Reconsidering Tommy Tuberville

Tommy Tuberville is not only a man of honor, but a great football coach. Fans throughout the SEC should reconsider his legacy. He remains one of the best gameday coaches in the history of the conference. He won big games against top level opponents like Florida on a consistent basis; Top 5 teams had reason to fear him. His 2004 SEC Western Division Champion and undefeated SEC Champion team that posted a 13-0 record was his best team. However, his best coaching effort was the 2006 year where he took a team facing many issues to the Cotton Bowl and ended the year with an 11-2 record.

Now Tuberville toils away in the Big XII. It is a different league, but in time Tuberville will cultivate a winner at Texas Tech. Sure, it will be tough to compete with the razzle dazzle of Mike Leach, but if anyone is up to the challenge it is Tuberville. He will build a foundation of sound defense while respecting his own players and his opponents.

However, Tuberville’s greatest asset to any football program is his personal integrity. In the last few years, it has become clear that integrity is what yields a real winner. Glory is fleeting, but many in the realm of college football will trade their souls for a victory. Tuberville’s faith guides him and helps build a program. His efforts at Ole Miss while the Rebels were on probation is a testament to his skills.

Tuberville has a real faith that animates who he is. In the annals of football he is a winner. He is a winner in the chronicle of life too—and that is much more important. It is time for everyone in the SEC to reconsider what truly is excellence.


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    Denny Chimes

    I’m sorry, I’m with Kelly on this one. Any coach that taunts opposing fans is the very definition of classless.

  2. 8

    I agree that Tubberville is a winner but the fact that Auburn didn’t fair much better than they did during the down years at Bama was a mystery to me. I now believe “JetGate” had a lot more components to it than we knew at the time considering what has transpired on the plains since Tubberville has gone!!!!!

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    Indiana Vol

    I might add that both of those coaches tubbs and fulmer OWNED alabama during the worst stint of alabama teams in alabamas proud storied history!

  4. 13

    Are you really on here talking sh*t about UT?? Alabama has hammered since Saban became coach! You are retarded!

  5. 14

    Hammered UT. I left out the UT. So easy to do since you haven’t been nor will be relevant anytime soon!!!

  6. 16
    Indiana Vol

    “I might add that both of those coaches tubbs and fulmer OWNED alabama during the worst stint of alabama teams in alabamas proud storied history!”

    And why is that?


  7. 17
    Indiana Vol


    The Crimson TURD was scared SHIT#ess in 2009 when the Vols came within an uncalled penalty of a Bammer loss!

  8. 19

    @tblakney I don’t understand this comment. Just because Alabama was down doesn’t mean the rest of the conference was down. Auburn handled Alabama well during those years but could never get passed two teams: LSU and Arkansas. Had Auburn been able to consistently beat those teams there would be a lot more to show for the Tuberville era.

  9. 20
    Indiana Vol

    damn sorry now im bringing up ghost penalties! I dont know when im gonna just accept that my beloved vols will never compare to alabama! Woe is me!

  10. 21
    Indiana Vol

    “damn sorry now im bringing up ghost penalties!”

    That’s not what the NCAA and Federal Court records in Memphis prove!

  11. 25

    I think he’s the by-product of Roy Adams and the neighborhood cat, RC. At least that would explain him failing Basic Football-101 7 times.

  12. 26
    Indiana Vol


    You are a by-product of the uneducated, in-bred, toothless, classless Bammer Moron Nation!!

  13. 27

    Tubberville also didn’t plagerize a term from another rivalry and call his in-state opponent a “cow college”. Holding up fingers is no worse or better than what Bear did. Also ….Tubs wasn’t a womanizing drunk. I only heard about the womanizing form folks that knew back in the day….I witnessed the drunkenness first hand.

  14. 28

    Wow, ITK defends Scarbinsky and then Cap defends Tubberville. What has happened to this site? And Cow pie, I assume you’re talking about that drunk cheater Pat Dye. He even goes on Finebaum drunk. He has to drink to forget he never once won a NC, and had a 6-6 record against The U of A.

  15. 29

    Yall have to forgive me for talking about coach bryant that way this antibiotic im taking for syphillis tends to make me a nit coo coo sometimes! Well the fact that my favorite college is going to hell in a hand basket doesnt help either! I think ill celebrate by having a circle jerk with all my boyfriends tonight…..who has the ky?

  16. 30

    Hoopie gets too sensitive about something that happened 40 years ago. So what if Bear called your school a cow college? You act like he slapped your mama or something. Are you proud that Auburn seems to be headed in the wrong direction when it comes down to 5 NCAA investigations? I know when Bama was under the microscope, it was embarrassing. I am glad that Saban has gotten everything corrected, and they can get on with building the program up. But everything Auburn has done to get built up is looking questionable and is now under scrutiny of the NCAA. I want Bama to win, but if it comes at the cost of losing integrity, it is not worth it. You Auburn people want to be proud of the accomplishments of last season, and rightfully so. If it comes down that Auburn cut corners and took too many risky chances, and is guilty of serious infractions, are you going to be okay with that? Based on Auburn fans reactions here, I would tend to think so.

  17. 32

    Is this still the Capstone ? We are talking about the bastard that raised the Fingers – right ? What in the Hell is going on here Cappy ?

  18. 33
    C Hammah

    timeout – exactly how many stud recruits did bama get because of the cool text book scheme that was in place?

  19. 34

    Relax, Pluto. He didn’t slap your mama or anything. He just held up some fingers to show deaf Auburn fans how many times in a row his teams had won the Iron Bowl.

  20. 35


    I’m Doofy, the Auburn fan. I know Bammer lost about 30 games in the 6 years that we beat them, but we Auburn dildos are proud of those accomplishments. We know Shula lost to Northern Illinois, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Hawaii, etc etc but War damn Eagle. I think I’ll read my Bible now

  21. 37

    I know Tommy is shooting himself in the foot for not waiting on the UcheaT gig before the Texas Tech jump. Everybody knows damn well he would of rather of stayed in the SEC than go to some 3rd tier program in the BIG 12(10) — he can safely own his property though in Lee County without being hassled due to not going to the UcheaT job — after aLL — the fingers is his legacy.

  22. 38

    Maybe Tommy can stay at the Wyngate Hotel in Tuscaloosa. They are screaming that this is the “best place to say War Eagle” in Tuscaloosa. F all of this. I know who my enemies are. Better get real Cappy printing this Jox middle of the road B.S. Did Jay Evans write this feces ?

  23. 39

    I just want to add that this is the new Cancer in the Nation. It is the Wyngate Hotel Syndrome. Kissing Aubies Asses to make them spend money or make them happy.
    Dammit Cappy.

  24. 42

    “If it comes down that Auburn cut corners and took too many risky chances, and is guilty of serious infractions, are you going to be okay with that? Based on Auburn fans reactions here, I would tend to think so.”

    Yes…they would be OK with that. At least that is what I’ve been told by all aubies I know.

  25. 43

    Yeah, I know. And it’s the same Auburn fans that were defending Farley last year. I know one Auburn fan that said, ‘well, people should learn to block him so he doesn’t hit your QB so hard’, absolutely missing the whole point. I know, even when a Bama player takes a cheap shot, which has happened, I don’t like it and I don’t have a problem saying so. For the most part though, Sabans teams have been disciplined and well coached on proper technique. The same things that are lacking in Farley and has affected his status in the draft right now.

  26. 45

    Still at it Junkie#2? Yeah, thats pretty funny. Guess when you don’t have a life, you can do things like this. Just wondering here Alan, I know you dont’t like me and all, but can you not look into whoever is using someone elses screen name? It’s not just me, I have seen it before with other screen names. It doesnt bother me, and I know we disagree more often than not, just kind of cheapens the site is what it does.

  27. 46

    I like to hear myself write, and I like to sound like I am above all of this smack talk. It really doesn’t bother me, heck no. Because I don’t lower myself to going to a rivals website and stirring the pot. I really like Alabama fans. I just don’t understand why all of the nice Alabama fans here dislike me so much. I haven’t done anything wrong. So, Alan, please make these people stop writing under my name. Not that it bothers me or anything. Thanks for understanding.

  28. 47

    Considering who you are, your lack of creativity is understandable. I can take it if you can. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  29. 48
    *ubarn University

    Keep in mind during Tuberneck’s reign, it was proven players DID NOT attend class, yet still received free class credits in order to remain eligible, and we know at least four players who played under Tuberneck were paid.

    Then again, *ubarn has paid every player since the Slug Jordan era. The Pat Dye and Bobby Lowder combo only ramped the cheating up a few notches and *ubarn hasn’t looked back ever since.

    *ubarn, Al is nothing. It’s a backwoods town that has absolutely NOTHING going for it other than rodeos, trailer parks, and KKK fraternity parties. Other than that, it’s by far the most boring college town in America. Factor in *ubarn U itself is a second rate cow college (and arguably the third best university in the state), if *ubarn didn’t pay players, their football program would be the Vandy of the West because God knows no one would want to live in that godawful, Mayberry-esque podunk town without being compensated for it.

    AUtards don’t see this because 90% of *ubarn students are merely rednecks who came from nothing. They think *ubarn is heaven on earth, when in reality, *ubarn is by far one of the suckiest college towns in America and that’s a fact. But hey, they’re on par with Troy, Al at least!!

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