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Finebaum as Matt Drudge?

The Tuscaloosa News examined the 2010 election and provided this gem, “The rumor made it to columnist and sports talk show host Paul Finebaum, the Matt Drudge of Alabama, who fielded a deluge of calls on his radio show for a couple of days. Finebaum also reported in his column in the Mobile Press-Register that he had talked to two people who purportedly heard the James comments and said the candidate was clearly joking about, among other things, cutting Saban’s salary.”

Did Finebaum cost Tim James the election?

It makes sense.

James gained traction with his xenophobic ads against immigrants and with the support of the liberal teacher’s union.

But, Finebaum tricked James. The campaign committed an amateur gaff—it responded to the talk radio kerfuffle. This arrested the campaign’s momentum. It gave voters pause. It made some doubt the candidate.

Thank God.

5 thoughts on “Finebaum as Matt Drudge?”

  1. Of course he was joking. But Bama fans knew that there was some truth to the fact that jelousy would lead him, as an Aubarn fan, to state such a thing.

  2. It will be the last time that an Local Issue gets any substantial play on the New National PFRN.
    Sure do miss Local – Statewide Radio.

  3. Finebaum’s show will be dead soon. He has sacrificed what made the golden egg, namely the “goose”, i.e. Alabama v Auburn and the local flavor. Now that Finebaum has allowed in the convoluted National audience, the identity of the personal aspects….which made the show and the callers so entertaining, has been lost in the transistion!

  4. Sorry Tom….I dont think anyone who isnt inbred thinks that show was entertaining….It sucked , and still sucks.

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