Yesterday’s Tweet from ESPN’s college football analyst Joe Schad says it all:

“The NCAA is announcing results of Georgia Tech investigation today at 3. Who knew Ga Tech was under investigation???”

The Tuscaloosa News’ Cecil Hurt’s Tweet also speaks volumes:

“For speculators on what a school or NCAA ‘must’ release: Tech got an NOI on 9/13/10, NOA on 12/11/10, a hearing on 4/15/11. All under radar.”

Georgia Tech was stripped of its 2009 ACC title and fined $100,000 for failure to cooperate with the NCAA, and finds itself on four years probation.

All because of a player eligibility issues, one of which involved Demaryius Thomas who was found to accept $312 worth of clothing from an agent runner. Thomas, along with safety Morgan Burnett, was later found to have been “prepared” for interviews with the NCAA which granted him temporary eligibility.

Yellowjackets coach Paul Johnson said that he believed Thomas and Burnett were eligible to play in the last three games of the 2009 season when the NCAA told Georgia Tech A.D. Dan Radakovich they had been cleared.

Does any of this sound familiar?

But as Schad pointed out, the most alarming element for fans of a program widely thought to be in the crosshairs of the NCAA is this:

All of this was happening to Georgia Tech with zero indication in the local media.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had no idea that the Yellowjackets, mere walking distance from the paper’s sports department, got an NCAA notice of inquiry on September 13, 2010, a notice of allegations December 11, 2010 and stood before the freaking committee on infractions on April 15, 2011.

That sounds familiar too, as this state’s beacon of journalistic integrity, the Birmingham News has yet to shed ink on the Auburn story.

But unlike Georgia Tech, where the national media didn’t seem to have a clue either, the national media has been sniffing the Auburn trail for months. All the while Aubies have been feasting on the drivel dribbling from the mouth of Auburn Coach Gene Chizik, and the predictable talking heads that opt for spin over the truth.

What does the Georgia Tech story tell us? It’s simple.

If you’re an Auburn fan and really believe what your team did last year was above board, you’re like an ignorant beachgoer relaxing in an innertube in the ocean’s warm waters…all while the sharks are circling and sizing you up down below.

But the scariest element is that while Georgia Tech’s shark was probably an ill-tempored sandshark, with only a small infraction leading to their punishment, Auburn’s may be a great white, with half a dozen “alledged” investigations going on into Auburn improprieties in the last several years.

And to make things even more interesting, it was Chizik reaching down into the waters to strike the shark on the head by irritating NCAA vice president for enforcement Julie Roe Lach at the SEC meetings in Destin last month.

But don’t worry, Auburn fans. There’s still nothing to worry about, right?

Bon appetite!

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71 thoughts on “Hey Auburn: Ga. Tech thought they were in the clear too.”

  1. One of the interesting elements of the story was how the compliance official at Ga. Tech handled things.Read the NCAA infractions committee report and you’ll see some negative things said about the compliance efforts.

    Anyone care to guess why that is relevant today?

    1. Mmmmm, could it be that the dude over compliance at GT when all of this happened is now the Numero Uno compliance dude in the lowliest lil’ villitch????

  2. AU’s going to burn, but you’re aubsessed. I want to read about Alabama news, not barner stuff.

    1. Dude, it’s the offseason….Not much news coming out of BAMA….awbrun is a thorn in BAMA’s side….THEY are making news daily….Deal with it….or come back when practice starts

  3. The fact that Auburns investigations aren’t over so quickly should be something for Auburn fans to worry about. It sure has been a quiet few days from the Auburn Cult Members that live here. Where did they all go? I sure am goiing to miss them being here so much this season…

  4. Siran, we’ve posted plenty of good Bama previews to the upcoming 2011 season. Don’t have to look hard to find it.

    But a sister school in our state who happens to be a rival under the NCAA cloud is news here, however you slice it. Affects recruiting, affects perception, and offers justice for a fanbase tired of listening to self-righteous blather over the last decade.

    If you really are a Bama fan, you want to read about that. Sorry.

    1. I’ve written over 4,000 words this week on Alabama’s 2011 season………

      still plan on doing a bit more on the upcoming season too.

      1. Cap,,, cant you just leave poor little innocent harmless Aubie alone… I mean, if it were us they would be all understanding and sympathetic, now wouldnt they?

  5. Affects recruiting, affects perception, and offers justice for a fanbase tired of listening to self-righteous blather over the last decade……. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Oh my goodness! Pot, meet kettle lmfao. Thanks for that ITK.

  6. Exactly ITK. There’s really not a lot going on right now football wise for you to report on. All the offseason news is about other schools getting their azzes handed to them by the NCAA. Take notice Barnturds – they were serious when they said they are going to make examples out of cheaters. And what you are suspected of is far far worse that what was done by any school which has been sanctioned so far. Although Ohio St isn’t finished yet. Ouch – all those questionable cars! Anyway the point is Barnie is news worthy right now and as our instate and biggest rival they are of huge interest to us. As for the slow moving investigation I guess dumbazz Cheezedick nipped in the bud all those Barturd claims that nothing was going on or it would be over like at other schools. The truth of the matter is that they have so much on Aubie that they are taking their time to get it right and then – BOOM!!!! RTR!

  7. 28-27, you updykes… your manufactured campaign to besmirch the first SEC team to win the MNC while not on probation since 2008 will fail, and your own little kingdom run by a midget will go down.

    1. Amazing how we got the New York Times to come along with our little ploy.

      Well, them and the VP for enforcement for the NCAA.

      Do you ever stop and consider who stupid your arguments sound?

      Look barner, ya’ll are going down. Begin dealing with it now.

      1. But the Red Elephant Club is bigger than the Stonecutters and the Illuminati!

        They control the Internet. They control the NCAA. They control the media!

        It is all a conspiracy!

  8. Its ok that you have been second best for the past decade. I understand your AUbsession with AU and suggest you get a real job, a hobby, a friend, or a passion outside of little college football. This does not mean you should head over to the equestrian field and get all earthy with the stangs. You Updykes are hilarious…

    1. Here’s a real Branch Bovinian for you….On a football site telling the blogger to get a life….Sounds kind of redundant Speaking like a true member of the Moocow Mafia drunk on $Cammie $Cam Juice ….

  9. The same compliance director, that was at ga. Tech during the ncaa investigation is now compliance director at awbarn! WOW!


  10. USCw …reggie Bush’s parents had the cars and house.

    OSU …the tat’s were real.

    GT ….the t shirts and watches existed.

    When I see evidence that Auburn did something wrong, then I’ll be consciously worried.

    I’m convinced that Gene Chizik feels nothing wrong was done and that is why he made the mistake of challenging the NCAA VP.

    That being said, every Auburn fan probably has a slight subconscious fear that somewhere or somehow some of that old Auburn group couldn’t resist themselves and may have meddled and cheated. Lowder and McGregor were already hamstrung before Cam was in the picture, so if something wrong was done, it the Yella Fella or some others.

    I’ve enjoyed watching you folks get played by whoever has been feeding you propaganda to keep you incited. If a rogue booster has done this and if there is evidence to that effect, it probably won’t be anything that you have claimed was the source …..O wait …and RC will miraculously show up and claim that this is what his source told him.

    Unlike in all 3 of those examples above ….there is not a name, or instance or even the beginning of evidence to investigate. There is only the logic leap that because Cecil asked MSU for money and was rejected that he surely asked Auburn …oh ….and Auburn surely paid. That’s it. Everything else is speculation and conjecture.

    The fact that the NCAA can’t make up their mind whether they are investigating Auburn or not doesn’t change the fact that there is not even an instance to investigate.

    1. Hoopie,

      In all honesty, if Auburn fans adopted that tone, it would be much less fun to point out the NCAA troubles.

      Most likely Auburn’s troubles will focus on the HBO 4 allegations and then move into the agents/runners that seem to consistently follow the NCAA recruiting probe. It is the agent/runner issue that sent investigators to South Florida and Louisiana and Arkansas.

      It looks like several media outlets are working on the story.

      Are boosters involved? I don’t know. But the agents/runner thing combined with Auburn’s name consistently coming up in reports should worry the typical fan.

      That is if the typical fan were honest with themselves and not going into the hyperbole of callers to Finebaum’s radio show.

    2. Hoopie: Here’s an analogy for you: If you’re hunting, do you give away your position? With that said, neither you or I know what facts have or haven’t been found. However, they haven’t hopped down from the tree stand and headed for home yet either. When you combine that with the fact your little spike of a coach popped his head out and dared the NCAA to shoot, well… I think you and I know that the scope on the NCAA’s 30.06 has a point of reference now and Roe Lach is itching to fire.

  11. But Hoopie, there are tapes! Oh, wait, they were fake…
    But there is BTT… but he failed to see LSU’s trouble with all his supposed insider info on Auburn.
    But there is jawa in his daddy’s basement imagining.
    And there are FBI wiretaps in the banking trial indicting boosters…. oh no! It was baby bahr!!!
    The source of all these rumors is as plain as the bammer class tattoo on McBrodies chest.

  12. Here you all are! Y’all get your last shots in while you can! I understand your bitterness considering what a guilty verdict from the NCAA would do to you guys. After y’all have been waiting for so long to know what winning a national championship would feel like, this has to suck for you. To be honest, I didn’t think Auburn would win one in my lifetime. But when they did, it was under so much scrutiny and scandal, it was worth it! It has just kept on giving us so much to talk abut in the off-season! Not the championship, but the controversy that just won’t go away. It looks like it will follow you into this season as well, where you will be rebuilding. How much is that first loss going to sting you guys? You know it is coming. And y’all get to watch Bama still get more respect and positive attention than you guys once again.

    Even when Auburn wins, you guys still seem like such losers. Roll Tide, Cult Members! Can’t wait until Ass-Whooping Day 11-26! Y’all be sure to be here!

  13. Yet another dumbass Hoopty post. The Vice President of the NCAA Enforcement Division had her mind made up when she bitch slapped JizzLips so hard he went home and renegotiated his contract to get paid when Auburn goes on probation.LMAO@ Hoopfrie.Man you barners are the stupidest lot ever.

  14. Remember a few months ago when I was telling you guys not to point fingers, find something to hold on to, etc? In a few weeks, you will know what I am talking about. For sure. WDE.

  15. hey dum dum bambino, just about every coach has that in their contract. Just look at the midgets contract before you poop out your mouth. 28-27

  16. Bamabino, have you picked it out yet? The bridge I mean, that you are going to plunge off of when that DOESNT happen. Pick one over water, as I have heard that shi… I mean you, floats.

  17. My bad bamabino, that floating thing was meant for Eggie Whites. Please accept my apology kind sir.

  18. Testy? Mmm, I’m not testy Whore lol. Good name though. Shows creativity. Some sorely lack that, and you know who you are :). And welcome to the best Auburn site on the net Mr.McKlluskey. LOL Love the way you say Paaaawwwwwllll. That is sooo dead on brother.

    1. Thanks, Junkie….I don’t get to post much here, but I just had to on this article….

  19. Hooper Stuper you ignorant cow humper. Ga Tech was busted for $351 of clothes. The athlete still swears he never got any clothes. Dumbazz there wasn’t any evidence, they never saw the alleged clothes. The NCAA doesn’t need physical evidence cause they operate in a facist world. All they need is what they have on your azzes with the former players testimony. A few lie detector tests and they’ll be good to go. So there’s your phucking evidence. Just as good as anything they had on Ga Tech. You stupid inbred, You act like the only thing you have to worry about is Scam! That’s just the beginning and I don’t think the NCAA has been wasting their time, money and manpower investigating Scam for 10 months unless they are pretty sure about some things. You were right about one thing though – Cheezedick made a mistake pissing off the NCAA investigator – a damn big mistake. Seems like pissing off the NCAA investigators is what turned a minor $351 dollar error into a 4 year probation with forfeit of championships for Ga Tech.. Nice move dude! Bwaa Haww Haww! I laugh at all you retards rolling in denial. Keep ragging us about that puny azzed, lucky 1 point win and that invisible National Championship*. Won’t be long now fools! RTR!

  20. Talk about being innappropriate, and vile. Seems I had a a part of a post of mine deleted for something that was deemed as such, even though it was an actual story and nowhere near as sickening. But when you cant come up with bigger words, just throw out all the genitalia and body fluid remarks you can. But then again, I would expect nothing less from you.

  21. Back to the story…. Auburn thought they weren’t under investigation, but a NCAA rep made it clear that they were. And have been for a while now. Everyone else in the country (except the Auburn Cult and apparently their dumbass leader) knows that Auburn has been playing dirty, recruiting dirty, and breaking rules. You have 4 admissions on HBO that say they were paid. You have Cecil still talking like a guilty man. You have the rest of the SEC coaches discounting you and snubbing you. You know if half of what they are looking at has any legs, lack of institutional control is a given. Auburn is just living on borrowed time right now. The NCAA does not have an obligation to keep the public informed of the status of their investigations. But if Auburn was clean and innocent, they would have found out by now. The longer this drags out, the worse it will be for Auburn. It is funny how all y’all Auburn cult members are still in denial, and the best FBJ can come up with is ‘just wait a couple of weeks, and Bama is gonna be in trouble too’. Auburns problems have nothing to do with Bama. We are just here laughing at the slow destruction of Auburn by their own hands.

  22. As an Auburn student, I feel like you all think that the comments and “facts” you present should anger or offend me. Posts like those by crimsonite just make me realize why I don’t go to Bama in the first place and why I never want to be associated with that place.

  23. Rowltahd, keep living in your dreamworld with unicorns and candycane leprechauns. If you need us we’ll be facing, er, embracing, your coming reality.

  24. No Rowltahd, you’d rather be associated with a cult that insulates itself from the truth. Great choice pal. Enjoy the next five years of hell as the cloud continues to grow and then the you know what drops from the sky on Lee County.

  25. Oh I have better stuff Brando, just saving it up is all brother. Just dont want you to be surprised is all. Like last time….

  26. I know this won’t make sense to anyone here except for auburn students and alumni, but the last reason I chose auburn was it’s football team. Alabama just sucks. Sorry. I’ll say war eagle win lose or tie. And yeah, I’m living in a dream world while in yours we are already being punished based on 4 players on HBO who all had an axe to grind and one was even paid through his charity to say what he did. One even had already sued auburn and lost. Credible sources. I wouldn’t know though would I, seeing as I’m in a cult or whatever you fools keep telling ourselves.

    1. yeah you are living in a dream world and the dream is about to end auburn sucks more than any school in the sec . BAMA is the team in this state always has been always will be. auburn will always be second fiddle . rivalries are made because its pretty close in head to head games over the years which bama is ahead in but on the national scene its not close 13-2 ring a bell as in NATIONAL TITLES. get used to it ROLL TIDE

  27. Whichever one of you idiots wrote this article, you need to get some things straight. Chizik didnt play Cam on the hunch or feeling he was eligible. The NCAA declared him eligible to play. That is a fact.

    1. if you dont like thes articles go somewhere else ass wipe auburn sucks and that is the bottom line. yall cant hack it because you are fixin to go down and it kills your soul. go get on your own site

      1. Learn to use common grammar. And “Fixin”, you can’t be serious… L O L!!!!

        Perhaps you were looking for “about to”. Nothing here is broken, so it isn’t about to be fixed and it isn’t in the process of being fixed. Idiot.

    2. It’s ok dumbass. Your coach doesn’t know the difference between the NCAA reinstatement committee and the NCAA enforcement committee either.

  28. Hey rowl I bet you major in political science at awbarn because momma and daddy couldn’t afford law school at Alabama! Btw which trailer park do you live in?

    1. For some reason all the arguing here consists of you fools just calling people white trash and names….ok. Anyway, I’m in engineering, something Bama can’t touch Auburn on. I’m just trying to cipher through all the grammatical errors and run-on sentences that you guys have managed to post on here, full of cursing and hatred. I really don’t know how to respond to the idiocy. I guess you can tell when your fan base doesn’t any educational institution, let alone the one they cheer for…

  29. Oh yea rowl scammy was declared ineligible AFTER the Alabama game so yea chizik knew he was ineligible and played him anyway! Thumb his nose at the NCAA there too ya furkin genius!

  30. Hey Rowl, check the facts. GaTech thought the players they just lost their 2009 conference title over were eligible too.

    Check the NCAAs statement on the matter last November. “AT THIS TIME” is a pivotal phrase you may wanna learn the meaning of. Surely you can get that. Afterall, you’re an AU student.

  31. Hey RowlTahd we all want to thank you for not coming to Alabama. We don’t want you. In fact I’ve got it on good authority that your Mama didn’t want you either. When she saw the best part running down her leg she knew what was left would be a retard. Didn’t realize ya’ll have remedial classes at Barnturd U. But since you’re there I guess we know different now. Sure those guys had axes to grind. They also had legal representation to advise them before they went on national telvision and said things that could land their azzes in jail or liable for 100’s of thousands of dollars. Ask Gene Jelks what happens when you perjure yourself in an NCAA case. And boy are we just totally scared shytless by the warning of undisclosed information ferreted out by super Pulitzer reporter FlatButtFlunky. I bet his source is Bernstein or maybe Deep Throat? Or just maybe it’s from the same stupid Barnturd son-of-bitches that started all the other bullshyt that’s been passed around lately. Don’t think I’ll sell my season tickets.

  32. Let ’em keep on talking, defending, and deflecting. You just know when people like this ‘Rowl” fellow shows up here just trying to slam Bama in retaliation for Auburn providing us with some really funny entertainment in the off season, we must be doing something right. Because if it is pissing you Auburn people off, then it must be striking a nerve. Keep up the good work ITK! Enjoy sweating out the rest of this long investigation, Cult Members!

    1. There is a great article I ran across somewhere that compares the five stages of grief with the five stages of realizing your program is dirty and about to go on probation. They author nailed it, saying Auburn was in the anger stage, lashing out at anyone who offers them the truth (if it reflects poorly on their program). They don’t want the truth, pure and simple. Who would in their spot? But not wanting it doesn’t change it.

      Auburn is the dirtiest program in America, and the NCAA is taking its time in getting ready to burn them down so they can start over. There are boosters a’plenty that need to be disassociated from the program, meaning the money train that’s been in place for 20+ years will be disbanded and Auburn will become the Ole Miss they really are.

  33. Most Auburn students I’ve met are white trash. The fact that 4 Auburn football players robbed an Auburn STUDENT Trailer park speaks volumes

  34. FlatButtFlunky lmao. Thats a good one crimsonite, and its about time. But even when you do get off a good one, you show your true colors bro. First its your obsession with dangling peckers we have to deal with, now you are staring at my butt. Dude, tone it down a little and find you a parade to march in.

  35. Wow, keep it classy, Alabama. If Auburn is full of “white trash”, then what would you be called for saying things like, “your Mama didn’t want you either”, “I bet his source is Bernstein or maybe Deep Throat? Or just maybe it’s from the same stupid Barnturd son-of-bitches that started all the other bullshyt that’s been passed around lately.”, and “First its your obsession with dangling peckers we have to deal with, now you are staring at my butt.” smh.

  36. Damn Cap. Your new Mobile site is a piece of shyt. I’m about fed up with even coming on here with anything other than my computer. It’s to the point that I’d about rather get stitches in my dick than to try and navigate this mess on a cellphone. Other than that though it’s great. ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  37. New mobile site? We’ve had the mobile version up for about 18 months. You can disable the mobile version at the bottom of the mobile page if you like and get the full site on your phone. There is a slide button.

  38. Way to pay attention there crim…..lmao. But then again, we know whats distracting you 🙂

    1. I do need to check to make sure he isn’t seeing something unexpected. With all the changes, there could be some errors or weird things happening on different platforms.

      1. I called it the new mobile site because the day your new site came up was the same day my phone downloaded a new page also, and it is the exact same page as on my computer. Let me check and see if the damn phone is loading the full version. It’s never done that before so I never considered it. That would be a damn good reason for the problems cause my phone damn sure doesn’t have enough speed or memory for that shyt. I’ll get back later.

  39. Just checked and there is no option anywhere on my phone that gives me an option to load a mobile version.

    1. I duuno, it might just be a quirk with the search engine on this phone. I loaded it through Google and forced it to load the mobile version and it runs very well except that I can’t post that way. Which will probably give FlatButt Flunky an orgasm. However, by loading the mobile version through Google and the having Googlo send my directly to the page (which is the full version) then I can post and even though it loads real slow at least so far it doesn,t have the other problems I encountered earlier. Gonna see what happens using Yahoo now.

  40. Lmao rowl is an engineering student? Holy shut I pray to god they don’t let you be responsible for designing bridges and buildings! !!!! Maybe they will just make you design playgrounds in awbarn!

  41. Loading through Yahoo seems to have done the trick. Still looks like the full version, but it works smoothly. Sorry FBJ, bwaa haww haww! Guess there’s some kind of glitch with this phones browser-search engine combination. I have problems with Rivals and Bama Sports too. Now I’ll try loading them this way. RTR!

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