Former Alabama Crimson Tide football star Mark Ingram has started a foundation to help children with incarcerated parents. In the video report below from WPMI provides the general information. Also, Ingram spoke to about the foundation: “The foundation is something that’s real important to me,” Ingram said in between interviews and handshakes. “It’s something I’m living, something I’m going through, something my sisters and I have experienced off and on throughout our lives. …“It had its difficulties and its rough times,” Ingram said. “But that’s why I’m here. I want to make the transition easier for the youth that had the same circumstances I had.”

VIDEO: Mark Ingram making a mark in the community of New Orleans

One thought on “Alabama’s Mark Ingram starts foundation”

  1. Mark Ingram is all class and he’s been there and done that.
    Several churches in my area try to make sure the kids of folks in the county jail have something under the tree at Christmas.
    Same thing is going on in a lot of other communities.
    If you’ve got anything extra to spend in December, there are worse ways to do it.

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