In a recent interview with a “satellite member” of the university of abarn marketing department, director of athletics Jay Jacobs said there aren’t any real plans to expand the seating at Jordan-Hare stadium.

In a related story, Jorge Garcia doesn’t plan on getting body guards to protect him from women.

Conversation of any kind regarding expansion in Lee County is hysterical.  Unless they play Alabama or Georgia at home four times a season, they couldn’t sell out that dump if they taped $50 bills under all the seats.

Pick any…any…game in abarn with a 11:00am kick-off and when the cameras accidentally hit the crowd you’ll see bleachers. You can easily shoot a water balloon into the east upper deck and not get anybody wet.

Said Jacobs: “We’re not going to increase our capacity just because someone else is increasing their capacity.  We’re going to do what’s best for us.”

Translation: “We’re not going to increase our capacity just because the defending national champion is nine days away from unveiling the Taj Mahal of college football stadiums, with a 101,821 seating capacity and another 10,000 on a season ticket waiting list.  We’re going to keep playing games in front of 80% occupancy in our 87,451 seat dump.”

That’s not to say Spinmeister Jacobs isn’t looking toward the future.  The story says last fall he hired Pieper Sports Facility Consulting to do a master design for Jordan-Hare Stadium, to “look at everything, and not just the seats.”

My favorite:

“What we want to do is be proactive and not reactive,” Jacobs said. “We want to be ready to go when it’s time to go. What I mean by that is, we get a couple years like we used to have prior to 2008 where we sell out tickets from the ticket priority standpoint, then your supply is beginning to exceed your demand.”

Translation? “If my 13-24 head coach, with a winning percentage of .37% in league play can produce a product people want to come see, maybe we’ll move on something.”

“So we’re pulling all this (information) together and saying, ‘You know what? We’ve got 25 things here we’re going to do over the next 10 years.’ Hypothetically. Could be five years, could be 25,” Jacobs said.

Could be 380.

Gee Jay, we all believe your thoughts aren’t reactive at all.  Bama building the prototype of the perfect football stadium has nothing to do with you doing homework on upgrading your own heap.  I, for one, am convinced.

Humorously, the story goes on that “8-12” other stadiums have been visited by abarn officials in the last six months, including Clemson, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Texas, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Florida and Iowa.

Notice any interesting names absent from the list?  So the standard for luxury football stadiums is being completed just 185 miles away across the state, but no knock on the door?

Do I detect a little stadium envy?

Bottom line, Abarn is the Jorge Garcia of college football.  Manufactured into being something by outside orchestrated and motivating factors, but still really, really ugly.  And face it; nobody but fambly wants to be around ugly.

43 thoughts on “Shock: No expansion for Jordan-Hare”

  1. Nothing much to say….Just another one of ITK’s spin stories. He could work for the NYT’s if he really applied himself.

    Auburn is not affected by UA’s succes or lack of succes. Really this article means nothing. AU will expand when AU decides. Not before. Kind of the whole point Jay Jacobs was making. ANd before last year, I have seen quite a few 11 o’clockers at Bryant Denny with empty upper seats as well.

  2. “Auburn is not affected by UA’s success”. I call BS on that one. Navid Nousel even compared Bama to the Nazis. Bear Bryant humiliated Auburn so deeply, it has affected the GRANDKIDS of the Auburn fambly. Now Saban is humiliating them. You can just smell the fear and loathing coming out of Lee County, all because they are being affected by what’s going on at Bama. It really hurt a lot of Auburn fans feelings when Saban told his team he hated Auburn.

  3. BPI,

    One big difference that you failed to mention in your reference to some empty bleachers at Bryant-Denny at 11 a.m. games. The Bama games are ALL SOLD OUT and have been. So those seats are paid for even though someone may not be sitting in them. Unlike the big aluminum can at the barn where THOUSANDS of seats haven’t been paid for! BIG DIFFERENCE! Guess that is why the barn is in the red. LOL

  4. Your teams post season was a big reason for you being in the black. and that is a good thing. But really, I know what I have seen. Not lately , becasue of your recent success. But a couple of years ago I know what I saw , empty seats at the LAMO game…….Or maybe that was just after halftime……..

  5. BPI,

    You’re a dumb@ss. I’ve been on the waiting list for tickets for over 6 years. Get your facts straight. I know you feel major inferior to Bama but you shouldn’t blog about it. Cheer up, Chesnut will have you keep you a little above .500 for years to come!!!

  6. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution (SEC’s most obnoxious fans)

    Off topic I know, but thought I should share. Who was number 1…….

    1. Auburn (No. 2 in 2008, No. 6 in 2010 poll): Because Tiger fans still worship at the tainted feet of Pat Dye. Because they run off coaches on a whim. Because they’ve grown as arrogant as Alabama backers without one-tenth the justification. Because they’re still whining over the national championship they didn’t win in 2004. Because the world’s worst fan — the Montgomery banker Bobby Lowder — is an Auburn man. And because I would pay money (though not a lot) to see Bobby Lowder in jean shorts.

  7. Then explain why someone would buy seats and not go to a game ? Ahhh…I remember, Your team sucked for about ten years.

  8. But not any more, BPI. Whereas – the University of West Georgia sucked, still sucks, and will continue to suck until the collective boog nation decides to have a winning program and hire the personnel to direct it. But not while the current AD and Board are there – they are apparently very happy being in the middle-to-bottom of the pack. Keep looking northwest for your inspiration!

  9. Ya’ll quit picking on BP. She gets flustered and starts crying when you start bringing up things like FACTS.

  10. Okay, gotta call BS on BP. I’ve been going to Bama games for three decades. I’ve never seen in Bryant-Denny what I’m talking about seeing in Jordan-Hare.

  11. Heck man….I wnet to a UA game @ legion field in 92 and it was at about 3/4 capacity….Not to mention David Palmer saving your perfect season with a punt return against another scrub team from Louisiana.

  12. I was at that game too against La.Tech and have a very different memory. 13-6.

    Since abarn never has been in championship contention in your lifetime, and never will, you won’t understand this. But for every contender there is that game or two that comes down to inches. Then there are other games where you dismantle a powerhouse. Just works that way. But you’ll have to take my word for it.

  13. That “game or two that comes down to inches” should not be against La. Tech….But I guess you wouldn’t understand that, you know LAMO, Northern Illinois, Utah, etc……

  14. Utah was undefeated, dipstick.

    And with so much experience in championship runs, better listen to an aubie for sure.

  15. I will pull the bama excuse card ” they were #2 that year” … See how stupid it sounds ?

  16. Actually, BP, LA Tech had a very good team that year. They had some NFL draft picks on that team. They put more players in the NFL that year than Aubrun. And what does it say about Auburn, that LA Tech put up a bigger fight than the Tiggers? That Auburn memory of yours really distorts the truth, kinda like one of them funhouse mirrors.

  17. Dude, I was at the game and saw firsthand what happened….La Tech put Bama to the wire, and Duece single handedly kept yall in the N.C. hunt …

    La. Tech is La. tech…You beat em, but it should not have been close.

    Anyhow , water under the bridge.

  18. Bama’s stadium is incredible, and is now the nicest in the SEC. Maybe in the country, but I’ve never been to Penn State or Michigan so kinda hard to say. Auburn had a bigger and nicer stadium than Bama for 26 years. Bama’s is bigger and nicer now, but it’s brickwall stupid to say Jordan Hare is a “dump” just because Bama now has a seating capacity that’s 14% larger. JH is a great venue. Bryant Denny pre-2000 and Legion Field? Now those were freakin’ dumps.

  19. I would agree with you Julio, but the chasm between Jordan-Hare and Bryant-Denny isn’t just seating capacity.

    Watch the video here and it’ll break it down:

    As for BD pre-2000 and Legion Field, you couldn’t be more right. Those dinosaurs came about as a result of people in power sitting on their hands, and as a result UA was quickly passed by. But an argument could be made that this is what’s taking place at Auburn right now.

  20. Just because AU isn’t expanding seating capacity doesn’t mean that it’s becoming a dinosaur. Major renovations were done to the concourse five years ago. Restrooms and food sales were added. AU was also the first in the conference to have an HD jumbotron. With the exception of a major seating capacity addition, AU has upgraded everything you could rationally expect in the last 5 years. JH is a gorgeous stadium, and it doesn’t appear dated at all. You can’t say the same for LSU or Neyland Stadium. Personally, I think Neyland is a total dump. It’s like Legion Field that seats 100,000 people. It’s like sitting in a big sardine can.

  21. That was an impressive video. Now if they could just take that renovation inot the rest of T-town , the stadium wouldnt look like a gold nuggett in a turd pile.

  22. You are right, julia. Auburn does have a nice stadium. But it is the way the team plays in it that means the most, and Auburn has a great atmosphere. But my experience there was that the Auburn fans were so obnoxious about it. I mean violently insane would be a better description.

  23. Bryant-Denny is nice, but I find it very unreasonable to say that Jordan-Hare is a “dump”. Jordan-Hare is a beautiful stadium, and they have plenty of room to upgrade their stadium if they want. They could easily increase their capacity to where their stadium is larger than Bama’s. Auburn doesn’t feel it is reasonable to upgrade right now. I agree with Julio.

  24. america hates cheAUting skanks
    josh mcdaniels videogate fired by owner
    sal alonsi – tripgate suspended by team indefinitely
    cam newton – lying thug cheater skank(i forgive him though) – set loose on kids

  25. Well, well, well class. Lesson #1: Expansion was the subject I believe and I’d like to say we at Auburn are so thankful to our cross- state rivals for building such a wonderful venue for us to admire. I loved the beautiful orange and blue sky over the stadium. How’d they do that? Anyway, thanks Bama for opening your newly expanded stadium to us. We felt obliged to give up a win there after you guys went through so much trouble. Naaaaaa, more room for more fans to watch you do what you almost always do at Bryant-Denny, lose to Auburn. War Eagle, seriously how did you guys do the orange and blue sky thing? Hmmm

  26. After all, Auburn is just the reigning national champions (their 7th if we use Bammer math). Besides, with a winning record at Jordan-Hare East (aka Deadguy-Denny), their home field is pretty unimportant.

  27. not, how stupid do u feel now ha!

    pedophile or shoplifter – we r just into wonder these bozos are perennial losers except a one-hit wonder by cheauting

    au still will have 0 national championships 1 1 2012

  28. Brent Calloway-Bama lock for 2 years going to Auburn. OUCH LMAO. OH yeah National Champs 2010 and WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Brent was afraid of the competition. Trey DePreist was rated a better LB, which is what Bama was recruiting Calloway for. And then they sign the 5 star running back Hart, which is a better running back, so Bama won’t be missing him. Bamas class is still rated higher than Auburns is so I am not sweating it much. But y’all are just now making any noise in recruiting. Bama has been doing this for four years now. Good luck catching up.

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