“That’s the paradox of success. The moment you stop to enjoy it, you are in trouble. You have to keep moving forward. It’s not what you have done that’s important. It’s where you are going.” — Alabama head coach Nick Saban

That’s my favorite quote from Nick Saban, recorded within 2008’s 12-2 season. You saw what happened in 2009.

Today, in the comfort of my living room, I saw this:

It’s a picture of today’s spring practice on the plains. Notice something in the center Coach Chiznik’s back?

There to see, in plain view of the legion of players not good enough to start on last year’s flash-in-the-pan (which was ALOT by the way), is the BCS logo.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Maybe because in watching and listening to Coach Saban it’s been grilled in me to forget what has been accomplished in favor of what’s still ahead. Like, five minutes after the accomplishment.

But here we have a head coach putting his team through spring drills…a team with three returning starters…being reminded how good they were.

It’s great to be from Alabama, and I’m telling you Auburn fans, this is why you should worry.

In Cam Newton, you had a once-in-a-lifetime, break the bank kind of player in an offense perfectly orchestrated for him. Even still, look back at 2010 and count how many times the Tiggers had to struggle from behind or get freak-a-lic situations to go their way.

14-0 is 14-0 (for now anyway), but consider this: All-American safeties don’t normally tear pectoral muscles against you (unbeknownst to their coaches) turning a hail marry prayer into a TD to get you back in the game in the midst of a blowout. Centers don’t normally shift the ball right before the game-tying field goal. Officiating crews don’t normally give you a touchdown when seconds before they had awarded possession to Arkansas.

What I’m saying is, it takes work to get to the top, and even more hard work to stay there.

But while Nick Saban continues to redefine the meaning of the term “work ethic”, Auburn, your coach is doing this:

And this:

I can tell you right now, I cannot imagine…even for 8 seconds…Alabama head coach Nick Saban granting an interview in the midst of spring practice following a championship with the BCS trophy in view anywhere in the picture. Wouldn’t happen in a million years.

We’ve all worked with the guy who made that one big sale, got puffed up, then rested on his laurels for an eternity. He breezes by the boss’ office once or twice a day, especially right after. Starts coming in late, leaving early. Cutting corners.

Auburn fans, the sale has been made, and while this time last year Saban was pounding the pavement looking for more, your coach has his feet up on his desk playing Minesweeper.

In 2010, with a depleted defense, following a BCS Title, Saban served up a 10-3 season and a third consecutive Top 10 finish, not to mention a fourth consecutive Top 3 recruiting class.

Auburn, wonder what you’ll be gettin’?

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62 thoughts on “What should concern Auburn fans”

  1. I knew what AU was getting when they played Northwestern in the bowl game. Kissypoo Coach.

  2. I heard that Radio, I mean Trooper, has been heard cursing down the halls of the football offices because Pat Dye has him on a short leash in regards to recruiting. It will be interesting to see if Trooper returns in 2012 after the 2011 soon-to-be debacle

  3. Great point, maybe he should put on a suit and tie and parade around on the field during the Spring game. That way, no one would notice him. Saban’s all about Saban, get real.

  4. Doc, I wish you were talking about the same issue. Unfortunately, as the world sees, you’re not.

  5. Wow!!!! You people do really worship Saban. I could go on all day about Saban and his antics. I don’t because i don’t give one shit about Saban or Alabama. Why are Bama fans so obsessed with any thing Auburn? Is it inferiority complex? What is it? I’m just curious.

  6. “Kettle meet pot.” Oh the irony of a *U accusing aa fan of “worshiping” anyone after the cult fell at the feet of the Scamster this past season.

  7. @Engineer97: “You don’t give one ****about Saban or Alabama” “Why are Bama fans obsessed with anything Auburn?” Uhh, what website is this THAT YOU ARE POSTING ON?

  8. We’re obsessed with the Barnturds???? Why you dumb phuck, who’s posting on who’s site???? Only people who are worried about something obsess over it. I don’t know of one Bama fan who’s in the least bit worried about Aubie – especially not in 2011! RTR!

  9. Dear Author of this article,

    You might want to go back and look into something called research. Saban was seen times in the winter and spring of 2010 with something around him saying national champions.

    I love coming over to your columns. A great comedy fiction is always a fun read.

    Good luck with your team next year. You will not be as good as you dream.

  10. The Major…

    …on the practice field?
    …amid preparation for a new season?
    …around his players?

    In the words of Aerosmith, and in keeping with your proclivity for dreams…Dream On.

    Alabama’s pitiful national championship celebration last spring was testimony to Saban’s view of celebration.

    The Ronald Reagan week-long memorial didn’t have as much pomp and circumstance as what happened at Auburn’s.

    Do come back though Major. Maybe you’ll learn something here.

    Have fun with 5-7 next season.

  11. Hot damn! “Tucky just beat the #1 Phuckeyes! Man all season the SEC caught hell because everybody wanted to say we were down. Bama got phucked out of the Dance after finishing 2nd in the conference because everybody said the SEC sucked. Now looky. We’re the only conference with 2 teams in the Elite 8 and we just whipped the invincible Phuckeyes. And Bama is in the final 4 of the NIT and so far has completely outclassed the opposition. Don’t want to hear another Hotdamn word about the SEC being down. Our top 3 teams are smokin’ hot and Bama woulda’, shoulda’ been in the Dance and then there would be 3 SEC teams in the Elite 8! RTR!

  12. I’m a fan of yours Crimsonite, but we would’ve never seen the Elite 8 my friend. Would’ve had an honest shot at the Sweet 16, IMO. But you’re sippin’ Friday night moonshine if you think we could play with Ohio State. 🙂

  13. The City-of-Auburn University was not able to celebrate their second-to-last place finish in the SEC Basketball rankings, so they had no choice but to linger onto past football memories. When your future is doomed in football AND basketball, who can blame them ? Have mercy, people ! !

  14. Should probably stick to covering the goings on at the Capstone.. The logo on Chizik’s jacket will have about as much impact on the 2011 season as it will on the price of tea in China. Would be interesting to see what this author will write if Auburn matches or betters a 10-3 record with fewer returning starters and all these “distractions”. With Auburn’s schedule being stacked in the other direction this season, it would be quite a feat but I’m sure bama media will come up with another set of moral victories and call it pure luck. All this while ignoring the same luck and come from behind wins in 2009 (see Tennessee and Iron Bowl). So, accept what happened in 2010 bama fans. It’s over and it’s a new year. We can celebrate and enjoy it for now. That’s why they play the game. Leave the conspiracy theories to TMZ and Thayer Evans. You are (most of you anyway) better than that. Not to mention, you’ve got your own problems with replacing Gmac, jones, Dareus, and a former heisman trophy winner Ingram. While recruits and Mcarron/Richardson are believed to be good, the same can be said for Trotter, Dyer/Omac and the last few AU recruiting classes. No one knows and I’m sure we are all in for yet another surprise this fall… Will it be bama not living up to expectations or Auburn coming out of nowhere??? It’s anyone’s guess.

  15. Thomas, nice attempt at prose, but you lost me at anyone believing Trotter to be good.

    Replacing Newton with Trotter is like replacing Ingram with me.

    Better go ahead and get in crash position now. Gonna be a bumpy ride, but the upside is plenty of time for basketball in your new arena in December/early January.

  16. I only read this because someone told me how stupid it was and I just had to read it for myself, and it did not disappoint. The jealousy and envy and butt hurt from 28-27 just oozes from this typically asinine post.

    I’ve always know every post on this blog to be ridiculous, and this one was no different. It is so wrong and is so far from containing any sort of fact that I’m not even going to waste my time debating your “points” about Gene Chizik. Like
    I’ve always said: just let stupid be stupid, so that’s what I’m going to do.

  17. So basically WarBlogler, putting what you just did in perspective, you coming in here and offering up that drivel is like you walking across the crowded dance floor over to the bar to tell the hot chick seated there who wouldn’t give you the time of day anyway how uninterested you are in talking to her. You come all this way, making your entrance, and really, that’s all you gave us?

    “Hey, I’m WarBlogler, and I just wanted to come on this Bama site to let all ya’ll know that I’m not going to say anything of great importance but just going to let ya’ll know that I’m here and that I could say something if I wanted but I’m not because I don’t have…”

    Here’s a song that’s just about your speed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0

    Makes about as much sense as your post, and equally annoying.

  18. ITK, VCU took our place. We would have played in their regional, and if you don’t think we could beat Fla. State dude, you better quit writing sports articles right now! We wouldn’t have had to beat Ohio St. The team we beat once, beat Ohio St. tonight. The New Mexico team we murdered, beat BYU twice and took San Diego St. to the wire. Miami took No. Carolina, Duke and especially Fla. St. to the wire and beat West Virginia. Colorado beat Texas, beat Kansas St. twice, split with Mizzou and took Kansas to the wire. Coastal Carolina had the 4th best record in the nation at 28-5. Those above victories by teams we’ve beaten or will beat (Colorado), include victories over Big Dance teams in the form of a #1, 2-#2’s, #3, 2-#4’s and #5 seeds. We have been smokin’ from the outside and 3 point range in the tournament, and that was our achilles heel all year. It was what we were missing. Yeah Kentucky whupped us good in the SEC Tourney, but they whupped Florida worse and now they look like #1. If we handle Colorado like we handled the others, then we on a good day can beat the team they took to the wire 3 times – Kansas who is VCU’s next opponent; and that would put us in the final four against Florida who can play bad enough sometimes to lose to Mississipi St. and then a National Championship game against Kentucky who we have beaten. I’m not saying this scenario is certain, but if the phuckers had put us in the Dance I would have bet my card just like that and there would be a 50/50 chance I could retire next week! Don’t sell this team short. Every team we’ve played so far has said we are as good as anyone they played all year and that includes nearly half of the top 5 seeds in each NCAA Regional! RTR!

  19. ITK… I’m sorry auburn won the national championship. I know it’s eating at your soul. But seriously dude let it go. Maybe one day you can enjoy success without constantly ragging on your opponent. Alabama is a great school with a lot of success. It’s sad that you can’t enjoy what you have.

  20. Okay Crimsonite, point taken. I was only thinking of the final two times we played teams now in the Elite 8 where we were absolutely murdered. You may be right though.

    Scott, you’re right. It’s just killing me, and the entire nation knowing it was as legit as USC’s in 2005 with a probable future conclusion provides no relief at all. Please think of me when having your next quiet time.

  21. The clock is ticking away to BARNERGEDDON and all these barntards can see is what does Bama think.They should be stocking up and practicing their survival skills. BARNERGEDDON will get ugly.

  22. Barnergeddon will require a healthy supply of NFL football and college basketball to serve as a distraction, for sure.

  23. Why does Chizik have to work? When you have bag men to BUY your way into getting players, and all you really are is the hand-picked puppet.

    Chizik is just reaping the benefits of being at the right place at the right time, and not getting in the way of the money. Oh, and he also is not having to work too hard when he has 20 yo whores telling the 17 yo boys to come to the plains because they love them and will give it to them good if they commit, to the school of course.

    Auburn is about as legitimate as professional wrestling. And Chizik is just another Mean Gene.

  24. Saban made a movie about himself after the 09 NC and a Statue was made for him. What in the world is this writer smoking?

  25. Saban just allowed a movie to be made of him as well as a statue. What is the writer smoking?

  26. Where’s the Cheeze Nut’s movie, dumbarse? What? Nobody want’s to make one? Wonder why? No statue either? Awwwww, don’t cry, maybe in another 150 years. No wait! In a 150 more years the Barnturds will still only have 5 national championships, at least half of which won’t be legitimate. Guess that don’t get you a movie and a statue does it? Bwaa Haww Haww, ROTFLMMFAO!!!! RTR!

  27. Jackson, not sure about the smoking, but do you have trouble with short-term memory (posts #25 & #26). Should we call you Dory?

    I guess he was in control of the other four statues in place long before he came as well. Good thinking boss. That ball was in play long before he touched down in T-town. But it felt good saying it, didn’t it?

  28. You’re hilarious, ITK. You spend more time analyzing Auburn’s football program than any Auburn fan I know. But you do it within this bizarre warped world view that only you and the Updyke Nation find sensible. I know most bammers are not as warped as you. But you seriously need to get some kind of therapy, man. You are eight different kinds of crazy.

  29. You’re right, BeSerious. Most bammers believe Cam went to Auburn for free over $180K from State, and see a 5-19 coach winning it all in his second season as no reason to sit up and wonder if anything shady was going on. You’ve nailed it, Mr. Holmes.

  30. @jackson68: Saban was approached about a documentary & he agreed. Your insulting of it reeks of jealousy. If the same was done for The 5-19 Wonderboy From Iowa, *U fans would think it’s the Holy Grail. Would you like a little more insult? ESPN putting the ‘Roll Tide’ commercial out the week before the NCG, AND their decision to air Bama’s A-Day game instead of *U’s. Do you like apples?

  31. Why is it so hard for you Bammers to believe that Mississippi State and Tennessee were being shopped by the right Rev Newton, but not Auburn. Cameron wanted to go to Auburn because of the fambly atmosphere, the Tiger Walk, the bald eagle, Toomer’s Corner, academics, animal husbandry, trailer parks, and the legendary 5-19 coach. When are you Bammer’s going to get your head out of your asses and wise up!

  32. chrisRTR, don’t forget about Saban being picked as an analyst for the NCG. Ouch! What a shot in the mouth for the Barnturd nation. I heard em screaming foul all the way down in Mexico! It’s so pitiful to watch how they hopelessly struggle for any kind of respect or validation. Reminds me of the poor Mullets my dad use to catch when I was a kid. He’d throw them up on the bank out of reach of the water while he went looking for more. They would just flop around helplessly gasping to breathe, their gills and mouths opening and closing groping for any sign of life giving water. They would just flop until they died with nobody giving a $hit. Just like the Barnturds. Bwaa Haww Haww!!!! RTR!

  33. Oh and by the way – Mr. Updyke is my hero. When he gets out of jail I want him to teach me how to kill trees. I’m getting a Bama football jersey especially made with the name and number “Spike 80” on the back! Bwaa Haww Haww!!! RTR!

  34. Chopblocker U. is already imploding from BARNERGEDDON.They only have 53 scholarship players in spring camp.One and done play for pay and ghetto hoodrat grabbing is a fine way to run a program.

  35. “Spike 80″ on the back! Bwaa Haww Haww!!! RTR!”
    A Prime example of an Alabama fan… thanks your for living up to the stereotype. Carry on making 60,000 dollars a year for the rest of your life. As for this article looking through the Alabama game day program from this past Iron Bowl I see countless mentions of Alabama’s 2009 national championship. Maybe if yall would have concentrated less on that and more on preparing to play the best team in the country the upset would have happened. Good try

  36. Preoccupation with 2009 had little to do with the results of 2010. It had to do with injuries decimating the O-line, leg and ankle injuries to Ingram and Richardson, injuries to Julio, injuries to Darius and the LB corps, many injuries to the DB’s to go along with their inexperience. The Barnturd’s weren’t even the best team in the NC game. The best team in the country at the end of the year slaughtered the best team from the Big 10 in the Capital 1 Bowl. And don’t even come on here with that Mich. St. overrated crap. They stomped Wisconsin at Wisconsin and deserved the Rose Bowl bid. They lost out not on quality, but on the stupid ass human polls which had Wisconsin rated higher and in accordance with big 10 and Rose Bowl rules that was the tie breaker. Stupid! That day in the Cap 1 Bowl, Bama would have made any team in the country look overrated. All of the season long injuries were for the most part healed up and they were finally the team they were supposed to be. Phuck Awbie, their dirty players, their cheating players and their bought NC*. One and done morons! One and done! RTR!

  37. So you are warning Auburn fans that Chizik will sit on his butt and enjoy our celebrations. We’ll have to see what happens, but he obviously kept working right up till National signing day, because he beat Bama in the Scout.com ratings. He is also pretty focussed in his interviews after each spring practice.

    Auburn will only win 7-8 games next year. Most reasonable AU fans are OK with that. In 2010 will have plenty of experience.

    So you are predicting Chizik to sit on his azz. OK. I’m predicting $aban to go to Ohio St. after they fire Tressel. See how easy that was.

  38. Another dumba$$ Barnturd running his mouth about something he knows nothing about. Even with Scout.com having Awbie ahead we still beat the $hit out of you in every other service and you’re gonna claim a victory because you were ahead in one? Second, you had more room on your roster and signed more recruits than us thereby giving you more points. That’s not really a victory. Finally, dumba$$, Scout.com does not count Jr. College recruits, which is the dumbest $hit of all. We had the nations 2 top JC recruits and Awbie had none. Another huge points advantage for you that was pure bull$hit. So dumba$$, you want to say some more about how Cheeze Dick out recruited Saban? RTR!

  39. au ahead of scout only because they count 25 and do not count juco’s that high that is stupid even many highly crooted 4’s will not contribute until 3rd 4th yrs same as Juco’s if they come in and play right away and most feel all our jucos will this yr as they have in the past 3 yrs

  40. I don’t recall anyone saying Cheeze Dick is gonna sit on his a$$. They are saying that he and all of the Barnturds are far too focused on what happened last year and that creates clutter which gets in the way this year. Also, some predictions have some amount of merit to them and some are universally enormous bull$hit like yours. Saban is a control freak with a huge ego. He has control at Bama and he wants to set records and put his name in the books forever. He is at the pinnacle of college football right where he is and is working on the record of the greatest coach ever. There’s no where to go from Alabama except down. Just like he said, he will finish his career at Bama. Sorry, a$$hole, but your wet dream is null and void! RTR!

  41. As mentioned previously, Scout doesn’t count JC’s, but their rankings were released prior to Callaway and Cyrus K changing their minds. Another Auburn myth exposed. I’m sick of having to put Auburn fans in their place

  42. Before 2011 is over ol’ Mahlzan will be wishing he had taken that Vanderbilt job. Imagine how many extra Rib Eyes you can grill and cans of Bud Lite you can drink with an extra $1.7 million a year. What a dumba$$. RTR!

  43. It will all play out this season. Even when Auburn goes 5-7, these Auburn people here will still have some sort of an excuse why Bama is not any good, and Saban be the devil. The fall of Auburn this season is going to be so fun to watch unfold.

  44. Just like the fall of Alabama was funny to watch unfold during the Iron Bowl. =) baw haw haw

  45. Bama ‘fell’ to 10-3. Auburn will do much worse. That is going to be the fun part. Heck, SC and LSU did a better job against Bama than you guys. I am looking forward to another beatdown in the Iron Bowl. Possibly worse than that 36-0 from year before last. I just hate it because everyone else gets a shot at you before Bama, so you are all going to be using the crippled rebuilding year excuse to the max by iron bowl time anyways.

  46. “Heck, SC and LSU did a better job against Bama than you guys.”
    And the best part is Auburn beat USC twice and beat LSU bahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Choke Bama Choke!!!! Choke Bama Choke!!!! bahahaha preseason all Americans!!!!!

  47. Yall couldn’t beat a 7-5 Auburn team in 2009 senseless when you won a national championship!!! hell Kentucky beat us worse that year then Alabama bahahahahaha!!!!

  48. And Bama didn’t “fall” they got out coached in the 2nd half and blew a 24 point lead with they help of the 2009 Heisman trophy winner who might of been the biggest flop ever in college sports in 2009. Did he ever gain over 50 yards against and Auburn team???? Hell no baw haw haw haw haw!!!!!

  49. OK Crimsonite-can’t-read ..I never said claimed a recruiting championship. The point of my comment was that Chizik is working hard.

    Auburn will probably only win 7 or 8 games next season. So what. The coaches and players aren’t complacent. Maybe you are confusing complacent Auburn fans and actually think that affects the team.

    I guess that $aban has preached the mantra that fans affect the team for so long that you Bammers believe it.

    Oh, if you will notice, I only show up in the threads where ITK, etc. are slamming Auburn with your usual distortions and delusions. I don’t troll Bama threads.

  50. Hoopie,

    Auburn people are trash. This is a Bama board. Get over yourself. I see four guys with Auburn shirts in my neighborhood. I better get my gun before I get robbed and/or assaulted

  51. Sure Bama beat Auburn in 2009. On the road, and come from behind fashion, on the way to winning a NC. Talk about choking. Auburn choked on defense that day, and lived off of two big plays and an onside kick. But Bama got it done without questions. No one-year pay-for-play players, no thuggish cheap shots, no gangsta towel waving coaches needed. This season, Auburn becomes the bottom bitch of the SEC. 7 wins is being generous. I doubt Auburn makes it to a bowl game.

  52. In my opinion beating your a$$ 26-7 over the final 50 minutes of the game with a team of upstanding athletes was a hell of a lot worse than a 1 point win with a team full of crooks, thugs and ineligible a$$holes which was basically given to you by injuries, non calls by officials and damn lucky bounces of the ball. And I guess you rat turds have forgotten that 36-0 beatdown came in a year when you were among the preseason favorites to contend for the BCSNC! And you other inbred mullet, don’t be trying to change up your phucking intentions. You said clearly that Cheeze Dick out recruited Saban because Barnturd U. finished ahead of us in Scout.com That’s exactly what you said and that’s exactly what I responded to. Furthermore, when you come on a Bama site and flame, you are a phucking Troll, period! RTR!

  53. Funny how Chizel and the media are so hush hush about the latest 2 BARNERGEDDON casualities.Jessel Curry and an unnamed O-lineman were recently sent packing for running an illegal pharmaceutical company out of the locker room.Cheat U. is now down to 50 scholarship players for spring. BARNERGEDDON is ripping these cheaters to shreds and it’s not even here in full force yet.

  54. Ohh boy! This year is gonna be a learning experience for a bunch of inbred rat turds from Lee, County. Hell, they may not survive it! RTR!

  55. Crimsontampon,
    You got as many excuses for your dynasty team as a red-light district whore caught by her pimp. You got beat like a kicked cat. Let’s not forget the last 10 years, sister. We will see. Ni guess your new JUCO players will match up against Eric Mack and Sullen. They are bigger and weigh more, bud. We will see. What excuse will you make up this year if you lose? Will it be they had PMS the nite before or Saban popped them too hard with his paddle? Your midget coach was a pathetic little Jan Brady “wish I could be here” heffer at the BCS game.

  56. Nicket, is that the best you got? You just need to worry about Auburn and plating some new trees. Not like you will be rolling much this season though. But keep up the big talk while you still can, little man.

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