It is a mostly quiet and boring offseason. Does it get any better than this? Being that things are going well in Tuscaloosa, I thought I’d focus a little on the overall state of the SEC. On to the questions for this week’s Crimson & White Roundtable:

What do you think of SEC Commissioner Mike Slive?

What do you think of the state of the Southeastern Conference?

Was Lane Kiffin the best thing ever for SEC football fans? Could he have left Tennessee in greater disarray? How does that make you feel?

Thinking about SEC rivals, Alabama has won two straight over Auburn. Alabama has won three straight over Tennessee. Alabama has won two straight over LSU. Who snaps the Crimson Tide’s winning streak first? Which streak continues the longest?

What do you think of the Justin Knox situation now that the family has threatened legal action against the University?

You can follow the Roundtable online at its website and on twitter @CWRoundtable. You can check the Roundtable website for updates throughout the week, and a roundup of reaction should be posted here later this week.

7 thoughts on “Roundtable: State of the SEC & more”

  1. a possible justin knox lawsuit depends on the advice of a attorney and frankly where justin goes. if he winds up at unc i find it hard to believe he’ll have time for lawsuits but the draw of the long green is powerful.

    and have no doubt about it, to the university, this will be a nuisance suit designed for a quick payoff to make it go away.

    more troubling to me is grant’s apparent failure to see the knox issue coming and his overall failure to grasp the major college basketball recruiting picture.

    grant has failed to sign any significant in-state recruit in over a year and in the month since barbee’s hiring at auburn has been scooped for two recruits grant had on his radar.

    grant’s in a league with the big boys now and we’re paying two mil a year for some mighty big training wheels.

    (and i’ve already been accused of being a racist for pointing this out on an prominent…in my eyes anyway…alabama basketball blog so anyone here thinking of responding in that fashion understand you’ll be getting sloppy seconds)

  2. Yeah, and it looks like Alabama has gotten a couple of basketball commitments too. That has to be some good news and positive momentum for Grant.

    I apologize I haven’t written anything or posted a link to this news tonight. I sit down at the computer to think about writing something for the blog and I sit here for about 30 minutes and then go back to bed.

    At least I can post something in the comments section without having to worry too much about it….

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