7 thoughts on “LSU talks big about Alabama game”

  1. I have to differ with whoever wrote this piece in regards to the function of the spread offense. The offense has been adapted to feature the passing game only in its latest stages. It was designed to feature the running game, hence the name spread. You don’t have to spread everybody out to have an effective passing game. You spread them out to open lanes for quick scat backs. Then when you have a QB like Camilla you send 5 skill players downfield scampering all over the place to keep at least 5 DB’s and LB’s occupied and out of position. A deadly combination when you have maybe the best athlete in the nation at QB. There really is no defense that Nick and Kirby can design to stop it. The only way you can stop it is to have 11 superior athletes on defense who are capable of each taking a man and beating or equaling him one on one. We are one of the few if not the only team with those kind of athletes. The three most difficult Barners to man up would be Camilla, McCalebb and Dwyer. I think you pick one of Milliner, Kirpatrick or Barron to man up McCalebb. Nico for Dwyer, and Hightower for Camilla, or visa-versa. Hightower matches better weightwise and experiencewise while Nico may matchup better with speed and is a natural born killer. Can’t guess what Sabear has up his sleeve, but if they aren’t doing something very special for this game besides just 1 series of spread formation or 1 surprise pass by Maze out of the Wildcat as in a couple of other games this year – then they are just stupid. Nobody has any fear of Ingram or Richarson passing out of the Wildcat, nor of McElroy catching a pass either, so he is just out there wasting a precious position and they load the LOS. Get him off the field for God’s sake! I’m hoping Sabear is just blowing smoke at LSWho about Awbies offense. We do have athletes who can simulate Oregon’s offense against LSWho. Not Barnie’s because we don’t have a 250lb QB who runs like a deer. But we have x-QB BJ Scott who can simulate Oregon’s skinny QB and is as effective for them as Camilla is for Aubie. And Maze and Richardson are better than McCalebb and Dwyer in that order. Just run ’em out of the same formations that Awbie uses instead of trying to do it our way. Very simple. I shoulda been a coach. RTR!

  2. The corndogs will show how puthetic you Bammers are this weekend. Auburn will be Western division champs by Saturday night.


  3. I’m gonna love stomping Barnies ass more this year than the 36-0, no matter what the score. It will be so fulfilling to smash the bastard’s dreams and see them cry. You see this expeience is so rare for you tards that it will just kill you to have Bama take it from you. God only knows when you will get another chance. Maybe not in this lifetime. But Bama – this is our norm. We stay here. If we lose to you, what the hell. It will piss us off and we’ll have to put up with your bullshit until next year; and then while you struggle we’ll be competing again for #23 and #14. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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