It’s finally here.   For all intents and purposes, this week’s SEC Media Days is the beginning of the college football season.

Unlike CBS Sports, who doesn’t begin paying college football any attention until three weeks into the season (what’s up with that???), SEC Media Days gets our juices flowing roughly six weeks from the first whistle.

If you look around, everyone from Tony Barnhart to Tony Danza has questions they are posing for this week’s event.

But we at like to delve deeper.  2010 is easy. What will we see at SEC Media Days 2011?

I’d like to hear from you, but here are a few of my own:

1. Who will take the podium next July for the University of Georgia?
Clearly the league if not the game itself has passed Mark Richt by.  That’s an old expression, once even asked regarding Coach Bryant.  Bryant answered with the 1970’s, one of the most dominant decades of college football.  Can Richt’s answer begin this year?

2. Can Alabama three-peat as champs?
Whether we’re talking about the SEC or both the league and national titles, there’s a good chance this will be up for debate a year from now.

3. How will Newton do under a new coordinator?
Unless Auburn pays Gus Malzahn $2 Million per year after this season, it’s likely Auburn’s wonder boy QB will either have a new system to learn or will play under a coordinator trying to keep life pumped into the old one.  Auburn’s marketing network has successfully fooled the world into believing a team with a 3-5 league record in 2010 is a worldbeater, largely due to a gimmick coordinator.  Look for their marketing efforts to backfire on them as someone believes the spin and snatches Gus up.

4. Is this Spurrier’s last season?
The golf course has been calling the ole ballcoach for years now, and another 7-5 year in 2010 could put him in the ole golf cart and take him there. How much more time does he have?

5. How will Mullen do at LSU?
Mississippi State has a great coach on their hands.  But not for long.  Mrs. Mullen will eventually want to move away from Green Acres to live in a real city.  Once Les Miles either gets canned or dupes Michigan into giving him a second chance with the Wolverines (when Rich Rod gets fired in late November of this year), LSU will look for the very best (they can get) and find it in Mullen.

So that’s mine…let’s hear yours.

9 thoughts on “What will we see at SEC Media Days 2011?”

  1. How many teams will be denied a bye week before they play Alabama next year? They all can’t have one….can they?

  2. If Les is gone LSU will try to make Nick Saban college football’s first 10 million dollar man. They will try to lure him back with the fan base and the old memories of glory. If it comes to a bidding war Bama will best anything anyone has to offer and make Saban “Emperor for life”. Which in my honest opinion is what they should already be doing.

    I see Tommy Tuberville throwing a hat that fits over some ungodly big ears into the ring at Baton Rouge. It is his dream job. Top flight recruiting grounds.
    The undying love of a fanbase (as long as he wins) and all the corndogs he wants to eat!!!

    Les Miles will be heading west to a school like Nevada, Or Utep, Where he will be hailed as a conquering hero. He will surely suck without the talent that LA has to prop him up. BUT at least he will never find a hat that is too big (even the famous 10 gallon hat struggles to contain the Miles cranium).

    If RichRod is going down Auburn U will do their best to fire up the jet and rescue him. Chizik will learn sooner or later that he wasnt hired at Auburn for his good looks. He was hired because (at the time) any coach beat no coach at all.
    The Chiz will also re-affirm a lesson he learned while in his earlier stint on the plains… Being an “Auburn Man” is a worthless check.

    Mark Richt has done very well for UGA. Eventually he will have that national contender. The simple truth is that who out there is available and a better coach than Richt. He puts a fair,credible and winning face on the program. He is still young and will only grow into a better coach. I really think that as Richt matures he will be a marquee coach in the NCAA. But there are some who want to WIN EVERY SINGLE GAME RIGHT NOW!!! (They used to be Bama fans but the attitide has migrated east and southeast).

    After this season, Gus Malzahn will be the biggest joke in the SEC. Although world acclaimed at destroying creampuffs and never subbing in reserves during these “routs” SEC teams have depth and talent and every OC in the league has seen the Malzahn playbook.. Malzahn is clearly out of his depth and riding a hype wave that will crash on the rocks of reality sometime during the month of October 2010.

    Spurrier will retire on his own terms or become the next great Auburn coach.

  3. I agree with post #4 about Muschamp at LSU. That makes the most sense for them going forward. They know they can’t offer Saban anything he’s not getting at Alabama and so they go for a protege.

    There’s a real divide about Georgia right now between the “win now” crowd and the “stay the course” crowd. Ultimately, the “stay the course” group wins because they have a) old money and b) Georgia upsets Florida this year.

    Auburn and Chizik. What a story! Malzhan may indeed bail after this year for a glorious start in the CUSA or Sun Belt. Auburn fans (real ones, at least) can hope they drop this “spread” nonsense and get back to doing what Auburn was built on – power football and defense. It is likely to see both coordinator slots open on the PlainJanes this year if the Roof gets set on fire (on defense) like last season.

    Spurrier – he’ll leave when he wants. SC doesn’t expect ANYTHING.

    Will Vandy go 1-11? 0-12?

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  5. Look at your no. 3 prediction at last year’s SEC Media days about AU. I’d say it backfired on YOU. Mullet.

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