Texas A&M fans believe the school’s administration missed its best chance to improve its product, revive energy and snub its chief rival. Fans are leaving some interesting messages on the Facebook page of Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin.

College Station was already filled with a decade’s frustration. Poor coaching hires, and pitiful leadership plagued the athletic department. Can A&M recover from the new level of discontent? The A&M administration has played with fire. Will it get burned?

A sampling of the discontent:
Robert Hunter: Dr. Loftin,
Please melt down your Aggie ring down and turn it into a nose ring so the sips can lead you around easier.

Carsten Pedersen: As someone who took the presidency under intense scrutiny involving greater communication between the faculty and what makes A&M (the student body), I implore you to reconsider your decision with some student input. As you have no doubt seen by now, the support for a move to the SEC is overwhelming and I believe this …

Craig Cook: No other football program in the country squanders its inherent resources and opportunities quite like the Texas Aggies. There’s no point in investing financially or emotionally in a program that obviously lacks vision and so blatantly ignores the wishes of such a super-majority of its fanbase.

Danny Wardlow: Attitude reflects leadership. Please step aside and rescind your job. You have failed miserably and clearly lack the ability to move the university forward.

James Cockerham: during my senior year at a&m I will not attend a single sporting event, I support our athletes 100% but I can’t force myself to financially support this decision in any way…shame is flooding my view of my university….long live a&m….

Hank Molina: you, the board of retards, and anyone else involved in the discussions for the past week or longer, are all idiots.

each and everyone one of you combined to take an enormous shit on the reputation of texas a&m.

how you are president is beyond me.

Brady Allen: Dont worry. We all knew you and your cronies didnt have the balls.

Nate BrownBear Broughton: Dr. Loftin, I will admit, I was one of the Aggies that supported an A&M move to the SEC. However, I am willing to support you and the Board of Regents in your decision. I hope that all of my fellow Aggies will see the light and stand strong behind you as well instead of pointing fingers and criticisizing where it is no…

Matt McCabe: When I heard SEC I knew it was too good to be true and A&M would screw it up.

13 thoughts on “OUTRAGE: Aggies furious at administration”

  1. Would loved to have had the Texas market. Don’t worry though, it aint over till it’s over. The Pac 11 still has to find another team. The Big 12 minus 2 is relegated to the equal of the MWC and no championship game to help their SOS or revenues. Texas aint Notre Dame. Don’t expect their TV network to work out exacatly like they planned. There’s unrest in Aggie and Soonerland. What a clusterf**k. Check out OrangeBloods. The Whorns are in denial. They all think this was a carefully planned orchestration by Texas with A&M as a subpartner and the SEC as a fool. What a bunch of arrogant tards. Only Texas could consider losing a great school like Nebraska, being cut back to 10 teams and no champ game, as being something positive. Way to spin it morons. SEC king of the world! RTR!

  2. A lot of disappointed A&M faithful. The vast majority strongly desired the challange and the passion of the SEC. Texas orchestrated this thing, when the Pac didn’t give them what they wanted they turned to their vast media machine to plant unconfirmed rumors while their leaders worked out a situation to salvage their best possible deal.

  3. Kansas, KSU, Missouri, Iowa St and Baylor were all scared s**tless about being abandoned. OU, Ok State, Tx Tech and A&M were nervous about going cold turkey and starting new as strangers in alien conferences. Texas used these things against them in a threat to abandon the Big 12, and then blackmailed them all in a promise to stay in the conference if they would capitulate to Hitler Texas’ demand to start their own network and retain the lionshare of the revenue. As if Texas wasn’t already far and away the richest school in the Big 12 minus 2. It was a real old time Seal bludgeoning. I can’t believe all those schools sucked Texas’ dick like that. What a bunch of sheep! What a freaking NAZI – UTZ! SEC forever. RTR!

  4. I dont blame the fans a bit, I would be outraged too! How many teams would jump on such an opportunity? More than half? Probably.

  5. I knew it was to good to be true i was hoping to dump Baylor and let An Richards turn in her grave. Never have forgiven her for breaking up the SWC.How do we know if the TV network is going to furnish all that money and Texas will have its own network like Notre Dame and the rest of the schools in the conference get peanuts. What a lousy deal
    SEC her we comestill wishing for the best. Love to play LSU and Alabama.
    Mr bow tie Loftin you lost it brother.

  6. This is a bad move for the Aggies. There is no way that the Big 12 will be able to pay the money that was promised. Without Nebraska(St. Louis and Kansas City markets) and Colorado(Denver) there will be a drop in revenue not an increase. The Big 12 is really only appealing to the same markets as the South West Conference was and we all know how that turned out. It is only a matter of time until this is revealed. The logical move for A&M would have been to the SEC but Texas knew that would hurt them so they contrived this as a stop-gap measure to keep their larger share of the pie for a few more years. Hopefully, in 3-4 years when this ridiculous deal falls apart, the SEC will still want us to join them.
    This is a huge, missed opportunity for the Aggies. Sad day.
    Gig ‘Em!

  7. A Texas A&M team in the SEC would eventually grow into a team that would undoubtedly beat the Longhorns on a regular basis.

    Its not blatant homerism, its fact. This conference eats its own, and the surivor at the end of that crapstorm will win the BCS 9 times out of tem.

    I would have loved to have had A&M in the conference just to see how their team would have turned around. It would have been an awesome experiment. But, your higher ups must not have seen it that way…

    Oh well. Guess we will have to settle for STILL being the best , most physical, proudest, crap talkinist, most dominant and competitive conference in CFB, re-alignment or not.

  8. This horrible. Somehow I guess I knew like others have said that it was too good to be true. I was full of hope that finally it was going to be our time. Sure I know we would have had hell in the SEC. Unless Mike Sherman turns out to be a football god, or our next coach, it doesn’t appear this decade will fair much better than the previous. Gig ’em.

  9. Teams find they have to buckle that chinstrap up extra tight when they enter the SEC, see Arkansas and South Carolina. But in time they toughen up and are up for the conference tests. I’ve written about SEC Sports for over 20 years watched for 40.

    Was very excited over A&M felt they would get a huge recruiting boost by entering the SEC and I can tell you for a fact SEC fans were very excited about them possibly joining the SEC.

    If I were A&M I’d think this over and call a BOR meeting. They need to discuss this long and hard, see if the invite is still out there.

    With the SEC the MONEY is going to be there, you will get your share of that big pie.

    Texas is so greedy they will go out and ask TCU to join the league if they don’t feel threatened by them. Oklahoma would do well to leave them, join the SEC.

    Texas is a bully that’s why they don’t want to be in the SEC. They’d be equals to LSU, Alabama and Florida.

    Bully’s don’t want to surround themselves by equals. Were A&M to join the SEC one day they’d be Texas equal.

  10. I suppose the Agg’s looked at the big picture in the long run. I know this over speculation – the big 12-10 with no conference championship will be the joke when it comes down to the BCS formula. Imagine this scenario . . . an undefeated OU or UT team not getting in the NC due to their shitty power rank schedule. Lol – they (UT) did it all for the money including a TV deal that won’t do jack. Let the Tide continue to Roll.


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