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Alabama Football: Nick Saban doesn’t have time for that Miami stuff

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said he doesn’t have time for what is going on in Miami—even if it could involve two members of the Alabama football staff. Alabama offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland worked for the University of Miami and was implicated in the Yahoo Sports bombshell report. Also at Alabama and formerly at Miami is the Crimson Tide’s director of football operations Joe Pannunzio. (Read more about allegations against Stoutland and Pannunzio.) Saban’s comments were the first real comment from the University of Alabama about the situation.

“I am going to address this and that is it,” Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said. “All that stuff about Miami, I know nothing about Miami. I don’t have time to deal with what is going on at Miami.”

The Alabama football coach said he would rather focus on his program.

“I know what goes on in this program, and I know we do things correctly,” Saban said. “We do have people in this organization who worked (at Miami). Before those people were ever hired here, we do an NCAA check to make sure they pass all compliance criteria and don’t have any red flags relative to compliance history. We certainly did that in both of these cases.”

Saban said things could change the standing of the coaches relative to the NCAA, but that would happen in the future.

“Now if any of these people had any wrongdoing, I’m sure the NCAA will investigate it in due time, and if they did anything wrong, I’m sure they will get the appropriate punishment,” Saban said.

Moreover, Saban reiterated that Miami’s troubles are Miami’s troubles. Alabama runs a different type of program—one that will be run the Nick Saban way, and that means a program in compliance with NCAA rules.

“We are going to continue to control and manage and monitor what we do in our organization and do it correctly, and that is basically all we can be concerned about,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said.

22 thoughts on “Alabama Football: Nick Saban doesn’t have time for that Miami stuff”

  1. I’m sorry, but Nick Saban kicks a**.

    It’s no wonder Auburn fans hate him so much. We despise what we fear.

  2. This is the reason our program will never be butt f—ed as long as Saban is in charge. The same cannot be said for that gutless, toothless (has anyone ever seen his front teeth?) HC at Auburn University

  3. That was a reasonable response by Nick. Could have been a little more tactful, but then most of the ignorant fan base would not have understood it.

    You boyz should hope the NCAA doesn’t think that he “doth protest too loudly”.

  4. No, he just Akins the LA Tech loss to the WTC tragedy. I guess for mullets with nothing else to live for except Bamer football, then it was like terrorists killing them good ole boys. Pure unadulterated oratory genius.

    Anyways, I thought in this case he did speak well of his program.

  5. Probation....The only way to justify 28 to 27

    Honestly Auburn fans love him… He doesn’t have a dominating record against us so why fear him?

  6. Probation....The only way to justify 28 to 27

    Just for facts Nick Saban is 2-2 against Auburn at Alabama (that doesn’t scare me at all) 4-5 vs Auburn if you count Lsu wins and losses so face it Saban just sucks vs Auburn =_)

  7. Probation....The only way to justify 28 to 27

    Try to argue that without crying about a probation that will never come

  8. Probation....The only way to justify 28 to 27

    Sad thing is I was at the 2010 Iron Bowl and I am in the Auburn 2010 national championship article of SI with my picture from that game laughing at Bamers!!!!! god I love being an Auburn student laughing at you ignorant ass scam newton sticker halftime celebrating end of game crying b because i am mock celebrating that cant except the fact that our 2010 team was so good that we won the sec championship by the highest margin ever winning team ever. cry me a river that yall cant help that after being such ducks fans that we were still able to embarrasses a pac 10 team on national tv after yall printed 20000 roll ducks roll t shirts… yall are so embarrassing go hid under a rock and let the actual students and graduates talk football.. Or be dumbass bama fans and believe that Danny will give up the “bag man” bahahaha what dumbasses!!!!!!!

  9. I certainly enjoy reading where Nick Saban basically says I run this program, we follow the rules so go #$@% yourself. Love it.

  10. Probation….I can’t wait to see your reaction when your championship and tainted victories are taken away. I’m sure you guys will crow that you won them “on the field” but that logic won’t work since you guys were a 1 man team 🙂

    check back with us in 5 yrs and we’ll see how much you love Auburn’s toohless, gutless, sock puppet Head Coach and our HC you guys hypocritically refer to as “spanky.” How tall is your toothless HC BTW?

  11. What are the stats so far? Let’s see….

    46% of the posts on this Bama site is from Auburn fans.

    BTW, the article was about Nick Saban. There goes the “defending Auburn” argument.

    By the end of the day, they may break 50% !! Go Tigers!

    Little sister Barner…always trying to get into Big Brothers business…

  12. The comment was fine, but your reactions take the cake. If it was AU that had hired those assistants, all we would hear is how it’s evidence that AU is cheating. I’m sure one of your brilliant minds would also suggest the lack of response raises questions about guilt. But of course, the rules and logic (or lach thereof) you guys apply to Bama doesn’t apply to the rest of the college football world… Particularly when it contradicts your argument.

    1. You are right. But if these coaches are guilty, I want them gone as well as Saban would. One of the coaches used to coach at Auburn, so I guess you could say he learned how to cheat from the best, if he is found guilty. So, no, no logic has changed. I agree with you. But you saying it as an Auburn fan makes you to be the person you are bitching about us Bama fans as being. So, you are in the same boat, so if you are calling us stupid, then it applies to you as well.

      But I do know that it will be looked into, and a decision will be made when the NCAA investigation into MIAMI is done. Just like Auburn will be convicted, WHEN IT IS DONE.

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  14. Probation, Robert, FYI, Hoopie….watch out in here. When you present a fact in here, you will be invited behind a bbq joint to fight. Hide your wives, girlfriends, and/or daughters. Might be a good idea to keep your little boys away also “)

    1. Once again, there are some ignorant Auburn fans being punks on here as well. Call out your brothers (and Mandyke!) as well, if you are going to go there.

    2. First, you made an assumption that made an ass out of you but exonerated me. Second, ROBERT GARRARD gave me directions to his house. THird, you are a pussy for stoking a fire and not accepting a challenge. You are not a man, and your girlfriend is fucking a shemale (you)

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