An interesting article today quotes Alabama head football coach Nick Saban as saying:

“I just don’t think there’s any place for booing anywhere in college football, and that includes booing the other team…”

In particular, his sentiments were aimed at the Tide’s next opponent, the Nittany Lions of Penn State.

“Penn State is a class program with class people that have been there for 45 years and done wonderful things for college football, the game of football, and a lot of people over a 45-year period,” Saban continued. “And I think it would be a (bleep) crying-(bleep) shame if we booed ’em when they come into the stadium like we did last week’s team. I just don’t understand that.”

Last Saturday, the predictable allotment of boos were heard as San Jose State took the field, and apparently that didn’t sit well with the head coach.

I was there in the stadium when the Trojans took the field, and I did hear it, but not to the level you would expect for a more familiar SEC foe.

I have to say I agree with Saban in the respect that booing Penn State would not be appropriate, and neither would be the playing of Rammer Jammer.  In an article I wrote in the summer of 2009 after encountering a Penn State alum and former player while on vacation, I offered then what I still hold true today: Penn State is different.

They aren’t Auburn, with their grimy choke-hold on the oldest, dirtiest little-man-syndrome grudge of all time.

They aren’t LSU, with their delusional paranoia and godless behavior.

They aren’t Tennessee, with their hillbilly ways and hillbilly hatred.

Penn State is class, representing all that is right with college football…the lone exception being them not personally reversing the Preston Gothard travesty that happened in 1983.

So let me say again, please discourage anyone from booing when the Nittany Lions take the playing field.  And at the end of the game, when we emerge as the victors, let’s play the gracious host instead of playing Rammer Jammer.

Now when Auburn comes to town, all bets are off.  But Saban’s attempt to change the culture of college football’s approach to a visiting team is correct.  It’s just a habit that won’t die quietly.

Said senior H-back Preston Dial: “LSU, Auburn. Pretty much every road game, we get booed,” he said. “Personally, it’s a motivating factor. It just adds intensity to the game.”

And along those lines, I will offer one final thought…the University of Alabama and countless other institutions spend a great deal of money creating a game day atmosphere that stirs the crowd into a raucous-filled frenzy. Pregame videos on screens the size of buildings show big plays, championships won (except in Auburn) and motivating footage with thunderous beats and pulse quickening music.

To ask the common fan not to become overwhelmed with emotion and do what fans do (boo) is like giving porn to an 18-year-old then asking him to just go to sleep.

Booing is part of the game…who you boo is the real issue.  San Jose?  Please.  Penn State?  Never.  Auburn, Tennessee or LSU?

Every (bleeping) time.

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31 thoughts on “Saban: Don’t boo Penn State”

  1. It depends on which team is coming in Bryant-Denny – if it’s Penn State, no. If it’s LSU, Barn, Tennessee or Florida – yes. I see no problem with booing. It’s the “right” of the paying fan to express how they feel – not a “collective agenda”. I just don’t buy the “class” part of it – because class went out a long time ago starting in the late 80’s IMO. Just my 2 cents – RTR.

  2. I agree that Joe Pa and the Penn St organization is first class.
    The Barn and other HATED rivals deserve booing and to hear
    Sweet Home Alabama just like that terrible Rocky Flop song
    and then play Rammer Jammer about 4 or 5 times to the barn!!

  3. I think that if you pay the Money for the Ticket – Suite – whatever the Hell – you have the paid right to Boo .
    Sorry Nick. It’s a Business.

  4. I mean – ya know what I’m sayin Alex? (grin) – you’re dead on as usual Alex – you bring the damage 🙂

  5. Ditto Pluto.

    We’ve suffered through years of fans sitting on their hands and now we want to legislate behavior.

    Were I there, I wouldn’t boo PSU running out on the field. But that’s me. I’m not going to get into the business of telling people who paid (these days extravagantly) what they can and can’t say.

    When booing is appropriate is in the eye of the beholder. I thank god for the booing during the duke game shula’s last year. It sent a message loud and clear.

    Maybe we should let the cheerleaders hold up signs telling us what to do. It would be appropriate for a school that produces the number of big government liberals the university does.

  6. Well, I agree with Saban. I think that while we should appreciate Joe Paterno for what is is to college football, for we have had our own legend that was his peer. But after the introductions are done, anything goes. Treat them like any other SEC team. Penn. St. has had the Bama game marked, as every other team has this year. No mercy!

  7. “They aren’t Auburn, with their grimy choke-hold on the oldest, dirtiest little-man-syndrome grudge of all time.”

    Haha! Aint that the truth.

  8. Finebammer, the booing during the Duke game (was in 2006?) is a completely different kind of boo, and under those circumstances, where “inept” doesn’t begin to describe what we were paying extravagantly to see, that “boo” was a different animal from what Saban is saying.

    I think he just doesn’t want to play host to one of college football’s legends and him not be treated appropriately. I really think the majority of Bama fans “get” that, and would have acted accordingly without the message. However, as a leader of any organization knows, he sets the pace and we follow. But I’m like you…if you pay $80 a pop, do what you want.

  9. Oh get a grip! No I don’t think we should boo PSU, at least not until one of their players chop blocks Hightower or the like. But don’t think beating us would’t make their whole season and they would rub it in all over the internet. So definitely Rammer Jammer is appropriate and it’s our tradition. Sure a lot of their organization has class. But not all of it. You should read what a lot of them are posting about Saban, our recruiting methods, our integrity, our educational standards and our social status. Believe me you wouldn’t feel so condecending. That being said, everybody try to behave with some class and show them they are wrong. And – Rammer Jammer Beat The Hell Out Of PSU! RTR!

  10. “I just don’t think there’s any place for booing anywhere in college football….”

    i think coach was pretty clear in how he feels and i couldn’t disagree more.

    i would remind everyone this is the same man who blamed the fans after the loss to utah.

    if he’s going to get on a soapbox, how about preaching to the drunks. i go to games sober. i leave sober. but you’d never know it due to the way i smell because some drunk spilled a drink on me or my wife.

    i’ve been going to alabama games for a long time and i don’t need anybody telling me how to act.

  11. You pay the money.You ought to be able to BOO the hell out of anyone you dam well please.JOPA and the rest of State can kiss my white asss..ROLL TIDEEE

  12. As a Penn State alum, I have no doubt that Alabama fans will respect visiting Penn State fans. Boo if you want, but refrain from dumping nachos down the Penn Stater’s back, know what I mean?

    Looking forward to the game, and hosting some of you at our place next year.

    Let’s go State!

  13. As a PSU fan, I appreciate Saban’s gesture. However, I say boo the Nits if you wish. I can understand not booing San Jose State for obvious reasons. However, when kids go to PSU, they go in expecting to be booed in places like Tuscaloosa and Columbus. It’s a part of the college football gig. I don’t see what the big deal is.

    Anyway, good luck to Bama this season, except tomortrow. 🙂

  14. Do what your f%$’n coach says, bammers!! Show some godda#@ f%$@’n class!! Don’t boo the other #@*’n team!!

    Apparently, there is no class in booing but cursing like a drunken sailor while giving a public statement to the media on behalf of the university is perfectly acceptable in Tuscaloosa.

  15. Simple as this:

    We need to win this game and Penn State WILL pull out the playbook and try to defeat the National Champions.

    This is not going to be a “soft” atmosphere — there WILL be a RAMMER JAMMER at the end of it but the historical figures WILL be paid respect.

    Nuff said,


  16. Saban…with his Anti-booing statement, is still trying to control me, the fan. Saban, coach football…that’s all you’re hiredand paid to do. You ain’t my parent.

    Capstone, your statement exposes your Politically Correct wet panties, Again!

    Freedom of Speech….”use it or LOSE it!

    Cap, I’m surprised at you. You know better.

  17. Well some of those posts just go to prove that we really do have some as-holes mixed up in our fanbase. Hope they don’t go to this game anyway. Saban is proud of what he found at Alabama. For God sake don’t embarass him. He needs no prompting to get wandering feet again. RTR!

  18. Come on Crimsonite this man coached on the dam bayou with some well most nasty ass people in the SEC.These cajuns hooped and cursed and booed every team that came thru tiger nation.He said the same thing here ,please do not boo have respect.That’s just the nature of the man.I love BAMA football but if he gets wandering feet believe me it will not be over booing.Come on man this dude will jump and sky up over money.That is a proven fact.SO don’t talk about wandering feet over booing..That is complete horseshit. ROLLL TIDEEE

  19. Is that right? a 10-3 season after a national championship, a run down stadium and assholes for fans gave him the incentive to leave LSU dude. Money? Bullshit! He took a cut in pay to come to Bama from Miami. Saban is looking for a place to leave his mark. Bama isn’t the only one he can do that at. If he gets aggravated enough at a situation here he most certainly will weigh his options. Besides, there’s no need to be rude and crude at a special game like this unless they come down here and start it. Go ahead people – reinforce on national tv the Mullet opinion that the restof the country has of us. Cocksuckers, I was at the “Goal Line Stand” game. Penn St was a class act then – both at the game and in the streets of the French Quarter – and they are still a class act. We need to act with a little dignity ourselves. I wrote Joe Pa a letter begging Penn St to play Alabama and give us a shot at the National Championship in ’79. I wrote him because Penn St was considering playing #3 Nebraska in the Orange Bowl which paid more money. That would have locked Bama out of the National Championship. He personally wrote me a letter saying that Penn St would be honored to play against Alabama and Bear Bryant. I still have that letter framed after 31 years. Of course he came to the Sugar Bowl because Bear personnally invited him. But still, that was class to write me that letter. So I’m telling all you hardheaded rednecks, you need to put on your best faces for this historic event, cause unless you drive to Happy Valley next year you will never see Joe Pa in person again, and you will never see another coach with 400 fucking wins again either. I’ll be there watching you. In fact I’m in T-Town right now. Nuf said. RTR!

  20. I don’t give a shit about JOPA and his records.That guy is not even coaching that team he is just there.He can not put together a sentence and you can not understand a dam thing he says.I am not a mullet or red neck and have plenty of class.I just do not like Penn State period and hope we kick there ass all the way back to happy valley.Nuff SAID. RT;;;;;;;;

  21. Penn State fans have no class. Just go watch when they lose..especially when it’s in their own park. I was there for a game when they lost to Minnesota and the fans said things that I only expected from NY Jets or Eagles fans. Penn state fans have no class but do have huge egos.

  22. Look, there are assholes in every fan base. You need to look no further than this board right here! But if you don’t believe me, just go to Rivals and read the Penn. St – BWI McAndrews posts. They are extremely gracious losers. For every 2 assholes there are 10 who applaud Bama, and nearly every one of those denunce their own fans who flame Bama. The ratio of good to bad is excellent. And to the other idiot: No, purchasíng an $80 ticket does not give you the right to be a rude asshole, anymore than purchasing a $50.000 car gives yuo the right to drive like a rude asshole. Anyway, Saban f–ked all the wouldbe boo birds by having both teams come out together. Bwaa Haww Haww. RTR!

  23. Crimsonite,

    You’re acting like a redneck…yo-self!

    Did you hear ole Joe be ‘rude’ and gruff after the game? (with the press)

    Nuff said. –
    Come out of your Sycophant’ll feel better.

  24. Joe Pa is an 84 year old relic who is in pain constantly. He has earned the right to be short tempered with the pestering a–holes in the press. Still he was gracious in his comments about Alabama. And believe me it hurt him to lose that game to his old nemisis. The low point in his career was the ’79 National Championship game.
    His family says he still won’
    t talk about it.

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