Message boards have heated up this week on the possibility of Dan Mullen receiving a standing ovation from the home standing Alabama Crimson Tide crowd for his involvement in the Cam Newton saga.

Though he has not been directly named as a source to the allegations surrounding Auburn’s quarterback, now accused of a pay-for-play scheme by multiple sources, link Mullen is the head man at the school at the epicenter of the Newton scamdal.

Some have said such an ovation is only fitting, while others hold that “your enemy’s enemy is still not your friend.”

We’ll see at 6:15 tonight.

16 thoughts on “Will Bama given Mullen a standing ovation?”

  1. Yes — after we rammer jammer their ass. Mullen can leave the for the buses knowing nothing will be thrown on him. Cheers for him, no jeers, as he leaves T-Town in a close one, but a loss.

    It REALLY would surprise me if the Bulldogs take the field and get a cheer — agenda’s abroad.

  2. That is to funny.The Aubbies insist that MSU = Making Shit Up but I think Cecil N.just spit the bit so RTR everybody!!!

  3. In normal times, what Newton said means this to the NCAA: Newton has been inelgible since the first request for money was made as Newton Sr. is provably an agent for Cam (see SI article).

    So the season to this point will be vacated – under NCAA prfecedent. But not until later. If AU continues to play him they are piling up punishment for AU.

  4. Bamma Hammah wrote this,,,”the details but a complex shell game with an au booster owned general contractor, newton’s construction company,and other subcontractors..

    the scheme was a shell game involved huge construction material orders = delivered undelivered partial shipments returns credits etc that netted newton 200k ish profit – i do not know what cam did with money – i do not know if au coaches were aware of this but they are aware of the pat dye payola scam….

    Go ahead NCAA pull the trigger on this side show

  5. Kevin Scarbinsky – who alleged “character assassination” early and loudly on this – hasn’t posted anything in 2 days after being every-hour-on-the-hour in support of laptop-stealing, classroom-cheating Cam before.

    Balless ScAUbinsky, you’ve been exposed as surely as Cecil Newton.

  6. If they know all the details then WTF are they waiting for. Jay is wrong about the court thing, I guess the guys haven’t been to court in a very long time. It works like this, if their is a proponderance of evidence pointing to the defendant as being guilty, then the defendant is found guilty. They put people in jail everyday with less then what we know is true….

  7. Has anyone noticed when Cam gets tackled he just sort of lays their like he’s hurt, whats up with that,,,

  8. to the point why not pull the trigger??? this story has been dribbling for 2 weeks so why didn’t all this come out at the same time – dk just the nature of reporting…

    the miss st asst coach said in july
    *cam set to go to ms/media confirmed
    *ms asst face to face extorted by newton dad/just now confirmed by rogers which is the meat of the story not rogers as a false go between but the dad himself which blows up his original lie that rogers was not acting on his behalf
    *ms asst said cecil newton exorted lane kiffen face to face as well…lane kicked newton out of office as did ms assst(hotel meeting room in starkville)/no reports by media but one piece did mention that tn boosters had put in a failed bid on cam
    *shell game pays off cam’s father/no reports

    in fact a concern is that joe schad said his ms contact did not know about au money situation…

    dan mullen – my paraphrase – said that my people that had a story to tell have told their story to the ncaa and everybody knows what happened(cecil newton extorted face to face)

    the NCAA investigator told a witness in Jackson MS probably Bell that “this will not end well for Auburn University”

    Key point is the MS asst coach is credible impeachable witness and the investigation does not hinge at all on the word of sleazy Rogers.

    This investigation is in the piling on stage.

    The reputation of AU is that every highly recruited player had to have been bought so not to play ineligible players a quarter of the team would be sitting – so AU is thinking they have nothing to lose.

  9. My posts are a 90% repeat of the MS asst coaches report from July. The Miss St knows and explained the exact way the scheme worked.

  10. Silly. If LSU had beat Auburn, would we cheer for them when they took the field? Stupid. If Mullen did what was right, to paraphrase a line from Quiz Show, I fail to see why he should be lauded for simply doing what was right.

  11. Hey hammah do you think Auburn will be put on NCAA sanctions, or will they get away with it and come away clean, what does your source say

  12. the ncaa investigator told bell…this will not end well for auburn university ….so they have them nailed but i don’t trust the ncaa either to do anything or in a reasonable time frame


  14. Yep.
    Wall keep believing.
    It aint gonna happen. Cam Newton and Cecil newton are squeeky clean.
    You wanna know why?
    Gene Chizik says so. Thats why.And such credible journalist as Charles Goldberg, Phillip Marshall and the golden standard himself Kevin Scarbinsky say so.
    All yall got is a couple of yankee newspapaers, espn, yahoo, scout and a bunch of folks in Mississippi. (And since when did anyone in the state of Mississippi know anything.
    Now some of yall might be calling this the cow college face off. But Auburn is known worldwide as the university that spawns some of the greatest thinkers of our generation.
    Who? Think Gus Malzann, Think Pat Dye.think Jay Jacobs.
    Thats all yall need to know.
    Auburn by 60 in the Iron Bowl.

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