The Texas Longhorns want a running game. Why? Experience in the national championship game showed coach Mack Brown and Texas that a running game can relieve pressure on a young quarterback. And don’t forget recruiting as a reason Texas and Brown are interested in a running game. Here are some details from the AP.

From the AP: Run, run, run. That’s all Texas coach Mack Brown wants to talk about.

For a program that won 25 games the past two seasons throwing the ball behind one of the most accurate quarterbacks in NCAA history, an iron-fisted commitment to building a punishing running game seems a bit drastic.

Texas will still throw the ball. But what Brown wants is a blood-and-guts running game that will get the tough yards and first downs “when we need it.”

Texas couldn’t get those against Alabama in a 37-21 loss in the BCS championship game last season. When quarterback Colt McCoy got hurt early in the first quarter, Texas’ first drive fizzled at the goal line and the Longhorns settled for a field goal instead of a touchdown.

And when Texas needed to control the ball and reorganize behind backup quarterback Garrett Gilbert, six possessions went three plays or fewer before Texas limped into halftime trailing 24-6. …

Texas averaged 4.0 yards per rush last season, a solid mark. But in the last two games against Nebraska in the Big 12 championship game and Alabama, the Longhorns totaled just 99 yards on 66 carries, an average of 1 1/2 yards.

The overall drop-off in recent years appears to have hurt Texas on the recruiting trail. Brown, who can usually charm top recruits to Austin with the snap of a finger, has struggled lately to land the traditional big, game-breaking running backs of Texas lore. (read the entire story below)

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  1. Without question the national title game influenced this decision. However, had Mack simply watched the Iron bowl, he would have known how to shut down Bamas run game. Food for thought..

  2. BPI your a dipstick — have you lost your mind. You don’t think Florida didn’t try the same thing to try to shut down Bama?? The best coach in the world seen a weekness we had and corrected it. Not like dipwad Cheesedick.

  3. So , you are saying Auburn didn’t shut down your run game in the Iron Bowl ?

    And that was without another scholorship linebacker on the roster to boot.

  4. BP, Bama played flat, and Auburn played inspired, but they still lost to the better team. If Bama had played Auburn like they did Florida, you wouldn’t be feeling like Auburn did so much. You see, the Florida game was the game Bama was looking to, since Auburn is just a speed bump now.

  5. I saw Awbarn stop A runner on Bama’s team last Iron Bowl. They stacked the line and went all out to stop Mark Ingram – however, they DIDN’T stop Trent Richardson or Roy Upchurch, especially when it counted in the 4th quarter. When the boogs can put a total game together, stop all of Bama’s offensive weapons, and actually win the game on the scoreboard, then you’ve got something to crow about. Right now, you’ve got a 36-0 beatdown and a moral victory. So sad.

  6. BPI-don’t-know: And when did most of those yards come? And when did most of the receiving yards come? And how long did it take a good coach to overcome the whiz-bang’s defensive scheme? I seem to remember a different second half of the game than you do. When one weapon doesn’t do the job, you go to the others. Hate it for the boogs that McElroy turned out to be a better qb than you expected. If Bama’s game plan was as one-dimensional as the boog’s, the game would have been lost. But it wasn’t. So sad.

  7. pere…..I am kind of aware of that….The above thread topic was about what ? I will say it for you reeeaaallll slllooowwwww……..TTHE RUN GAME….The run game that wore Texas out, did NOT were Auburn out.

    And I will inform you of what happened in the second half of the Iron Bowl. After Josh Bynes tore Ingrams arse up for 3 and 1/2 quarters , he limped his butt back over to the pine, and flat out quit.

    Are you informed now ?

  8. BP your memory fails you. Go watch it again. Auburn did not, I repeat DID NOT stop Bama much in that game. Auburns defense was wore out by the end of the 3rd quarter. Sure, Bynes was all over Ingram that day, and that was the best game Auburn played all year. And still lost. Bama didn’t win the game on a trick play, onside kick, or luck. They drove the ball on Auburn for 5 scores. Richardson caught some passes for big yardage. That still counts too you know. Bama your defense out eventually. All you have to do is go watch it again. You have a really bad memory of the game.

  9. We have been down this road before and I really don’t want to do it again. No, we did not stop Bama in that game. Had we “stopped” them , we would have won the game. We did however, “stop” the rushing attack that Bama has won so many games with over the last 2 years. Had we not done that , the game would not have been as close as it was..

    Some stats for that game ( yes I looked it up just for you)

    Since we are talking about rushing (thread topic) I will start there.

    Ingram 30 yards on 16 carries ( less than 2 yards per carry)

    AU 151 yards rushing (most allowed by UA all year)

    UA 73 yards rushing ( least by UA offense all year)

    I should really stop right there as that absolutely proves any point I have. But…..

    Total offense
    UA 291 yards
    AU 332 yards

    Yes , we totally shut down your run game. But, good teams are balanced and that is what won the game for you. Congrats.

    But please quit trying to act like you ran the ball that day. It DID NOT HAPPEN.

  10. BPI

    Bama was thinking about Florida they knew they could kick Abarns ASS in the fourth. Moral victorys thats all you get.

  11. Whatever doosher……I know we lost, and it isnt a moral victory. We did stop your running game.

    And to admit your team was looking ahead is worse that anything a team could do to me. It shows lack of discipline. Although your team has a history of looking ahead ( see Utah) …..I would rather say we won a close one than basicly say that my team was filled with bigg headed superstars….But thats just me. Its funny how Bama fans use the “we were looking ahead” excuse as if its O.K. or something……..

  12. BPI, it never fails to astound me how engrained the bama fan base is on excuse making. They absolutley cannot help themselves, and they truly don’t even recognize the fact that they’re doing it. They’re like a nation of alcoholics. They don’t even limit themselves to losses. They will make up excuses for close wins. Heck, they’ll make up excuses for false start penalties. It is uniquely a bama fan phenomenon. I can’t think of any other fan base that does it on the scale of bammer.

  13. How about this you stupid retard Auburn fans? 26 > 21. In other words YOU LOST!!! Auburn had THREE first downs in the second half of that game you dipshits!! You got all of your yards and rushing stats off of gimmick plays and busted coverages. Black friday awaits you scumbags at Bryant Denny Stadium. There will be no moral victory this time, only tears coming out of Gene Chizik’s eyes when Bama drops an H-Bomb on Auburn.

  14. Well, BP have you watched the game again? That is all I have asked. Watch it, try to be unbiased, and you will see that really after the first quarter that Auburn was inconsistent, their offense was struggling (you know, except for a few plays) and Bama got stronger as the game went on. Yes, Auburn held Bamas running game in check, but they still drove the ball for 5 scores. And most were long drives, that wore your defense out. So Bama’s offense won the game, and you guys say, “Well, we stopped your run game!” and that is just stupid.

  15. Look man, I have not said anything but Alabama outplayed Auburn. That can’t be denied, and I am not tryin to make that point. The only point I was ever trying to make is that Bama’s RUN game can, and was stopped. The thread was about Mack Brown being impressed by Alabama’s run game , and how he was going to try to emulate that because of lack of experience at quarterback. I was only making the point that if he had used Auburn’s game plan. ( and he didn”t) they would have had MUCH more success in the N.C. game. Josh Bynes was spying Ingram the whole game, and completely shut him down.

    This would have forced McElroy to pass more , and could have changed the outcome….Not saying they would have won, because they probably wouldn’t. But, with their depth and superior talent compared to AU, I can’t help but think that would have been the case.

    And by the way, thanks for admitting the obvious.

  16. No, they didnt use Auburns plan…The closest thiing to the defense we played was Tennessee. And look how they did.

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