What started as a simple question has now turned into full-blown quandary.  What is going on in Auburn?  Will their colors stay orange and blue, or should we expect rainbow uni’s when the Tiggers tee it up against Arkansas State?

Following Big Cat Weekend, here’s what one attendee (Ray Drew) had to say:

“It was a really good visit. I haven’t seen anything like it before. I liked how I got the chance to meet with the other recruits and see how close of a family they are over at Auburn. I liked everything, the coaches. I actually told Coach (Gene) Chizik he’s the only person I knew who could pull off a white see-through shirt, khaki pants and cowboy boots. It was fun. I enjoyed it.”  source

Why would the Chiz feel compelled to wear a see-through shirt around a bunch of teenage boys?

Abarn's Macho Men??

Many are just having a hard time understanding the new recruiting tactics in Abarn, but all are convinced no one should follow.  If they choose to skip down that flower-filled path together, it’s an angle they should enjoy alone.

In a developing story, 80’s music sensation Right Said Fred has tagged Abarn as their pick to win the SEC this season.  “They’re simply too sexy for their shirts” said the pop group.

Right Said Fred

14 thoughts on “More Gayness In Auburn?”

  1. Chiz was also wearing an Super Fly Hat and Platform Shoes.
    He was also quoted as saying ” Ain’t No Homey Coaches Heah Above Their Rasins ” !

  2. This is fuckin hilarious! A see-thru shirt like at the gym showing off the goods? If this is true I’m bringing bullets like raindrops with no umbrella ( for the record that is not intended as a threat, metaphorically speaking )


  3. Thats some funny stuff and all. And, I ger the humor in it. But, it works.

    Are you going to sit there and try to say that what Gene Chizik is doing is not working ?

    Kiehl Frazier committed after Big Cat, and some more are sure to follow. Like it or not, Chizik made Auburn relevent on the recruiting trail by these tactics.

    Now , if we could only find a defense.

  4. OK that was funny, especially the photoshop with the village people. It’s a smoke screen to divert attention away from the success that AU had with Big Cat weekend, but it was funny.

  5. Julio, look dude, I’ll take ’em any way I can, easy or challenging. Bynes just served it up for me, as did Drew. We’re not picky!

  6. It’s a new day at API.

    No longer will we have to hear “Eye of the Tiger” after every soso play. Now, it’s the first few bars of “YMCA”!

    “Oh young man!,,, Are you listening to me????”

    What a riot. Maybe they should bust out Elton John’s classic, “Can You Feel the Love”? Then they’d all be Fambly.

  7. I guess you girls are lonely since Shane left you and went to greener pastures.

    What kind of party are they gonna have in Tuscaloosa? Midget cart racing around the Uniroyal plant? Smells like tar anyways, just add some gas fumes.

    Sorry we are leveling the playing field in recruiting but now when you lose to us, there will be no excuses. No Shula to kick or JPW. Bama redneck turds are such delusional retards.

    You have no offensive line this year. Little McElroy will be eating dirt this year and we will see if he can run fast.

  8. Sorry Nick, er, BamaHate…I’m trying to read your post, but the glare off this DANG crystal football is killing my eyes. It’s pretty intense! You wouldn’t know, and never will, but you can visit the Bryant Museum and see it for yourself.

  9. That’s just dumb as shit. But what do you expect from Awbie Trailer Trash. We don’t need an O line when we play the Awbies, because their whole defense is missing! Bwaa Haww Haww!!!

  10. That’s just dumb as shit. But what do you expect from Awbie Trailer Trash. We don’t need an O line when we play the Awbies, because their whole defense is missing! Bwaa Haww Haww!!! RTR! Awbies suck!

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