What school has the most obnoxious fans in the SEC? Mark Bradley of AJC.com provides a very good answer.

According to Bradley, it is Auburn. He writes, “1. Auburn (No. 2 in 2008, No. 6 in 2010 AJC.com poll): Because Tiger fans still worship at the tainted feet of Pat Dye. Because they run off coaches on a whim. Because they’ve grown as arrogant as Alabama backers without one-tenth the justification. Because they’re still whining over the national championship they didn’t win in 2004. Because the world’s worst fan — the Montgomery banker Bobby Lowder — is an Auburn man. And because I would pay money (though not a lot) to see Bobby Lowder in jean shorts.”

Bradley hits it perfectly. And this line is worth repeating: “Because they’ve grown as arrogant as Alabama backers without one-tenth the justification.”

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  1. Amen to that! I don’t understand. According to Aubies, everyone says Alabama fans are the worst, because they have a cousin that lives in California and he said everyone in LA hates Bama Fans and blah, blah, blah…

  2. He is Wrong. It’s Corn Dog – Coon Asses.
    I will say that with the Aubs – It’s an False Arrogance . I don’t know if it’s that “Auburn Experience ” ( Circle Jerk with one bottle of Boone’s Farm ) or some kind of Entitlement ( Government Check) …… It just does not add up.
    Go win you something on the Field Aubies.

  3. And you really see it show (from Auburn fans) when Alabama has success. Coincidence? Nope. But Auburn feels like they exist just to be anti-Bama. They are some pretty sick folks.

  4. I got to agree with Pluto ….You bammers are pretty bad, but most of my closest friends are Bama fans. I dont think I could be freinds with an LSU fan. Or really , anyone from Louisiana for that matter.

  5. Actually, Auburn fans seemed to not be too bad till they went on that 6 year winning streak over Bama.

    They really went a little overboard, and one reason a lot of Bama fans are giving them hell now.

    To me, this list was pretty accurate. Except I would move Tennessee up. Their fans are still bad, just been humbled a little bit as of yet.

    IndyVol is an example

  6. I agree 13. It started getting bad when the Auburn folks started holding them fingers up. By the time it got to 3 or four fingers, they were all slobbering and obnoxious. Then it just got worse.

    And since Saban arrived, they are wondering what the hell just happened. Where is the “Tuberville has a better record than Saban” and “Saban will leave in 2 years” or “Saban can’t recruit like he did at LSU at Bama” excuses now? Saban has shut them up about that, so now it is just pure hate. So yeah, they all deserve a dose of “Bama is back and whooping ass again” and I am sure Bama winning the NC is really getting to them. I hope they lose every game.

  7. Seriously, any poll that has Tennessee as the best fans in the SEC is obviously really objective.

  8. 3. Bama
    4. Georgia
    5. S. Carolina
    6. Ole Miss
    7. Arky
    8. Florida
    9. Missy St.
    10 Kentucky
    11. Vandy

    That is the order of prickdom from 1st to last in the SEC…..

  9. BPI, Auburn should at least be 1b. I know you still hate LSU because they burned down the Auburn barn (or whatever it was) back in the mid-ninties.

    Just curious, why is Alabama 3rd on your list? We are number 1 in everything else, I figured we could at least be number one on your list…




  11. LMAO@ 1/10 the justification. Truer words were never spoken.In fact Aubies suck so hard that sucking a watermelon through a garden hose is no problem for them.

  12. I live here in lswho country and they are the azz holes of college football.Take bank on that.. ROLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEE..Very nasty and rude people and will key a car in a heart beat on a losing night also have seen windows broken out..

  13. Or, cut your tires j.w. They are reprobates. I was stuck on a 14 hour fishing charter with two of the most biligerent coonasses you have ever seen. We were about to fight on a 10 passenger boat 50 miles out at sea. the captain said he would shoot the coonass if he didnt shut up……Yep, LSU is #1 and it isnt even up for debate.

    Bama fans are pretty bad as a whole , but the fanbase is so big, there are bound to be some normal ones in there somewhere.

  14. Yeah, but Auburns fanbase is much smaller, so the a$$hole fan ratio is much larger, like 2:1. Plus over half of that didn’t even go to school there.

  15. Kinda hard to understand Bradley’s rationale. (Unlike ITK, I will not initiate an immediate personal smear campaign against Bradley to discredit him.) He seems to be transferring the actions of the administration to the fans, which doesn’t make sense. He said in his comments section that he based the “coaches on a whim” comment on Jetgate and Bowden being fired midseason. It was Lowder and Muse that were responsible for Jetgate, not the AU fans. If it weren’t for the fans revolting against the administration in support of Tubs when it was discovered, Petrino would have been hired. As to Bowden, they guy quit midseason. He wasn’t fired (although he likely would have been at the end of the season.) If you doubt that, ask yourself why no other school would even sniff at the guy for 10 years (and then only a D-III school).

    The obnoxiousness of fans should be based on their behavior towards the fans of visting schools. Based on that, it ain’t even close. Tenn, LSU, and Fla are the worst. As much as I gig Bama, I’ve never felt uncomfortable in Tuscaloosa on game day even while wearing AU colors. I also don’t worry about drunk obnoxious fans screaming obscenities around my 10 year old daughter there on game day. Baton Rouge, Gainesville, or Knoxville?? You gotta be kidding.

  16. Look on any blog that has an Auburn supportor. And you will see the decaying rationale of the aubbo horde. Auburn is worse than scientology for mental rot.
    The saddest part is that they actually believe the vile spew coming from thier corn fed yaps. And that any conspiracy about Bama cheating (no matter how absurd) is taken as being the gospel of moses. Just a pathetic picture of fanhood.

  17. “And that any conspiracy about Bama cheating (no matter how absurd) is taken as being the gospel of moses.”

    tmc you do realize that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, don’t you?

  18. Julia, you know that some of the most die-hard Auburn people really believe the anti-Bama propaganda. You know, Bear paid off teams and bought players. Saban is doing the same thing. Always a reason for why Alabama’s success is tainted. I know you have heard it, you probably even believe it. You wouldn’t be the Auburn fans that you are without your jealousy and hatred for Bama. But if you want respect, you have got to give it first.

  19. Look brandii, one of these days you’ll finally realize that I’m nothing like you because I only make comments for which there is true and accurate evidence (and no, messages anonymously posted on a rival fans message board do not qualify.) That’s why I specifically said the Gadsen-Charger rumors were idiotic, and I have NEVER accused Saban of buying players. How many comments have you morons posted on this blog about Chizik buying this last recruiting class? The only time I’ve ever said Bear bought players is in reference to the time he was actually busted for it at TAMU. I have mentioned that a lot of old school sportswriters believe that Bear acted behind the scenes to get the NCAA after AU when Barfield got on probation in the late 70’s, ala Phil Fulmer. And you know why? Because a lot of the old school sportswriters believed that. If you doubt that, I’m sure cappy can weigh in on it. Unlike you, I can back it up when I say something.

  20. This is way off base. Auburn fans “still worship at the tainted feet of Pat Dye?” All Auburn fans love Dye because he was a successful coach. Any fan of any program loves their successful coaches. But I’ve never seen anyone with a tattoo of Pay Dye on their back.

    Auburn fans still whine over 2004? Well, it has been in the news for the entire summer but I guess this guy expects us to ignore it.

    Every Auburn graduate and fan I know hates Bobby Lowder. Despises him. So I guess it makes sense to say all Auburn fans are just like him.

  21. And where is this coaching carousel? Auburn has had one of the most stable programs in the SEC for the last two decades. But I’m wrong. In reality, we’ve had 30 coaches since 2000. I’m just too arrogant to admit it.

  22. Bowden got the reigns in what, 1993 ? Then Tubberville took over in 99…..Then Gene Chizik last year…So in 18 seasons we have had 3 coaches ? And Our current coach I hope will be here for a while. SO, I am calling B.S. on that one.

  23. This ranking was obviously slanted against Auburn. I would also say that some of the comments from the “Bama Nation” seem to suggest UA should be ranked a little higher than #5. While at several Auburn games, I have actually heard AU alumni go up to rival fans and sincerely welcome them to the campus. So obnoxious.

  24. Alabama is known for winning championships. Auburn is not. You won’t see a Pat Dye tattoo, but there are many for Bear. No rolling trees after a win at Bama, it is tradition at Auburn. You can’t compare the two schools at all. But all the hate is coming from Auburn. I haven’t accused Auburn of anything but having the most jaded and obnoxious fans. At least Bama fans have a tradition of championships and great coaches to feel proud of. Auburn fans do not respect that, but we are to believe (according to the Aubies) that there is not a big difference in the schools, and Auburn is just done better than Bama in a certain time frame. If you want respect, you have to give it first, and Bama deserves every bit of respect for what they have accomplished. If an Auburn fan can’t get a grip on that, then that is just ignorance.

  25. just thought i’d say my two cents.. i dislike bama fans because they’re always the ones you see getting drunk and smoking pot and partying every weekend (and female bama fans are the ones at those same parties being little whores), i didn’t say all but i sure do see a whole lot, and i can honestly say that i don’t know a single auburn fan that acts that way, i guarantee they exist but just the fact that i know so many party-going bama fans and know zero party-going auburn fans, is enough to make me an auburn fan

  26. I love how an article that says “Auburn has the most obnoxious fans” is riddled with comments by bama fans (who all have bama references in their user names) trolling blogs looking for someone to put down and can’t take a little heat when a school they claim sucks so much has a 6 game winning streak against them.

  27. Dan, and yet here you are. Hmmm. Let me correct you. HAD a six game winning streak. Do you have amnesia or something? Look at what has happened since then. This is a Bama blog, yet Dan the Auburn Man is here trolling.

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