years.

    1. ITK should be IDK. According to his bio on the U of Miami website, he was in Lee County for one year. As the Voice of Reason, I’m hoping to expand your understanding of the human condition to consider that perfect people and perfect college football programs do not exist.

      1. Here you go dumbass:
        Coaching Background:

        Coach Pannunzio is starting his fifth season as the Hurricanes’ tight ends coach and special teams coordinator. In total, Pannunzio has coached in college football for the last 28 years, steadily rising the ranks from a star player at Southern Colorado to head coach. Immediately before joining the ‘Canes, Pannunzio was the head coach at Murray State from 2000 to 2005. In his six years as head coach at Murray State, his teams finished 30-37 and won one Ohio Valley Conference title and advanced to the playoffs one time. Prior to becoming a head coach, Pannunzio spent five years working for Tommy Tuberville at Mississippi and Auburn. Before that, he spent four years under Jim Wacker at TCU and Minnesota. He also coached for seven years at Mesa (Colo.) College, where the team appeared in the NAIA national championship game twice and led the nation in total offense and scoring one time. His two stints at Mesa wrapped around two years at Kansas, where he worked under Mike Gottfried.

        Looks like ITK was right. Go back and read his post AGAIN, you illiterate cult member.

          1. F–k you, dude, and Auburn too. Hows that for polite? He said he was coach when McClover was there. You know, the part you skipped over, cult member.

          2. Bamabrando,

            I never questioned that. I’ve been surprised by less than what McClover alleges. What you skipped over is that a coach who may have been shady at Auburn, gets fired from Murray State, and is actively involved in outstanding improprieties at Miami gets hired by Saban; a coach who misses nothing and is so concerned with doing things the right way.

            Is it wise to believe he began walking the straight and narrow when he moved to Tuscaloosa?

            Did I skip anything there?

    2. ITK. you dont say. You (and I ) would have thought that at AU Pannunzio would have learned to be an Auburn Man* (Patent pending, all rights reserved) Auburn men dont lie, dont cheat and dont do anything that is less than heroic and honorable. Ask Phillip Marshall. He has a coffee table book full of the superhuman (and moral) epics of Auburnhood.
      So the cheater paunnzio was at Auburn for 5 years. Now that is rich.

  8. Here’s the thing: All this time you guys have argued that the TTMW story was a total non-issue because the administration, including the UA compliance director and Saban, indicated that they checked it out and everything fell within the bounds of NCAA rules. You blasted any retorts with superlatives about how perfect the UA administration was and how the compliance department would NEVER let anything happen. The mere notion that an investigation is warranted was dismissed with disdain because, after all, Saban and the compliance department said everything was ok.
    Now, you have the very same administration, compliance department, and Saban saying they checked out Pannunzio prior to hiring him, and didn’t find any red flags. Given the recent Yahoo.sports story and admission by Murray State of previous wrong doing (which led to him being fired), most rational people will come to one of 2 conclusions: (1) You can’t rely on the compliance department and Saban to adequately uncover wrong doing; and/or (2) The compliance department and Saban are intentionally avoiding any report of UA wrongdoing. Either way, it is pretty clear that the previous defense of “the compliance department has looked into it and all is ok” no longer (if ever) can be taken seriously. For goodness sake, it seems that all they had to do was call up Murray State for a reference. Consider the following quote, “You must understand that in 2005 when I was president at Murray State, I fired our football coach, Joe Pannunzio, because of numerous incidents that occurred in our program under him that were quite bad…”
    Let me add one final point. All this time, you guys have suggested that AU fans are incredulous about Auburn’s wrongdoing, and we as a fanbase are “skanks” because we haven’t called for the immediate resignation of the football staff, irregardless of the fact that any investigation has not yet provided proof. It’s very telling that you guys are now willing to “let the process play out” and make sure there is evidence. In other words, any accusation against AU should be considered fact and should be punished immediately. UA, on the other hand, should always be given the benefit of the doubt. Along those lines, you guys have criticized AU for not sitting Cam, but are more than willing to let your accused coach continue for the season… despite admission by some of you that he will likely be fired in 6 months. It sure seems like UA is going “All In” given the projected strong season and chance of a NC. Would this guy have been fired already if expectations weren’t as high this year for UA? Most likely. Isn’t that the same argument you guys made about Cam last year (i.e., Auburn went “all in” and put the program in jeopordy for a shot at the NC)?    

    1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not going to read all that S**t.

      Damn FYI, get out of your mothers basement and enjoy life a little bit. Go back when the season starts, nobody will blame you.

      Tip: The website is to post comments, not term papers.

      1. Saban and UA’s Compliance department claim to have thoroughly investigated Pannunzio’s background?

        Either Saban is a completely incompetent leader (he is not) or he knew about this guy’s history. Either he failed to prepare for the interview with a Dir of Football Operations candidate (No way he wasn’t prepared) or he failed to ask a MANDATORY question concerning Pannunzio’s work history.

        “Coach, tell me about your departure from Murray State.”

        1. “Coach, tell me about your departure from Murray State.”

          well Coach Saban, they fired me because i was cheating like a son-of-a-bitch!”

          really dude, put down the crackpipe.

          if any of you aubie dunces can prove:

          (1.) the murray state university president told the NCAA what he did to pannunzio and why,


          (2.) they relayed this information to University compliance when the background check was done and Saban hired him anyway,

          THEN you’ve got something.

          common sense tells you the NCAA didn’t have the info from the murray st. president. (or anyone else for that matter, and i’d be willing to bet the question has been asked within NCAA investigative circles, WHY?)

          had they, that would mean the NCAA nixed the hire, but Saban hired them (specifically pannunzio) anyway.

          it’s obvious this guy has flown under the radar for some time aided by many zipped lips.

          but somehow, Saban was supposed to figure out what NCAA compliance couldn’t.

          but don’t let that stop you. keep on smoking the crackpipe while you wait on the return of the hale/bopp comet.

          1. Whenever you’re interviewing to fill a vacant position in your organization and one of the candidates has been FIRED from a previous job, you ask about it.

            It’s a MANDATORY question that demands an answer. Rarely will a candidate admit any wrongdoing, but the interviewer observes the candidate’s body language, tone, and response to determine if they’re being BS’d or not. I presume Saban has a pretty good BS filter.

            Also, whenever performing background checks on candidates for positions at any level, their former employer will tell you NOTHING except that “Steve was employed here from 96-99.” If they say ANYTHING negative (even if true) they can be sued for slander.

            Your statement: “but somehow, Saban was supposed to figure out what NCAA compliance couldn’t”

            My response: (sarcastic voice) If only Saban had more connections and influence in the business, then maybe he could have gotten a more complete picture of this guys character.

    2. I sure didn’t read it. What kind of fool would go to a Bama website, begging and pleading for Bama fans to view his biased opinion of things, and actually think he is going to get someone to hear him. It takes a real loser to do that. I will be glad when the season gets here and smacks all these Auburn losers around.

    3. the reason why the TTMW story is a non issue is because there’s no allegation of cheating. i haven’t heard anyone come out and say “player x received x amount of money or illegal benefits.” it’s just a bunch of pictures of players signing autographs in a store. i’m not saying a violation didn’t happen. i’m just saying it’s all suggestion and innuendo at this point. with the Cam Newton situation you had a very specific allegation of impropriety from the start. and one more thing to remember: the Newton issue was not generated by Alabama fans. the TTMW story was. Clay Travis admitted that it was generated by emailed tips.

      and you should feel lucky Newton got to play at all after it was discovered Cecil had his hand out. the NCAA could have said he was ineligible based on that information alone. i felt lucky that Dareus didn’t get ruled ineligible for the season last year. i think both programs break the rules. but don’t act like Alabama fans have cornered the market on being blind fantatics.

    4. FBJ.
      Damn you are universally stupid. If i subscribed to your argument above, I would eat toilet paper and wipe my tale on steak.

  9. Well whore, given it took abot 2 minutes to write, I didn’t think it would take that much effort to read.

    1. We know FYI. We can practically hear you hyperventilating when you wrote it. You do realize you are wasting your time here, don’t you? Does it make you feel better to come and argue you stupid biased view to us mean ol bammers? You know we don’t like Auburn, yet you still try to sell that Auburn cult bullish!t to us on a daily basis. I don’t care if you see anything my way or not. This is not about who is right or wrong, for you it is about Auburn fans hating us Bama fans, and here you are playing into it. It’s college football, and this is your rivals site. Quit agonizing over ever little post. We really don’t care what you say.

  10. “Before those people were ever hired here, we do an NCAA check to make sure they pass all compliance criteria and don’t have any red flags relative to compliance history.”

    Translation for you auburn dumb asses:

    The NCAA cleared these coaches to be hired.

    The fact is Saban and our compliance staff did EXACTLY what they were supposed to have done before hiring these coaches.

    Unless rule-breaking can be proven to have occurred since they were hired, or unless it can be proven Saban lied and no NCAA check occurred, you boneheads have nothing on this issue.

    1. Finebammer,

      I’m sure that UA did a thorough NCAA compliance check and that they were cleared to be hired. I don’t question that at all.

      I do however question the quality of an NCAA green light in their hirings when the Head of Infractions Committee was AD at U of Miami for much of the past decade. Don’t you?

      I also question how the extremely meticulous, detail oriented, nothing gets passed him Nick Saban (completely serious…major props…and much respect) would hire someone with such a checkered past…and be totally unaware of his past indiscretions.

      Isn’t that out of character with who Saban is?

      1. Ok, I’m arguing with an idiot here, but what the hell.

        “I do however question the quality of an NCAA green light in their hirings when the Head of Infractions Committee was AD at U of Miami for much of the past decade”

        Let’s carry this out to your (il)logical conclusion:

        Alabama contacts the NCAA about the backgrounds of a couple of coaching prospects. Now, mind you, they don’t have to do this, but considering the infractions situation the athletics program is in, compliance officials figured it was an appropriate thing to do.

        Regardless, the NCAA, the controlling authority in the matter, returns with a clean bill for both coaches.

        Now your expectations are that because months before the Miami story breaks, Saban should meet with the compliance officials and nix the hiring of coaches he wants due to the presence of one individual in the Infractions division of the NCAA.

        Does your blinding hatred of Alabama allow the stupidity of this scenario to escape you??

        It is Nick Saban’s responsibility to keep the program in compliance with NCAA regs. in this matter. If the NCAA cleared them to be hired, there can be NO POSSIBLE repercussions FOR HIRING THEM.

        Now surely, one would think, someone with the moniker “voice of reason” could understand the situation.

        But your argument exposes the fact you’re no “voice of reason”. Your no better than some of the most arrogant, belligerent, blind mice fanatics on both sides here.

        Just as (as I have stated in the past) nothing will come of the Cam Newton phase of Auburn’s current investigation.


        Because the controlling authority re-instated him to play. They’re not going to go back and change anything or admit they were wrong. Not what the NCAA does. I have refrained from argument on the matter because it’s a waste of breath.

        Ditto the hiring of these coaches. They’re not going to penalize Alabama for something they approved. (months before the Miami scandal broke)

        Now am I, a reasonable Alabama fan, concerned about what has happened since, in the context of the allegations at Miami, in Tuscaloosa???

        Of course. Any reasonable fan would be.

        But trying to slam Saban for hiring individuals the NCAA approved of??

        Only for the most rabid detractor such as yourself.

        1. We’re in agreement on the first point. If the NCAA cleared these coaches, and there is no proof of any wrongdoing while at UA, then no way UA will be punished for UM sins. I never said that. I merely questioned Saban’s discretion of only using the NCAA’s ‘background check’ when making such an important hire.

          The fact that you, a reasonable UA fan, are concerned about what MAY have happened since he’s been in TTown is proof of Saban’s poor discretion in the matter.

          My second point is where I’d like you to frame a response.
          “But trying to slam Saban for hiring individuals the NCAA approved of??”

          I never ‘slammed’ him. I questioned a decision he made. Saban isn’t God. He is as capable as you or I of making poor decisions. He’s a fantastic leader and an amazing football coach. No sarcasm or tongue in cheek in that statement at all. I have a lot of respect for him. But I’d like you to consider questioning this decision b/c it potentially opened up UA to the same horrendous activities that went on at UM.

          1. are you living in an alternative universe??? (your mother’s basement)

            “I merely questioned Saban’s discretion of only using the NCAA’s ‘background check’ when making such an important hire.”

            University of Alabama compliance calls the U of M about Stoutland and Pannunzio:

            “hey guys, i’m thinking about hiring these two former coaches of yours. what’s the skinny??”

            U of M, “oh no no no, you can’t hire them. they cheated like a son-of-a-bitch while they were here!”

            are you kidding me??? do you live in the real world???

            the murray state ad is out there now claiming he had to fire pannunzio over cheating. my question to him:

            where have you been with this information, buddy? the NCAA DAMN SURE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT! he’s gonna spill the beans to Saban???

            it’s funny. the Alabama athletic dept. has been roundly criticized in the past for thumbing their nose at the NCAA self-compliance process. they didn’t play the game like, for instance, UT has, committing the equivalent of NCAA violations murder, then slapping themselves on the wrist for jaywalking and getting away with it for years. (decades)

            athletics at Alabama have suffered greatly for this failure and roundly criticized by the likes of yours truly.

            now we have a coach and compliance staff playing the game exactly as the controlling authority (NCAA) would have us to do it, but for you, bonehead, it’s not enough.

            voice of reason my ass.

          2. “The fact that you, a reasonable UA fan, are concerned about what MAY have happened since he’s been in TTown is proof of Saban’s poor discretion in the matter.”

            again, conehead, there is no “poor discretion”.

            what there is now is an effort to aid your flawed argument by spinning my words.

            the thought process that leads you to argue that Alabama compliance was going to get any information from anyone that wasn’t doing the right thing to begin with by passing on the info to the controlling authority, the NCAA, requires an incredible suspension of disbelief.

            my concern about anything that has happened as a result of the hiring has NOTHING to do with the right or wrong of hiring them.

            it easy to sit back and armchair-quarterback this situation after the U of M story broke.

            ( i would remind you that the real reason the NCAA got so pissed with Alabama during the antonio langham investigation was that they came to believe Stallings and Hootie Ingram were trying to withhold information from them. the rule book is quite clear. if you suspect a violation, pick up the phone. they believed Stallings and Ingram knew of the violation and conspired to cover it up-as do I. somebody (likely a bunch of somebodies) in this matter didn’t self-report.)

  11. These humpy gumps don’t care if they are on probation and any repeat violation will result in games discounted and scholarship reductions. You guys have a loaded gun in your mouth and are looking at us? Go ahead and try to say more. It truly is funny.

    Just let the midget win at all costs. What is even funnier is that your RB situation is eroded, no starter QB, and a porous secondary especially on Millners side will make for a fun year. A freshman RB from South Carolina ran all over your dynasty defense last year for goodness sake. You will do well to win 6 games this year considering Arkansas and LSU. I would much rather have AU coaching staff than the Nicky puppet gang. They can’t recruit and are getting Mobile recruiting, a Bama stronghold, by the way whipped by Jimbo Fisher. Say what you want but our team no matter how you spin it is much better prepared this year than MulletU.

    Blow tide

    1. With a name like spanky smurf, I would not have expected such an obtuse, moonshine addled, and totally useless post. But then again, I guess thats what you get when you spank your smurf one time too many. The blood flow to the other head must have been starved until the brain’s critical ozygen reserves depleted and well…. we ended up with the dim witted post from spanky we got. Spank, its not too late. Go to rehab. Books and soap are your freind. Stop floggin your weinee. And by all means dont smoke meth before you post.

  12. I bet if I gave lil Clint a piece of barber shop bubblegum and Cracker Jacks, he would spill all the beans on Trooper, Luper, Uncle Chette’s Cabin, No-teeth Chizik and Crazy Gay Uncle Pat

  13. Reason,

    You’re spinning your wheels. It’s much easier, physically and emotionally, to just skip it. These guys don’t want on intelligent conversation.

  14. capstonereportsucks

    Here goes the little pissy bammers making up stufff again. The guy was at Auburn 1 year in 1999. Then you make up the line about McClover ….he wasnt at Auburn in 1999!!!!! Stanley was only 15 years old in 1999 You idiot. ITK and his tard nation just being them them self….proves my point I mad in another post. You can tell when its bad at bammer because they go into make believe mode .

    1. capstonereportsucks.
      Dont let the facts get in the way of your retarded argument. That would be too much like being right.
      Pannuzio was there and McGlover said he got paid. Or do you need to look that up at Auburn Undercover too?

  15. Reason,

    You make some great points. It’s too bad these guys probably won’t read it. Afterall, if you go against the grain and differ from their perspective at all, you are considered an arrogant hater or something along those lines.

    1. FYI,

      I hear you. Just trying to add some additional observations to their shallow pool of insight and information.

  16. “Whenever you’re interviewing to fill a vacant position in your organization and one of the candidates has been FIRED from a previous job, you ask about it.”

    you’re assuming he didn’t.

    “It’s a MANDATORY question that demands an answer. Rarely will a candidate admit any wrongdoing, ”

    really? rarely???

    “Also, whenever performing background checks on candidates for positions at any level, their former employer will tell you NOTHING except that “Steve was employed here from 96-99.” If they say ANYTHING negative (even if true) they can be sued for slander.”

    so to sum things up, on the key points of contention, when backed into the shallow end of the “pool”, “voice of reason” agrees with me.

    the one thing we seem to disagree on?

    Saban should be clairvoyant.

    (body language. sarc/off)

    1. So Saban couldn’t find anyone in college football who could have given him an honest assessment of the guy’s character? This is a pretty high profile and unique position with only a handful of qualified candidates in the country.
      You act like he was hiring someone to fill a night shift slot at Taco Bell.

      Clairvoyant…no. Ask hard questions and do his homework by making a few calls…yes.

      1. So, when Auburns NCAA investigation comes to a close, and lets just say there are a few major violations, are you going to question Chiziks wisdom and hiring practices?

        Why yes, you would, if those practices caused you to have to vacate a National Championship, for instance.

        But Saban has already said that if there was guilt, they would handle it. I don’t know what else you can expect him to do at this point. You sound like someone just looking for something to bitch and whine about anyway, because you don’t like Bama. It’s cool. I don’t like Auburn, and I hope they lose every game, even if they were playing the Taliban. I hope the NCAA finds guilt and hammers Auburn. All because of fans like you. At least I can be honest about it, and you come here trying to act like you are some sort of expert on who Saban should hire and fire. You are just another dumbass cult member trolling on a Bama site.

  17. From the Birmingham News:

    “But here is a quote from Alexander about Pannunzio:

    “You must understand that in 2005 when I was president at Murray State, I fired our football coach, Joe Pannunzio, because of numerous incidents that occurred in our program under him that were quite bad,” he said. “Well, Pannunzio immediately was hired by Miami, and he’s one of the coaches who’s been prominently mentioned by Shapiro in the current scandal. He’s now the head of football operations at Alabama.”

    The incidents did not involve NCAA rules violations.”

    Did not involve NCAA rules violations.


    (to be continued)

  18. FBJ

    Be a real man and accept my challenge. Until then, you’re just another punk ass bitch who hides behind a computer

    1. You have forced me to do something I didnt want to have to do RC. Before I begin, let me just say that this whole thing started when I invited you to come vist my Facebook page. Nothing violent there, but you then proceeded to challenge me to a brawl…get this, behind a BBQ place. Over a COMPUTER no less. So whenever you call me a pussy, know in the back of that mullet…er, head of yours, that in the end YOU will ALWAYS be the pussy here son. Now, you listen to me, and you listen good, you little sawed off runt. I have had about enough of your shyt as Im going to take, YOU HEAR ME LIMPWRIST??? You and I both know that, from day one, I AM your daddy, I ALWAYS HAVE been your daddy, and I ALWAYS WILL BE your daddy, DO YOU HEAR ME YOU FAT LIL BASTARD??? I am shocked that you can even type any posts at all, what with all that hair you got on your palms, you measley assed puke. Always remember this day as THE day you got your droopy looky ass OWNED on your own damn site. DO YOU HEAR ME, YOU SPERMSHOT GONE AWRY??? Why dont you go find you somebody that you can actually handle boy, maybe threaten internet rape against ya NO SNATCH GETTIN MUTHAPHUCKER???? You are punkazzed nobody runnin your mouth over the internet knowin the whole damn time YOU CANT BACK IT UP, HEAR THAT, YOU STARRY EYED TWINK??? Now begone runt, that enough biatchslappin for one night LMMFAO.

  19. FBJ lives thinks being an Internet tough guy is the same as punking someone out?! Seriously? This faggot wants me to visi his fb page for some reason, but the little limp dick PUSSY has NO BALLS to meet me and settle a score. He has about as much intestinal fortitude as his lil weak 2nd string QB and his toothless, gutless head football coach. BTW, every dipshit Auburn fan I know chews and is as fat as that cowardly pig David Housel

    ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE, FBJ. If not at the “BBQ JOINT” we can meet in downtown BHAM, North or Southside you GUTLESS REDNECK WHITE TRASH FAGGOT. SHOW SOME BALLS, and remember you’re tasting my dick when you kiss french your mama tonight

    1. Getting a little bent out of shape arent you Rc? You have nothing to offer me, or for that matter, this blog. You spew filth out every time you post. You post the same trash over and over. You do NOT have the guts to back up what you say, you worthless little piss ant. That makes you mad doesnt it? Knowing that all you are doing is making yourself look absolutly pathetic, all the while I’m standing here making you kiss my arse. How does that feel Rc? You can take your “challenge”, and much like you do with with that finger you type with, and shove it up your azz, boy. Why are you so full of hate is the question that should be asked. I think its time you got yourself evaluated RC, its for your own good. Funny how I am the “internet tough guy” here, but you are the only one thats talking about kicking ass, calling me a vagina ad nauseum, and has a disturbing habit of talking about rape, and degrading mothers and daughters alike. Thats scary RC, but I feel much better now….I just asked my mom about what you said. She told me that you are hung like a small asian child. 🙂

  20. FBJ Lives’ mother fucks small Asian children?! How racist and inappropriate. FBJ, your continual response to what you term as “hate-filled and inappropriate” posts shows just how childish and immature you are. Your family must be proud, I know your mama must be since she confides in you that she fucks Asian children. My God.

    I have made you look like a dumbass time and time again, FBJ. All you want to do is get the last word on a blog. That’s sad, dude. I keep punking you daily and you think that somehow you’re going to win. Pathetic. Man up you tater tot bitch. I’m willing to back my challenge up, you’re just a little bitch who still lives in his mother’s ROOM and sucks off her titties. You’ve never had a man of the house to set you straight, but I’ll tell you what, I’ll be that man. Accept my challenge bitch boy. What do you have to lose? You’re continual sidestepping me shows you don’t have the sack to harm a woodchuck. Do it bitch!

    1. Right now RC, I’M shaking my sac at you, laughing at you, and basically not giving a flying relations what the furk you think of me. Nobody is sidestepping you Rambo. You are nothing more than a fat assed little boy that thinks his nuts have dropped. I’m not afraid of you, I’m not going to jump when you say so, so just go back to what you were doing before I got inside that head of yours. Call me a bitch all you want, let me show you how much it hurts……RC, you are a bitch, bitch, bitch. Dont hurt much does it? Seems to me, that you need to go back to your old ways and come in here dressed as a transvestite. And I have already told you boy, you can go fornicate yourself and your “challenge” tough man lmao. You are a joke and quite frankly, beginning to bore the hell out of me. YOU HEAR ME YOU CHUBBY LITTLE JERKOFF???

  21. Wow, things have gotten pretty ugly since I’ve been away.

    BTW, Auburn Fans have contributed 50% of the posts on this Bama site.

    Some have decided to ignore the 50 words or less guideline and have written full fledge opinion pieces.

    Only one word describes this….Wow!

    I always assumed they were Aubsessed with Bama, but kinda shocked the number substantiated it so much.

    50% guys……50%!

  22. FBJ,

    I’ve been living inside your head and you know it because you respond to me even when I don’t post a thing. Your mother’s been sucking on my other head the whole time and kissing you with the same mouth. Sticks and stones buttercup. Keep talking shit coward

    1. Rotten Crotch,

      Your lack of class on the previous posts just show what an uneducated Bammer Moron oaf you really are!

      1. Look who’s talking, VOL. About class, no less. You really think you have some? Your lack of class is what brings you here to troll. Don’t even get me started on your lack of education that is increasingly more obvious with each one of your posts.

  23. Someone other than the brain dead FBJ LIVES please explain to me how someone who has given a time and location for an @$$ kicking and has CONSTANTLY asked this little mullet to accept at ANY TIME & LOCATION be considered gutless?

    FBJ/-I tell you what you pussy, I will guarantee $100 CASH if you accept my challenge, even after I kick your sorry @$$! Whaddya say? You better answer bitch!

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