The latest scandal involving Auburn and star quarterback Cam Newton has given the Southeastern Conference (SEC) another black eye. Just look at this line from an AP commentary by Jim Litke. Litke wrote, “Championships are a lot rarer than recruiting violations. Win the former and people will tolerate plenty of the latter. The Southeastern Conference is practically a testament to that.” Below a few of my thoughts on this matter is the entire column from the AP with many nice things to say about Cam Newton.

But one story in all of this is the SEC and its tolerance for cheating. Tony Barnhart suggested in a column that Slive should “put his foot down” and prevent all these negative things from being said about the cheating going on at a member school.

Maybe SEC Commissioner Mike Slive should put his foot down and stop the cheating?

Maybe Slive should pressure Tennessee to get rid of Bruce Pearl for his unethical conduct (telling lies) in basketball and pressure Auburn to do the right thing in the Cam Newton scandal.

Slive is a leader. Mr. Slive it is time to lead. And the leadership needed will eliminate cheating. Here is a hint: These leaks wouldn’t be a problem if the SEC and Auburn had solved this Newton scandal before the season started. Period. The problem here isn’t the leak, but how the SEC and a member institution ignored serious allegations of cheating in an effort to win at football.

10 thoughts on “Commentary: Cam Newton pay-for-play scandal”

  1. Sour Grapes……What is the “right thing” ? Oh yeah, to sit down Newton before the Iron Bowl regardless of the facts…Unfortunately for you all, that is not going to happen. Get ready for tail kidking in your own hoes on the 26th. Sanctions or not…Vacated wins or not…You can’t stop it.

  2. we all know awbarn aint gonna bench ol scam newton cuz they are willing to risk the outcome because they know if they dont win a title this year they NEVER will… hence the “ALL IN” motto. SCAM NEWTON THE BEST THAT AWBARN CAN BUY!

  3. BP, you are a sad shell of yourself. Cam Newton is being exposed. Whether on the field or awarded later, #3 in a row is coming two weeks from this Friday. I personally still think he won’t play, but if he does, don’t subscribe to the intoxication you’re still hung over from over his performance against UT-Chattanooga.

    There are very stiff rumors out there that his ineligibility will be declared as early as today.

  4. Well…He very well may be suspended…And listen real close…if the allegations are true, he should be.

    That is something you will never hear from a UAT fan. Ever.

    Non the less. If we don’t have Cam, I still think we can beat Georgia. Howver, UAT will be much less likely but not impossible, as your team sucks.

  5. The SEC is indeed giving itself a black eye. What I don’t understand is how MSU reported all of this “pay to play” business to the SEC in January, and yet it never made it to the NCAA and we’re just now finding out about it. Sure looks to me like the SEC either 1) didn’t take it seriously (and thus assumed it would never come up), or 2) tried to keep a tight lid on it.

  6. If the more recent allegations are true- that Cam and his father made pay-for-play offers to Mississippi State *recruiters* -are we to believe they didn’t make the same proposals to Auburn *recruiters*?

  7. Well, as a Bama lifer, I hope they let him play. I don’t want any damn excuses come post game Nov 26th. The NCAA won’t suspend him based on mere suspicion, thus proven over the last 5 months. I said it before but I will say it again:

    IF all of this is true–and Cecil and Cam BOTH KNOW the truth

    1) Cam wont win the Heisman.

    2) He will declare elegible for the 2011 NFL draft–I dont care what he has already said about staying.

    And Auburn will open the door for someone like Boise or TCU to get to the title game

    Woo-hoo, War Beagles! ‘at-a-way to represent the SEC!!!

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