Have you ever wondered what the Auburn Family looked like?

Here is your chance thanks to the Montgomery Advertiser. Watch the video below and you will understand the family. It is based on hate. These family members hate Alabama, Alabama fans and Paul Finebaum’s national callers.

Charles from Reeltown and Tammy are the stars of this video and story from the Advertiser. The video starts with Tammy screaming. What else? And the Montgomery Advertiser accurately describes what she sounds like “her screeches can rival fingernails on blackboards.”

“I don’t want to go through them days again,” Charles from Reeltown declared of his resentment of the Alabama days when Bryant owned the SEC. This is perhaps the most honest and revealing thing an Auburn fan has ever said. Auburn fans fear the slide into the valley of irrelevance as Alabama ascends the summit of college football. Auburn fans like Charles from Reeltown remember those days when Paul W. “Bear” Bryant ruled college football, and despite what was said, Charles and Tammy know those days have returned.

As for Tammy, she has put the Alabama Crimson Tide in a difficult situation regarding this year’s Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa. If Alabama wins, she threatened to leave the stadium naked.

Nobody wants to see that. In fact, it might be best if Alabama lost just to avoid that.

Video below:

16 thoughts on “Hate rules the Auburn Family”

  1. If only Auburn had fans to make us proud like Shane, Phyliss, and Jim from Tuscaloosa.

    As to Tammy leaving the stadium in the buff, don’t think for one second that she won’t do it. You’ve been warned.

  2. Tammy is cool just ole country girl that pulls for the cow college
    but the biggest freaking stupid,idiot is Charles from Reeltown if
    I was from that town you would have to beat his ass up!! RTR

  3. It amazes me the power of PFRN. If it were not for these two dumba$$es with nothing else better to do than to sit on hold on the phone, all to make themselves the village idiot(s) of the world. These two SERIOUSLY wouldn’t be accepted at Jordan-Hare amongst the crowds.

    As far as Tammy running naked through what would be in Tuscaloosa – first she’s going to have to mortgage the single wide to even remotely be able to purchase a ticket – secondly there is no way the Crimson faithful would allow that to happen. She might not be able to get in the gates – as far as Country Boy – again, it’s kind of hard to purchase a ticket to one of the highest demand games while you’re still using a rotary phone.

    …and you wonder why they stereotype

  4. Charles knows what’s coming. Alabama once again rules the SEC and auburn is looking up at the mighty Crimson Tide. Alabama is nationwide on ESPN’s “All Access” and on the cover of SI for the 7th time since Saban arrived. Meanwhile the Barn is a regular on the RFD network and on the cover of Progressive Farmer.

    By the way, whoolio and bpi, thanks for
    frequenting this Alabama fan board. Not obsessed with the Tide, are you?

  5. julio, we are prod of Shane and Jim. They say what I want to say. stick to the barn sites and gloat over Charles and Tammy

  6. Well, the majority of the Auburn fans that I know really hate Alabama. The Alabama-Auburn game is the most important game on their schedule. And I have asked some of them “Why do you hate Alabama so much?” and the reply is usually something like “I don’t hate the team, just the fans”. But they hate Saban, talk about the players like they are worthless, and since Saban has been there “Stars don’t matter”. But since their recruiting is a little better, that one will quietly go away. I think that it is pure envy and jealousy. All hate is rooted in fear.

  7. So you bammers (yeah, that means you brandii) say that AU fans are obsessed with Bama, but you don’t care anything about us barners?? Here’s a little quote from the article from Saban’s #1 boycrush Paul Finebaum that cappy somehow managed to overlook:

    “After Alabama beat Texas to win the national championship in January, Finebaum was on a red-eye flight back home when fans began asking: ‘What do you think Charles is going to say now?’
    When his plane landed in Birmingham, he said he was surrounded by listeners at the airport ‘and they used Charles’ name 100 times more than Nick Saban’s. Here was one of the greatest nights in Alabama history and the only person Tide fans could talk about was Charles from Reeltown’ he said. ‘It was tru­ly amazing.’ ”

    Yeah, it’s just the barners that obsess over Bama. Whatever.

  8. Julia? Did I strike your nerve? Who cares what Fbaum said? He is just playing you guys like he does the Bama fans. I am saying there is a deep-seated hatred amongst Auburn fans toward Bama. Where does it come from? FEAR. Ya’ll absolutely hate for Bama to have more success than your team. Get used to it. And keep on hatin’ you fraakin crybaby.

  9. So Finebaum lied when he said that all those bama fans were talking about Charles more than they were about Saban on the night bama won the NC?? Because unless that’s the case, your argument falls apart and you look pretty stupid (not to say that’s an unusual event.)

  10. Bimbo julie? The best way for a Bama fan to celebrate yet another NC is to rub it in the face of the 3rd best team in the state who’s trophy case is smaller than Troy’s. Charles from Reeltown just happens to the Barner’s highest profile loser. It’s not obsession, it’s ridicule and a big smile at the laughing-stock Barnie-Ball has become.

  11. So the “best way” for Bama to celebrate an NC is to concentrate on how it affects Auburn? Thanks for making my point.

  12. I love how Charles brings up the fact that since we’ve been on top for the past 2 years, we’re supposedly bragging about how it’s just like back in the Bear Bryant days; You all know good and well that if Auburn ever somehow managed to go undefeated in the regular season for 2 years in a row, win the SEC Championship, AND the National Championship, we would NEVER EVER EVER EVER hear the end of it! Lord, it was bad enough when they somehow managed to actually go undefeated in 2004, look how they’re STILL crying (6 years later!) about how they were soooooo wronged by not getting that bid to the BCS NC game… They say that WE’RE the ones living in the past? Ummm can we say, “The pot calling the kettle black”?

    Awbrin will FOREVER be jealous of its far superior big brother! ROLL TIDE!

  13. Who is Charles and why do I care Julia? You seem to be proud that he is the spokesperson for Auburn. I don’t listen to finebaum, and don’t care to. And if you get caught up in all that, you are an idiot.

    Look, both sides have their obnoxious fans. But Auburn won 6 in a row over Bama, and when Bama breaks the slump, they win the NC. And that has made some Auburn people insane with hatred (fear). So yeah, after all the finger holding, ‘fear the thumb’ and all that for SIX YEARS, you Auburn people can’t handle a little chest thumping by the Alabama fans after they won the National Championship?

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