The bottom line in college football? Wins.

AP: “Shannon took over for Larry Coker at the end of the 2006 season and went on a mission to change the culture at the school — which, in many respects, he did. Miami has been among the nation’s leaders in academic success by its football program, and the off-the-field reputation has been cleaned up considerably. But it never translated into wins.” Details from the AP follow:

19 thoughts on “College: Miami fires Randy Shannon”

  1. Can’t lose to Tampa and become the fourth place team in Florida. Hell – Central might play them an competitive game right now.
    The time is right for Saban to cherry pick some pipe hitters down there…..

  2. Yeah — it’s time to get some pipe hitters from there — who wants to build a program now in these days — it’s a pain the as$ — — just remember — don’t be surprised who takes this coaching position — after all, it’s sunny Miami in beautiful Coral Gables.

  3. bama to stay in your head

    dye to leavenworth

    lowder to leavenworth

    cam to nfl

    cecil to witness protection

    malzahn to miami

  4. There is no truth whatsoever to the rumor that I have benn contacting the University of Miami about a coaching job.
    As one of the nation’s leading offensive masterminds I have managaed to bring Lazarus back from the dead at many schools.
    But i have not approached Miami. Yet.

  5. Yeah — Kevin Scarbutsky is an senior editorial as$ kisser. One week he’s Crimson, most weeks he’s orange/blue.

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