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Alabama football silent on Stoutland, Pannunzio

The University of Alabama declined to say anything of substance on the status of football assistant coach Jeff Stoutland and director of football operations Joe Pannunzio. Both men worked for the University of Miami football program that was the subject of a damning Yahoo Sports report on illegal benefits provided to student-athletes.

The University of Alabama Athletic Department released this statement, “The University of Alabama is aware of the story, but we will have no further comment.”

It is an unfortunate, but expected decision.

It is the standard response in this state; too many universities in this state pick the path of no comment rather than openness. In this case, it only fuels intense speculation about what, if any, response the Alabama football program and Alabama head coach Nick Saban could make. Will the men be retained? Will the men be fired? Will the men be subject to rules education to prevent further misconduct? Certainly, the allegations require some response.

Yahoo provided additional information and documentation to buttress the claims in its report. According to Yahoo Sports, “Three sources present at Patchan’s alleged visit to Shapiro’s home confirmed the presence of the recruit and his family, as well as Pannunzio, Stoutland and multiple Miami players.”

Furthermore, Yahoo examined Nevin Shapiro’s cell phone records. According to the report, “Yahoo! Sports was able to identify 422 calls or texts between Shapiro and Joe Pannunzio from 2006 to the booster’s incarceration in April 2010.”

The details are disturbing. Perhaps it is most disturbing for Pannunzio. However, Alabama should let everyone know what it will do in response to these allegations. We know Nick Saban had a response to this story. Why not go ahead and tell us his plan of action? Nick Saban always has a plan. Kind of like Russian sailors.

53 thoughts on “Alabama football silent on Stoutland, Pannunzio”

  1. In my opinion, it is the right stance to take at this time. Let the story play out, and don’t make any knee-jerk reactions without due diligence. IF these guys are found guilty of this, then I think the proper course of action will happen. I don’t think Saban will fire anyone on the demands of the media, or anyone else.

  2. “Let the story play out, and don’t make any knee-jerk reactions without due diligence” is common response when it is “your” school. Maybe you should apply this standard to your competitors.

  3. There is nothing to say, not sure why this is even being mentioned. You have to provide vehicles, jewelry, clothing, food, money, and women to players for them to play in Miami. We don’t have that issue.

    1. No, you use a menswear store as a front to do that. Corrupt program you have there in T Town. Still pointing fingers? Oh that isnt very nice. More coming, so find you something to hold on to when the bottom falls out right from underneath you.

      1. Damn FBJ, you really don’t have a clue about what is going on in Auburn. You’re whole comment mirrors Auburn’s football program.

        You must have just woke up from a coma or something.

        Rome is burning and you are playing the fiddle.

      2. FBJ.
        Whats next? Trying to frame players becasue they were seen pumping gas and couldnt find the reciept for it 3 years later? Or maybe a player eating eating at Bob Baumhower’s (everyone knows what a bammer bob is! Certaianly he must be giving players free chicken wings!)
        But now you have the closest thing you will ever get to crucifiying Bama with this Miami thing. The whole problem is if there was corruption at Miami,… well lets see, Wasnt Tommy tuberville at Miami there for a while? FBJ ;its all speculation my freind, the problem is that the news sources doing the speculating are some of the industry leaders in the USA and that my freind does cause a lot of heads (and stones) to be turned.

  4. As a front for what? Passing $180k to Cecil Newton or holding the gear the armed robbery 4 took, oh wait, they produced the atm cards for the Auburn players to use at Lowder’s casino…

  5. Just wait until the FBI takes the leash off of Scott Moore those tapes will be the end of your pitiful program barners. atm cards, fixed slot machines, free heisman suits, prostitutes, parties, money, and everything short of an abortion for a hooker. That’s the only difference between you and Miami. That and an asterisk by the U.

  6. It isn’t looking good for bama. Suitgate, and now you bammers have two pros at paying players working for your crooked program. Good luck with that!

    1. Robert, aint it a hoot how that whole “deny and deflect” thing comes full circle? Cheatin ass program pointing fingers at others. I warned them about that haha. Bama’s day of judgement is coming….once again. Repeat offenders indeed.

      1. And yet, Auburn is the program that is under multiple NCAA investigations. If those guys are guilty of anything, Bama will handle it right. Unlike Auburn, who holds up Pat ‘Pay for Play’ homo Dye as a great hero. and currently has a known crooked towel waving recruiter.

        Yeah FBJ, judgement day is coming, 11-26 when Auburn is humiliated at home, again. All that blow hard crap about pictures not showing extra benefits has gained no traction, except on Auburn message boards. No investigation, no suspensions, nothing. But you guys keep patting each other on the back with your heads in the sand.

        1. Wow, I cant believe Danny really did tell the name of the bagman. Oh wait, he was full of shyt hahahaha.

    2. Yeah, I know. I sure wish we were in Auburn’s shoes right now.

      Honestly though, I’ve never seen such a desperate fan base like Auburn’s. What other school would try to take a photo of players in a menswear store and connect the dots to rampant cheating.

      The heat is on Auburn and they are trying, in vain, to take Bama to hell with them. Good luck with that.

      With all the trouble Bama is supposedly going to have, why is it our fanbase seems extremely calm? We have yet to feel the need to fabricate stories. We just go by what news media outlets reports.

      Aubies, do you see a difference?

      If Auburn makes it through the season without getting a LOI, then it would truly be a “god-thing”.

  7. Brando,

    I absolutely love your logic. In the same blog that you say, “… it is the right stance to take at this time. Let the story play out, and don’t make any knee-jerk reactions without due diligence…”, you follow it up with accusations about Auburn that are based entirely on speculation. Isn’t Auburn entitled to the same “due diligence”??? You guys are a joke… But entertaining!

    1. No, I base it on the fact the NCAA has enough to launch a full scale investigation into Auburn. What part of that is hard to understand? Cecils admission to shopping Cam around doesn’t really sound like speculation does it? Hearing four former Auburn players admit to pay-for-play isn’t exactly me speculating is it? It is really two entirely different situations. If the Bama coaches are guilty, at worse they will be fired, Bama will be fine. On the other hand, if Auburn is found guilty, you guys get probation and fall behind. Are you that stupid?

  8. Either there is evidence ..or …there is not. These coaches doing something wrong at Miami doesn’t mean they did something wrong at Bama. Although yahoo supposedly got corroborating testimony from 2 sources for the folks they named, I’m not condemning until Is see proof. to do otherwise would lower me to the level of RC, et al.

    Damning and convicting based on speculation is for opinionated rednecks ..and fools.

    The Capstone has certainly set this blog up to attract a bunch of stoopid, opinionated, biased Bammer rednecks.

    1. Hoopie,

      You’re a white trash Auburn fan who has no room to disparage anyone else. If Auburn people are truly the Christians they proclaim to be, They would BEG God for forgiveness and turn the other cheek when others retaliate

  9. Why should anyone be suprised that these two Bammer staff members are associated with the cheating at Miami. They found their way to Bammer, which sits atop the NCAA’s Habitual Cheater list!

    It’s only a matter of time before the NCAA finds out Bammer is STILL CHEATING!

    GO VOLS!

    1. Only yearly ass-whoopings by Bama can make a Vol so stupid with hate. You are really going to be mad this year too. So keep up with all that good hatin’!

      1. I can’t wait for Bammer to get upset; maybe by the Vols. Don’t let your mouth overload your @ss!

        1. You are a daily reminder of ‘mouth overloading their ass’. When is the last time UT beat Bama again? UT hasn’t been playing with the big boys for a while now. But who am I to disrupt your fantasy? Carry on…

    2. Indy.
      We all know you are a closet Aub so I have another comparison of Miami and paying players. Miami>Tommy Tuberville……. Tommy Tuberville.> The HBO 4. I rest my case.

      1. Come on TMC …you are probably the most intelligent Bammer on here. I’m surprised you stooped that low.

        I you want to get juvenile:

        Stanley McGlover $100 handshakes>Nick $aban at LSU. Nick $aban $100 handshakes>Alabama.

        See how easy that is.

        1. Like you have any room to talk about intelligence with all your white trash gutter posts. How’s that six-figure company run when you are posting all day? Let’s just call it a phantom company

          1. You are so stoopid I can talk on my bluetooth headset and respond to your childish posts at the same time. …usually while I’m on hold with someone.

            RC …I’m just wondering when you are gonna finally wonder how ignorant, inept and irrelevant you are.

      2. Too Funny!

        A Bammer MORON trying yet again to deflect attention somewhere else. Although I am Vol fan, I find it humorous that the Bammer Morons are praying Auburn gets in trouble with the NCAA because the entire MORON Nation is PISSED that Bammer lost to Auburn last year. As I recall, it’s Bammer, not Auburn, that is on the NCAA’s HABITUAL CHEATER LIST!

        BTW, last time I looked, TT was coaching at TTU, not Auburn!!

        GET A LIFE!

    3. Dude … you really have no life — what a fag — a VOL fan trying to “put his two cents in” on an Alabama site.

      Time for you to re-evaluate your internet time you dial-up for on a 56K modem in Rocky Flop Nation phucker.

        1. That link was all about Miami. No mention of Bama, not really sure what you are trying to prove. Last I heard, sanctions were coming down on the Vols here soon, and Auburn will be next. How come you never speak about the Vols looming sanctions and your own cheating program?

          1. Did you see the group of helmets in the picture, MORON?

            I didn’t see a TN helmet.

            BTW, the sanctions against the Vols will be minor because Kiff is GONE!

            Do you feel better?

        2. No weeping here phucker — just acknowledge the fact that the only time you wear orange is if you are in the county jail or halloween — you and your brethren are a bunch of oRangE-heaDed step children of the SEC — NO ONE wants to go and visit that piece of sh|t they call Neyland — nothing like stuffing airplane seats in a stadium to announce a six figure attendance — phags! I would rather take my family to a Motely Crue concert than bring them to an away game at Neyland — it would kind of remind them of white trash and the Jerry Springer show — too much to comprehend in real life —

          Eat a fat d|ck you troller — you know damn well if you were to show your face/name in any public place in society — well, red lights chirping and flashing —- phuck off on to your own dooley d|icksuckin’ site!

  10. I really don’t give a sh|t what happened at the “U” — you just can’t control the bullsh|t that goes along with zealous boosters with cash flow — the power that comes with that overrides any NZAA rules and regs. —

    FACT: 18-24 year old males want to party.

    FACT: It happens at EVERY college.

    FICTION: A University that DOES NOT have “SOMETHING” going on.

    It’s just the truth — people can’t handle the truth — that’s one thing I’ve learned through my trials and tribulations — the truth hurts and no one has nothing to talk about but that — because kick-off is still more than 3 weeks away —

    Should the coaches be fired: HELL NO.

    They are just coaches —- not even the HEAD coach — they’re just trying to “make it” — if some prison booster wants to shed blood on the situation – let it be

    Let’s get real folks —- the media really needs to quit sitting on that big fat dildo.

    1. oooo pretty picture! It really proves a lot doesn’t it? When is the date of the NCAA ruling on UT again?

      1. Unless I am blind, I did not see a Tennessee helmet on that link, but I did see a Bammer helmet. That Bammer helmet indicates that the notion that Bammer is considered a cheater in the same context as Oregon, Miami, USC, UNC, Auburn and Ohio State is for REAL!

        Your program is perceived by the national sports media as a CHEATER; GET USED TO IT!

        1. Vol, you are being a retard. Tennessee is currently or will be on NCAA probation because of Kiffin and Pearl.

          The more you talk, the more I feel sorry for you.

          UcheaT -> Get used to it retard.

        2. You may not be blind, but you sure are deaf and dumb that is for sure. In about 7 weeks you are really going to be hatin Bama even more.

  11. Tennessee bows down to the feet of Alabama. We’ll let you know when you can become relevant again

    Hoopie: If I’m irrelevant, why respond? We’ll see how irrelevant I am in a couple weeks

    1. Hey Rotten Crotch!

      You have NEVER been relevant and the Great State of Tennessee will NEVER bow to the toothless, inbred hillbilly Bammer MORONS!!

  12. You’ll remember how Saban reacted to a question about unscrupulous agents during the ’10 SEC media days: “Are they any better than a pimp?”

    Luchs took particular issue with that statement Thursday, reminding his audience that Saban made more than $5 million per year, adding, “What he’s done here is he’s showed who the whore is.”

    Whore? Really? Can’t wait to see how that plays in Alabama. While you’re likely to hear/view Luchs as he, um, prostitutes himself, you may not hear those particular words from him in future interviews. A recording of the interview has been passed along to Alabama. I’m not expecting a reaction. There will be enough of one from ‘Bama Nation when this gets out.

    Wow, Just wow

  13. The Great State of Tennessee, home of THE GRAND OLE OPRY, moonshine, jugs, the Smokies and Jack Daniels. Yeah, no toothless inbreds in Tennessee 🙂

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  15. Indiana Vol

    You’re a mother fucking hypocrite just like the Auburn fans on here. I remember after the tornado’s you was all “Christian like” and charitable, and now you’re spouting hate mongering BS like an Auburn fan

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