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Thank God for Paul Finebaum

Paul Finebaum used his radio show to ridicule Rita Rodriguez, and that saved the Alabama Crimson Tide from the fate of having the failure known as Rich Rodriguez as coach. But his contribution to the state of Alabama was only beginning. Thankfully, Paul Finebaum exposed Tim James as the anti-Alabama, anti-Nick Saban, socialist candidate for governor.

If these incomplete election returns hold, the socialist candidate James will not make the runoff. (For definition purposes, a socialist has a political philosophy that punishes the successful and rewards the incompetent; hence, why James fits. He wants to punish successful Alabama and reward incompetent Auburn.) In the runoff will be Bradley Byrne, the heroic fighter against the shady AEA, and Dr. Robert Bentley, the underdog candidate that surged late in the campaign with a focus on conservative issues. Tim James’ bid appears to have failed due to his anti-Nick Saban campaign platform.

Both Bentley and Byrne appeared on Finebaum’s radio show. It clearly helped Bentley’s campaign. Bentley’s surge prevented the anti-Alabama candidate from making the runoff—if these numbers hold. This is another reason to thank Finebaum.

An Alabama without the socialist ranting of an AEA stooge in the GOP runoff is a good thing for this state. Thanks to Paul Finebaum for saving Alabama! Again!

15 thoughts on “Thank God for Paul Finebaum”

  1. Eeehhh….Hold on now. Did he not secretly / subconsciously , maybe even openly SUPPORT Arture Davis ? Didnt seem to help that guy….He got rolled up and smoked.

    Timmay will probably find a way to end up in the runoff. He has the people to make that happen….Too much family experience in politics to count him our just yet.

  2. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I personally don’t care who wins. They are all polticians and therefore liers and crooks. Or if not at the moment they will be soon after elected. But if I were you I’d be careful with the slanderous remarks and hope that Tim James doesn’t think this blog actually represents a relevant threat to his campaign. Frivolously lableing someone a socialist, thereby lumping them into a category recognized by the majority of the people as anti-American, ie: Communist, is very dangerous journalistic business.

  3. Please…….Egg. You are the epitome of slanderous. And Im real sure Tim James is going to sue over this blog….Come on dude. Are you serious ?

  4. NOT SO FAST, Capstone!

    James is going to count the votes, AGAIN. Just heard the ‘Party’ is having to do that. So, still not a given Timmmey is done? Now, as for finebomb. He’s known to be the most hated man in Alabama sports and politics…and that is a fact! You did get this right >>>>Finebaum cost James a clear runoff spot by dirty dealing and distorted BIAS!

    Finebaum is a very devious person. I think he’ll lose his show because of his lowlife tactics, at some point in the future.

  5. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Wrong Beeper. I am a nobody blogger. I can’t be liabelous for stating an opinon. Not that anyone could find me anyway. But the owner of this site most certainly can be held responsible for his personal posts when presenting material which he represents as fact and which is unprovable and could be considered of a slanderous nature. That being said numbnuts, I didn’t say Tim would sue him. I actually said the opposite. But far be it for anyone to expect an Awbie troll to understand the English language. RTR!

  6. Then what do you mean by “very dangerous journalistic business” ?

    And……Cap didnt state anything as “fact”….He did however quote sources in some of his previous columns about James and the AEA…..all of wich are true…

    And I understand English quite well….You are just speaking out of your rectum…..As usual….

    Are you and Tim “buddies” ?

  7. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I was simply advising him to use caution. And he most certainly did unequivocably call him a socialist. And he frivolized it by using Alabama and Auburn as a point of reference. People are accusing Obama of being a socialist. But their references are considerably more substantial than the rivalry between two athletic programs. Yes and no. I haven’t seen Tim since Fob’s 1st inaugaration ball. Don’t know what his politics are all about nowadays. But I do know he’s not a socialist. The James are close friends of my family. My mother and father were on his staff. My mother a personal advisor. Fob is a good man. That’s why he won his first term in a landslide. But the corruption and partisanship in Alabama politics tarnished his image as it does everyone who dabbles in government there. About Tim, you have to form your own opinions.

  8. Before we anoint Paul as Kingmaker and contribute to his budding Hubris – let me pause here and look at the Big Picture.
    I am embarrassed at this Show.
    I will tell you why. Stereotypes. Today – I heard 3 crackers – Charles – Tammy – and somebody named Allen run their Stupid – Backwoods Spiels – spurred on by Paul. I don’t know how many People are listening to this Show now Nationally – but I am cringing. There is some kind of Plan – that is to highlight and promote the dumbest – backwoods Callers from my home State – Alabama.
    I know better. Question is – Do they know better ? Hell No.
    This Show – has become some kind of bad Cartoon. So spare this One from singing Paul’s Praises.
    Just too embarrassed.

  9. Pluto…….Its the Jerry Springer of radio…The entertainment value is akin to people who go to NASCAR races to watch the crashes.

    I wouldnt gove him credit for anything positive. even James getting the shaft on the runoff….

    Egg , either YOU are the most interesting man in the world (not the dude on the dos equis commercials) , or you are the biggest B.S. ‘er in the world….From catching passes from the Snake at Foley, to inventing crap paper and Tide boxes on a stick. Not to mention being in the Alabama political arena…

    Egg…..You are the man.

  10. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I will admit I’ve had some extremely interesting experiences. If I have a weakness it would be the addiction to that hairly little hole between the legs of the fairer sex. Gets me every time. Ha ha ha! RTR!

  11. I’m not buying any excuses about what PFRN has become.
    They have whored it out to make it palatable to a Audience that nobody can say how many are Listening to on Satellite.

  12. “The Finebaum Radio Filth talk show”

    Thst’s what that show has become! Really, there is nothing appealing to it ANYMORE! It’s just a lot of ignorance, strife and boring nonsense, mixed with cheap shots at some of the callers. I believe that show is toast, in other words…DONE!

  13. The PFRN is an embarassment to this state. I wish the show was contained in Alabama only rather than going national and having people laugh at us rather than with us. Imagine some bloke in San Francisco listening to this hysteria. You know what they say – once you kill a cow, you got to make a burger – if we blog about him – he is doing his job correctly.

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