AP: Alabama’s tailback tandem treated another packed stadium to big plays. Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram had a 60-yard run and backup Trent Richardson caught a 28-yard touchdown pass in the Crimson Tide’s spring game on Saturday. … The defending national champion Tide’s backfield stars were hardly given light duty in what is basically a scrimmage with spectators. Ingram ran for 90 yards and caught four passes. Richardson had three catches for 63 yards. (story embedded below)

3 thoughts on “AP: Tailback tandem shines in Tide spring game”

  1. Well, at least that explains the bullshit finish after ESPN left the scene. Would have been fairer to give each team 4 downs out of field goal range at the 40. Look out repeat, here we come! The Barn was unimpressive. It’ll be 3 fingers for those tards. RTR!

  2. What the hey? No new threads and no posts on the old ones in 3 days. With this kind of enthusiasm I’m surprised 92,000 showed up Saturday. There should at least be something about Pettway and the 3 other outstanding recruits we got since Friday, including an already 4 star from where??? Why from Auburn High, that’s where!!! ROTFLMAO! And where the hell is Shane. Nothing like a thread from the “Neimisis of the Barn” to get some shit started and liven things up a bit. RTR!

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