Like his teammate and fellow pitcher the day before, Nathan Kilcrease took the Tide into the ninth inning in a second round win over the Ole Miss Rebels.  A day earlier Jimmy Nelson pitched a complete game to ice Abarn and send them to the loser’s bracket.  On Thursday, the Phenix City, Alabama native would go 8 1/3 innings before Jake Smith would take the mound to finish off the Rebels and get the save.  It was Smith’s fourth save of the season, and Kilcrease’s sixth win.  Kilcrease has now also pitched 25 2/3 innings without giving up a walk.

With the exception of the brief appearance by Smith, Alabama has only used two pitchers in as many games in this year’s edition of the SEC Baseball Tournament, an event that their very appearance in was in doubt until the final week of the season. Using just a couple of pitchers preserves the ever so important “fresh pitching” for the games to come.

Alabama will enjoy a day off with a Friday bye before taking the field again on Saturday, facing Friday’s winner between Florida and Vanderbilt. The game will be played early afternoon, depending on the outcome of game 11, with a first pitch of 9:30am.

In the double elimination format, Bama basically has the inside track to the championship game on Sunday now, with two opportunities on Saturday to win one that will get them in.  Bama’s win streak currently stands at seven in a row.

Ole Miss will now face the boogs in game 9 on Friday at Regions Park, where Abarn’s blistering offensive firepower has managed four runs in two games (that’s an average of 2 runs a game).  The first pitch of that game is scheduled for 3:00pm.

4 thoughts on “Pitching again key as Bama advances, beats Rebels”

  1. A Football National Championship, a possible Baseball SEC Championship, good basketball recruiting, gymastics…good as always.

    Life is good. Give Mal a raise !

  2. I wonder what stupid Son of a Bitch decided the teams would switch brackets in the semi-finals. That shit just cornholed Alabama and ass-kissed the Corndogs. Bama will now probably face #5 Florida and will doubtless lose one and have to play an extra game, while the Corndogs get to annhilalate the pitcherless Barnies or the slumping Webels who’ve lost 4 out of 5, and they will enter the championship game with fresher legs and pitching. What a royal crock of shit. RTR!

  3. I’ve got to rant! The more I think about the SEC baseball tournament the more pissed I get. People just can’t leave anything alone anymore. They’re always trying to fix something that aint broke. Always fuckin’ with it, fuckin’ with it, fuckin” with it. Busybody mother fuckers. A goddamn tournament has brackets. That’s what the fuck its all about. You don’t fucking swap brackets in the middle of the tournament. One bracket has the #1 and 4 seeds and the other bracket has the #2 and 3 seeds. All neat and fair. Now the stupid fuckers switch brackets and Bama has to play in a mixed bracket that includes 9th ranked 3 seed USCe, 2 seed Auburn and 5th ranked 1 seed Florida. Bullshit! Bama’s chances of winning the championship would have beee 80-90%. Now even reaching the CG is no better than 50-50 if that. Stupid bastards. RTR!

  4. Ok, all’s well that ends well. And it did so in spite of the bracket meddling. Didn’t think Morgan could silence the bats of Florida’s best team ever in their elimination game. Looks like we’ve got 3 major league starters. If they stay hot that’s all it takes to get to Omaha, which by the way is where I am tonight. Looks like the Corndogs bats have come alive and we’re both winning by 4 runs a game. But they are using a lot of bullpen. Interesting to see if Gaspard renigs and starts Nelson tomorrow. Kilcrease will only have 3 days rest tomorrow. Man, Nelson starting and if necesary Kilcrease relieving and the Corndogs ass would be grass. Congratulations Bama. RTR!

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