How good are the SEC receivers?

How good is the SEC’s stock of receivers? Could this be the best ever?

According to the AP, “Sure, Alabama’s Don Hutson was the man back in the day. But that was the early 1940s. What about since? Carlos Alvarez? Terry Beasley? Cris Collinsworth? Eric Moulds? Josh Reed? Terrence Edwards? Earl Bennett? All good, but none really special. The SEC’s current crop of receivers could be the best the league has ever offered, with Georgia’s A.J. Green, Alabama’s Julio Jones, South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffery and Kentucky’s Randall Cobb leading the way. Throw in Greg Childs and Joe Adams of Arkansas, and the conference has size, speed and arguably more depth at the position than it has in recent years. “‘I feel like all of them may go first round when they decide to come out,’ Green said.” (Below is the rest of the AP story on the SEC and its receivers.)


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    Actually, I don’t think this year is hurting too Darvin Adams too much. He showed last year how good he is as a traditional receiver. This year he has been just as consistent with his catches but has also shown how well he can block.

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    Funny, but his coach, you know, the best QB coach in the business, said that Julio Jones will be the first receiver taken in the draft.

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    So……..Alshon jeffries is still the best I’ve seen.

    If you like , you can look at the stats. But those don’t mean anything , do they ?

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    Yeah it’s not as if Julio is the #2 Receiver in the SEC and unlike Jeferies he plays on a running team. The pros probably don’t have a clue either.

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