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In response to a request for a pool reporter at Friday’s Auburn-Alabama game, the following is a statement from Rogers Redding, SEC Coordinator of Officials, regarding a judgment call, which led to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of Auburn’s Nick Fairley in the second quarter:

“The penalty was due to a violation of NCAA Rule 9-2-1.a.1(d), which states, in part, that any delayed, excessive, prolonged or choreographed act by which a player (or players) attempts to focus attention upon himself (or themselves) is an unsportsmanlike conduct foul.”

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  1. I think it is clear that Fairley’s history of celebrations and dirty play had the officials watching him intently.

  2. Most kids spend a good part of their life playing ball, giving everything to this game, Parents make sacrifices so that their child can have at least a chance. Some are fortunate to make it. An oppourtunity to play college ball, a chance for glory (and of course making the most it by getting an education, their parents do all this so that their child might have a better life than they had).
    A fortunate few (the ones that gave it their all) will get a chance to make it to the next level, and with all this. What happens, for a few dollars, a player gets to the game and pisses on their whole life,,,,

  3. I could have word it better but who gives a crap, years from now when they sit in a room with other players and they’ve cleaned it up in their memories. I hope some one has the balls to asked these pissers about this crap…RTR

  4. It’s a crying shame because some of those boys do it right. They go out their and play their guts out everyweek.

  5. Not here to brag, played a great game. Hope McElroy is ok and you beat the crap out of your bowl opponent.

    RTR and WDE

  6. So I guess it wasn’t a penalty when Hightower and Ingram did it before Fairley? Yeah, that makes sense.

  7. Again, I wouldn’t have thrown that flag.

    But, you can blame the AU coaching staff and Fairley for the conduct in the UGA game. All the trash in that game bought him that penalty.

  8. The SEC should not single out a player to excessively penalize. That is not right. All the QB sacks have been technically legal, however rough. If this were done to an Alabama player, we wouldn’t hear the end of it.

    I am glad the refs didn’t flag the game to death and change the outcome. Nobody likes that and it cheapens the game. Bama played a great game. You have nothing to hang your head about. I just hope you remember the good sportsmanship we show when you win and return likewise.

  9. In general, I was pleased with the officiating. And how many times can we say that about an SEC crew?

  10. Poor Poor Nick Fairley.
    He has never done anything whatsoever to draw the attention of the refs or anyone else.
    but just in case he did, it was probably a good idea for the refs to get his attention early and let him know that he wouldn’t be getting cart blache on thier field. Dont ya think?

  11. It all usually washes out in the end. But the pass ruled out of bounds should on third down by Adams should have been reviewed.. They stopped a play after the ball was snapped to review the one that hit the ground on Adams…..Ehhhh….It don’t matter…Ya’ll want to know why ? Cause we won’ that’s why…..Eat it bammers.

  12. Yes, he did have a call in the Georgia game and we were charged 15 yards for that play. The price had been paid. The call was a joke. Bama players were dancing on the field during the first 21 points. In the end it did not matter, WDE!

  13. What a disappointment. We lose three games to three inferior teams. Our offensive play calling is what is stopping the players killer mentality. Why keep them honest until they stop what’s working? Keep your foot on the pedal until the game is out reach. The similarites to this year’s IB and last year’s NC are only different in a veteran defense and an young immature defense. The O had to carry the load and the OC was not up to the challenge. Not ready to fire Mc, he just needs to be on notice.

    At 12-0 it still sux to be an aubarn tiger!
    All worked up to be something you can never be. The hammer drops next week, and you classless showboats return to what you are and always will be, delusional losers. Some things can not be changed. The sun comes up, and the barn sux.

  14. Bama Born: how can you say you lost to 3 “inferior” teams? Two of those teams are going to be in the SEC championship game and the other team is probably going to be #4 or #5 in the BCS if they beat Arkansas. Bama is a pretty good team, they just lost 3 games to REALLY good teams. WDE

  15. Fairley was robbed on that penalty. AL players, offense and defense, were celebrating all over the field, after a tackle or any play. That call was joke.

    Did you see the GA players playing dirty when we played them?

  16. Personally I thought the out of bounds pass call was right on. The on field official felt he did not have control for the required amount of time before his foot came off the ground and I agree. It was an action call and the instant replays were not conclusive to overturn it. So that makes the only bad call in the game the one on Fairley. I think the officials just wanted to put him on notice that they weren’t going to put up with any shite. Seemed to have worked. We shouldn’t have lost. No way Bama’s offense and your defense should have allowed a 25 point turn around in 37 minutes. Blame it on whoever was calling the offensive plays. We should have never taken off the pressure, NEVER. But still Barnie played a great 2nd half. USCjr is looking good. You are ripe to get murdered after this monsterous emotional win. Watch out. And if you can get by them – for Gawd sakes Beat The Phucking Quackers and their stupid looking uniforms! Let’s be the first state ever to have two different teams with back to back national champions and Heisman winners. RTR!

  17. bs – it was not the celebrating -it was the drama queen – high stepping called every time for yrs and specifically called out in the rules

  18. I’m glad they called a bogus penalty on him. I not , all we would hear was “the refs screwed us” excuse. Again…Eat it.

  19. F_ck you BP*. You were 2 points away from suicide. You know Auburn was very fortunate to escape with a win. If Bama went up 30 before half-time, Auburn doesn’t come back. Just wasn’t in the cards for Bama this year, but enjoy your lucky run, it only happens once every 50+ years for your team. South Carolina will put the beat down on you guys this time around. Go Gamecocks!

  20. “If”………Whatever….Your team has no heart. All the players with Heart are now in the NFL. You lost….Let me try your logic.

    “If” we didn’t let bama score 24 in the first half we win 28-3….So what an idiot you look like ?

  21. Yeah yeah whatever BP*. “if” Cam wasn’t paid to go to Auburn, they wouldn’t have to forfeit all these games this year. Like I said, enjoy it. It won’t last long. Auburn made a lucky play on Ingram, or Bama goes up by 30 before halftime. You know that it was all luck in the way the ball bounces. That play saved Auburns ass. If you don’t think Auburn was fortunate to escape with a win, you deserve to have your ass kicked next week. Go Gamecocks!

  22. It’s pathetic when you have to pull for a substandard team from the east to do what you couldn’t…Enjoy the Meinekie Car Car Bowl Dooshbag.



  25. Fairley was penalized to get his attention IMO. All the so called legal hits on QB’s made by Fairley caught the attention of those that matter and they were giving him a warning that they would put up with no more of his antics. It’s too late to penalize a player after the fact, such as hurting a QB intentionally by driving them into the ground or a late hit.

  26. Sorry Brandi* but the loser was Alabama on “Black Friday”…..

    By the way, did your unhealthy mojo rub off on ITK and did HE commit Hari-Kari ?

  27. BP*, I was talking about you peckerhead. Bama lost the game, sure, but you lose at life, everyday. Obsessed with being on a Bama board. That is some great hobby you have there.

  28. Dude, you need some sunshine in your life don’t ya ?

    Don’t worry , Bama will eventually win another one.

  29. BP*, I have plenty of sunshine. You are just a d!ck, and I don’t like you. Is that hard for you to grasp? Or has rolling them trees took that much out of you? Enjoy your magical luck filled season. As you already know, they are few and far between. You may not see another like it in your lifetime. At least you can tell your grandkids about it someday.

  30. Brandi* , this may be hard for you to comprehend, but I don’t hate you dude. Life is too short to hate someone on an nternet maesage board. I admit, I poke at you and some others on here from time to time a little much, but if I’ve gone too far I apologize.

    As far as our undefeated seasons being few and far between, you are wrong yet again…Ive seen 3 since 1993 ( assuming this one holds up).

  31. And you have had only 4 total. I didn’t say I hated you, I just said you are a d!ck and I didn’t like you. But you are the Auburn fan on a Bama board, so that is to be expected, right? But don’t apologize, you do what you do. Like I said, just enjoy it while it lasts. How bad is that? I still hate Auburn, you still hate Alabama. Lets move on….

  32. I would let my children go to Alabama if they needed to major there. Does that sound like hate ? Strong dislike for the football program would be a more apt description.

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