Auburn fans have revealed their true selves—petty, self-righteous jerks who would consign their enemies to hell.

Thank God that he didn’t give the Key of St. Peter to these goons.

The latest example of everything wrong with college football and modern society unfolded in a blog post today and a call Friday night to the Paul Finebaum Radio Network.

Essentially, an infamous caller to Finebaum reveled in another regular caller’s illness. Shane from Centerpoint, who publishes a regular column in print and on the web and for a couple of years published his column here at the Capstone Report, has a serious illness. Instead of wishing well a person with lung cancer, the Finebaum caller expressed joy that Shane is suffering. It was pathetic. It was sad.

Now today an Auburn blog attacks anyone and everyone who dares speak ill of the God Thing™, How Would Jesus Cheat™ Auburn Tigers.

According to the blog naming the Ten Most Disgusting Figures in Sports we find out that Paul Finebaum should go to hell. According to the blog, “Paul Finebaum (Radio Host) – Was there ever any doubt? Any man who allows his callers to trash innocent college girls on national radio not only deserves to be number one, but probably has a reserve seat waiting in hell. He brings out the very worst in fandom and is a huge cancer on the game of college football. He’s almost single handedly turned the Iron Bowl into an English soccer match. Fortunately, many in the national media are taking notice.”

Right. Everything is Finebaum’s fault. It has nothing to do with childish behavior from drunken fans and a growing lack of individual accountability.

Maybe there is something else we can blame him for? Did Finebaum cause the housing bubble? His show included bank advertisements and mortgage broker ads at one time. Let’s just blame Finebaum for that too.

The blog goes on to attack the vast anti-Auburn conspiracy that ranges from Finebaum’s radio show to Fox Sports (I guess Rupert Murdoch hates Jesus too!) to the halls of the New York Times (we know Yankee liberals hate God.)

Forget that Thayer Evans and Pete Thamel have written nothing but the truth.

They suck. Jesus hates them because they don’t love Auburn.

Pot. Kettle.

Finebaum isn’t at fault for today’s rivalry. Fans are responsible.

68 thoughts on “Auburn Fans: Finebaum is going to hell? Shane too?”

  1. Auburn people are white trash hypocrites. This is nothing new, they’ve always been the bastard children of the State.

  2. It was the worst – evil – mean spirited phone call in the history of the Show.
    I personally think that Straight-Jacket Jim told Bobby ( Robert Hogeland) that Shane has Cancer. They are very fine friends off air. In fact – Jim asked – even begged Paul to let Bobby call again – for weeks.
    Add that B*stard to your list. You must also ask the obvious – Why was the call not dumped ?

    1. FunBum is a joke.
      One long Sound Off on radio.
      I stopped listening to him years ago.
      But if folks hate him and what he does so much, they should ask themselves this: Why do they continue to listen?

  3. I didnt rejoice in anything Bobby said. To write a column lumping all Auburn fans together is no better that what Bobby said. As far as Shane goes, I didnt agree with much he said or wrote, but I hope the guy is ok and Im praying for him. I wondered what happened to him. I dont damn Paul Finebaum or anyone else to hell. Thats not my job. Now you do have a good point Pluto, in why the call was not dumped. Ratings I guess. Just speaking for myself, what was said is disgusting whether it was said on the radio or blogged somewhere…….. Get well Shane.

  4. Junkie you’re an idiot.

    A piece of shit from Homewood rejoicing over someone’s lung cancer is far worse than an article voicing an opinion about a fanbase who by all accounts is delusional.

    Your last post just proved the point. Thanks. That’s all.

  5. And you are tastless ITK. I didnt say it was worse, if you didnt read it right. You can keep putting the trademark on God and whatever else you have to do to show your hate. I layed off of it because its your site, and your right I guess. My point to you is Im letting you know, if you can see beyond your dumbass opinions about a fan base as a whole, is that I DO NOT REJOICE IN A THING HE SAID, and I agree with your assesment of Bobby being a piece of shit…. I can say that since you did also right? You dont know me and I dont know you. Prolly a nice guy, but My point was that not all Auburn fans feel that way, but if you went by that logic, you wouldnt have a column to incite anyone would you?

  6. ITK …So you would try to convince us that one misguided fan wishing bad for someone is far worse than a “blogger” issuing false, condemning statements about a fanbase that consists of hundreds of thousands.

    Both actions are deplorable. I am at least glad that you finally admit that. I disagree on which one is worse.

    The only reason that I show up here is to point out your “delusional” bias.

    I know that accuracy is not your strong point, so try to slow down and focus. The blogger mentioned that FInebaum “probably” has a seat reserved for him in hell. He didn’t say that Finebaum “should go to hell”.

    In fact Sir, your lies and false spin are just as disgusting as anything else mentioned on this page.

  7. Hopefully Share rots in hell with his non football knowledge. He never brought nothing to the show so its good his ass is gone. Oh and I watched the replay yesterday of us whipping yalls tails and man it was sweet being down 24. War Damn Eagle!!!!!!

    1. This is priceless.

      Hoopie tries to make the “one tasteless fan” ploy and Hambone comes along and makes the point for me IN THE VERY NEXT POST.

      I don’t believe in karma, but I hear it’s a bitch.

    2. it was luck and you know it you could play that game 9 more times and we would take all of them yall did not dominate anybody try that this year and see how you come out.ROLLLLL TIDE!

  8. Tasteless? I just keep it real buddy. Bobby is the best caller that has ever called that show.

  9. ITK …also stop falsely attributing the “God Thing” comment to every Auburn fan. That is what Gene Chizik said and if you have any integrity at all you will only speak to him about that and not twist that statement to use against every Auburn fan. Every Christian has sinned and will sin again. It is up our Lord Jehovah to sit in judgement as to what is “Godly” (righteous).

    If you don’t believe in God and therefore don’t accpet my paragraph above, then based on the foul-mouthed mess that you allow on your blog, you really don’t have any position to discuss what is Godly.

    As moderator, you have my email address. If you have spiritual needs, please feel free to email me and I am certainly willing to help.

    1. Hoopie, if you have a facebook account you’ll find thousands of Aubiots attributing the same thing on their pages.

      And embracing Aubie dressed up like a preacher before the Georgia game holding signs that were clearly intended to tie in with the same idea.

      And your coach claiming it was a God thing that the Clemson kicker missed the game tying field goal as time expired.

      Look, we don’t have to work hard here to prove what we claim. You just have impeccable selective reading abilities.

      And as far as your last statement there, the Pharisees had similar confidence in their giftedness. Jesus had a couple of things to say to them.

      1. I have one ITK, and for the record… none of my “Barner” friends have said anything like you describe. However I dont doubt your claim that many have said such things. I try to avoid pathetic and heartless souls like that.

    1. I can bring your ass something to the table right now hamburger. Just let me know if you wanna get your ass smoked in here.

  10. “Bobby is the best caller that has ever called that show.”

    Usually when someone or something loses the “best” they have they usually struggle, but Finebaum has done nothing but the oppisite and in a big way. The show is better off without low life scum like little bobby and thankfully we will never have to hear the BS that comes from that low life POS ever again.

  11. Well Ham – Your Post just shows that some have completely lost – whatever – moral compass they had. There really are limits that any – sick – mean spirited sick ass fan can reach or cross.
    Looks like you’re knocking Ham.

  12. Junkie you ain’t shit, never been shit, and ain’t gonna be nothin but shit. So whenever you wanna bow up to, THE HAMBONE, you better bring more than what o have seen so far. WDE

  13. How come I havent seen you in here much hamboner, maybe you post under a different name huh? On a regular basis too. You are plain stupid and a dumbass as well.

  14. No buddy because I just saw something that tickled my fancy. I don’t guess we would ever know the outcome there brilliant because one game is all they play and guess what…BAMS CHOKED IT UP!!! Take the to the bank bitches!!!!

  15. The very fact that it “tickled your fancy” is all you need to post to describe what a low life you really are.

  16. Guys sticks and stones may break my bones but ______ _WORDS can never harm me…..What is all the fuss about?
    So he got mad and said something stupid, at least he
    didn’t act upon it and vandalize property or murder someone
    for Christ sake! The bible teaches us that the person who
    said bad things will pay for it…again actions speak louder
    than words, so Harvey carried out his actions…
    He will pay for his actions also….A show of hands,,,,,
    anyone on here that has never gotten mad and said something they wish they had not said raise your hand.
    If any of you didn’t raise your hand let me remind you that
    God hates a liar.

  17. “God hates a liar”

    You couldn’t be mote wrong, the God I know and worship hates NO ONE! FACT!

  18. I just state the facts buddy. I guess when someone comes after you bams yall never say anything right. Yall are still mad because auburn is still reigning supreme!!!!

  19. I am just making my point about being heartless Rev Graves. I come here all the time and have never seen anything as pathetic and uncaring as what hambone said. He can go on as long as he wants. This isnt a football thing at all to me, he can deal with the other regulars in here, just as I do. But I can tell him that judging what he has come up with so far, they will chew his ass up. But then again, he knows that already, dont you boney?

  20. Well then learn your facts, “buddy”. Im an AUBIE son….get your ass outta our site.

  21. Sue graves you just remember the next time you or one of your family members cut down an innocent tree burn a piece of wood…etc. you/they will be going exactly where Harvey is going! He poisoned trees ya brainiac he didn’t kill a Damn soul! Dear god you people(awbs)are so stupid its sad! Btw they should go ahead and charge us bama fans $20 a whack to cut those twees down I saw em week before last they’re done!

  22. Hey junkster, there has been 34 comments and ain’t none of these bams brought shit to the table yet!!

  23. Maybe thats because they only respond to people that have game, or in your words, “bring something to the table”. You have neither, so does that explain it for you?

  24. Let me know when you wanna bring it….cuz its already been brought!!!! Shane is gonna rot in hell with the rest of you sorry ass BAMS!!!!

  25. You are just flat out ignorant. Have fun with all the BAMS in here you want. If they even bother with you that is.

  26. Now thats funny right there Bambino!

    Hambone, FBJ is an Auburn fan, but he comes and debates here all in good fun, but you show how ignorant you are with each worthless post. You won’t make it here very long.

    1. Wow, thanks for the kind words Brando. I try to keep my posts clean, but I often get sidetracked and sucked in to something that was never my intention. I enjoy our exchanges, as I do with many here….. ITK, I understand your point of what it looked like I was saying earlier, and that is my fault for not wording it better. Of course what “Bobby” said was worse, that was the point of my post. I had asked about Shane several times, including once in here, so I just wanted to show compassion for the guy and was running on emotion….my bad ITK. And as for you Lamebone, you enjoying it yet? I told you you are out of your league here “buddy”, It is refreshing to see new blood make a complete fool out of themselves, but I do have some advice for you. Not that you have the intelligence, creativity, or any game whatsoever, a good start for you might be that when you post in here, its going to take more than those two sentence brain farts you are quickly becoming famous for. Stick around though, I’m sure it will be fun.

  27. Sue, An AU coach told a recruit and his high school coach 7/2/2011 that “We are not under NCAA investigation and that it is all good” Do you really want to pull the “God hates a liar” card? If so, then based on your theory, God hates AU Coaches, thus he hates Auburn University since they represent the University. I hope your heart is right with the lord.

  28. Yeah and arguing among themselves over Moralities and God things and quoting scriptures. I think I’m gonna puke. This ‘aint church. It ‘aint even vacation bible school. This is a sports war blog for Bama fans which has been infiltrated by a toilet full of Barnturds. So lets not all get bent out of shape and rediculously self-rightous. If I want to argue theology I’ll find myself a stupid Jehovahs Witness. Bwaa Haww Haww. And you don’t want to go there with me. Both my mother and father were nationally respected Christian leaders and I’ll tell you right now that there are beings whom the uninformed, ignorant, superstitious people 5000 years ago would have considered a God. Hell, they would have considered me a God. And there’s no doubt that we owe our existence to someone like them. But they were hardly the entity that the bible wants you to believe they were. It’s time to put away our childish superstition and get real in this technological age. So you can bludgeon me with God all you want. I’ll ignore you.

  29. Haha good one there Bama slut…to bad we didn’t deny whooping yalls ass this year now did we…aren’t you suppose to be down there whoring around on that redneck CMT show?

  30. Hambonee:

    Please PLEASE explain to everyone how a 1-point victory over a 3-loss team is an ass whipping. Last ass whipping in IB I remember was 36-0 in 2008. Oh, and the one coming to Auburn this year, you phuckin cheating hypocrite

  31. RC,

    I wouldn’t bother with hamjoke. Whoever it is, it’s not worth the time or effort. He/she is clearly an ignorant arse that should not be given an audience.

  32. I am really sorry to hear about Shane and I hope that his fight is a win for him and his family. I dont think anyone ever agreed wholeheartedly with what Shane said. But he did say a lot of things that came to pass. He also was unabashed in his love for the Crimson Tide. Which is cool. The “unbiased” jounalists at Al.Com. (sorry… I gotta go to the men’s before I piss my pants laughing) Should take a page from Shane and just tell it the way it is for themselves instead of making the money and lying like the media wh*res they are.
    As far as PF goes. he has made a good fortune playing the ringmaster in a Jerry Springer-esque production that he alone seems to benefit from. If there is a hell PF might make it there. he might not, too… The writer’s at well. if there is a hell they will be the bathroom attendants.

  33. I did like BamaGirl10 comment. WDE (We Deny Everything). I’m going to steal that one…

  34. Damn yall should het a freaking life you bunch of dumbasses. No wonder everyone looks down on the state of Alabama. Just look at some of what you guys say. It’s embarrassing. Grow up would you? I guess that is just the way the Bama Fans show their class. It is sickening.

  35. Do what I did and call Dr Mark Michaelson. I had the lasic procedure 7 years ago and it was the best decision I have ever done and my wife got the procedure done like 2 yrs ago or something…so don’t fall off that roof, if you fall off the roof (and die!) You’ll be no good to the wife and kid. Do what I did and and call my friend Chris at Guttercap.

    Things are heating up at the know my predictions well…I told you about the RT exodus, more to come…get ready for the future record speaks for itself.

  36. Volunqueer, I’m not an athiest. I’m just not stupid enough to believe like a braindead sheep the ravings of 5000 year old creitans who never even traveled outside their own desert. And to whom a cellphone, Ipod and laser cannon would be 100% reason to call someone a God. I believe they encountered entites 100 million years older than them and what they did definitly was Godlike. And I believe that is what was written about. But I do not believe those entities were omnipotent nor omniprescent. You can call me an athiest all you want toadface, but if you think that is a dis to me then you are a moron. And you’re a moron anyway if you believe your God who is supposedly perfect and all good and incapable of wrong could actually permit the unspeakable attrocities that has been allowed to happen to trillions of his innocent children over the past 5000 or so years. I know my God wouldn’t. Maybe you’d like to have your Mother raped 50 times and gutted alive with a hot hook and then tell me how good your God is?

    1. Wow. If Im not mistaken Crimsonite, didnt you mention something about dark secrets you heard from your family, and that they were involved in freemasons or something? I’m not being a smartarse or sarcastic, I am intriqued by it is all.

    2. “your God who is supposedly perfect and all good and incapable of wrong could actually permit the unspeakable attrocities that has been allowed to happen to trillions of his innocent children over the past 5000 or so years.”

      I truly feel sorry for you if you don’t believe in God, the Father and Jesus, the Son. You have my sympathy.

  37. Not all auburn fans are the same capstone. You prove in your article that you’re just as classless as the “fans” you are referring to. Get well soon Shane. Looking forward to future trash talk.

  38. That post was a long time ago. And it was another part of my family involved in that. As for secrets, those were in the book that the Masons Goons confiscated from my Mothers great, great, grandmother after her husband passed away. It was never supposed to be in her home but since her husband was the head of the Masons in 3 countries who the hell was going to tell him he couldn’t take it home? Everyone is dead now so all there is are stories passed down. My parents were never involved in any freemasonry but they knew the truth and stood against them in their missionary fields. What I posted above is nothing more than my personal thoughts after spending a lifetime in an extremely religious environment and watching what happened to family, friends and aquaintances who sacrificed their entire lives working for “God” and were “Gods” messengers. I’m embittered, that’s a fact. And like I said, if the “God” in the Bible were real he wouldn’t allow the inhuman suffering of his children for the sake of a damn plan.

    1. Well, I can understand your feelings about that. I have strong beliefs myself, but I try not to judge anyone else, because who is to say my beliefs are right? Thats where faith comes in, and as long as we are strong in our faith, all is good to me. I have heard a little about the freemasons and it is kind of spooky. Some people laugh it off, and they are the same ones who are not paying attention to world events. My eyes are watching everything they can. No problem from me crimsonite, I enjoy digging at you on here and all, but I do enjoy civil conversations at times as well. But to me, trading cracks and jokes in here is one way I deal with BS in real life…and I have a bunch of BS around me so thats why I “troll” here haha.

  39. The barnies just keep showing their true colors….It just makes you even more proud to be a Bama Fan everytime the west georgia fans open their crying, Cheating,laughable mouths…..jus say-n

  40. Pleez lurn to spel. yall sound lik a bunch of redneks, oops, I meen gennelman farmers or just ignerant goobers, all a yall. so there. put on yer big gurl panties and deel with it

  41. Looks likes I gots me a stalka runnin aroun on my owns social media site. Now dontcha go round carryin ya whip to use on my backside now pleassa.

  42. Indiana VOL

    you stupid hypocrite, if you were a Christian you wouldn’t provide all this hate mongering on this site. The Alabama fans are trying to educate the Auburn hick fanbase here

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