Maybe a caller did upset Updyke?

Research shows that losing the Iron Bowl has a profound psychological blow on fans. According to K. Schweitzer and D. Zillmann’s “Perception of threatening events in the emotional aftermath of a televised college football game” from the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 36, no. 1 (Winter92 1992), fans of the losing side were influenced beyond the game viewing of 1990’s Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn. According to the research, “Affective reactions to a football game were expected and found to influence the perception of a threatening event outside of sports. The outlook of fans distressed about their team’s defeat proved to be more pessimistic than that of fans exuberant about their team’s victory. In December 1990, distraught fans deemed a feared war with Iraq significantly more likely and devastating, in loss of life, than did their ecstatic counterparts.” The experts summed up the study thusly, “The findings show that postgame emotions are indeed capable of influencing the perception and evaluation of feared future events.”

If watching an Iron Bowl could do this to fans, imagine what listening to some of the more idiotic, err I mean, eccentric callers on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network could do to someone. The lawyers should go right to an insanity defense. Maybe Updyke wasn’t in his right mind.

Or maybe the guy just doesn’t care about private property rights.


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    According to Updyke himself – when he was on PF the other day – the caller who set him off was I-Man. I’ve heard I-Man on the show a couple of times and I have to say I believe Updyke.

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    Harvey Updyke needs medical help for severe mental issues, as well as a thousand other hicks like I-Man, Jim from Crestwood, the convicted murderer known as Legend, a local legend from this very site in Shane from Center Point, Charles, Tammy, and everybody else who screams and shouts into a phone. When you let things like that drive you to inane acts of stupidity, you really do have problems. That and posting an address on a internet blog.

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    oh ya gotta be kiddin me. cOme on and stop blamin radio fer all lifes troubles. Ole Harvey is just like a lot of us tide fans, good ole country boy crossdressers!

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    Indiana Vol

    I know we get on here and bash each other. Today is NOT a day for that. I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy to those who have lost friends and family in yesterdays storms, and also to those who suffered other losses.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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